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Brother and sister bake cookies for back to school

Lol # funny # cookies hi guys my name is ryan this is my first video

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome to my channel anyway so
I have a Boston probably need frosting I
don’t know cuz we are cooking we’re back
to school alright we’re making cookies
even though back to school starts in two
weeks yeah let’s go bros and then like
when I actually am going to school I’ll
give you a back to school haul and my
supplies I need help
late so yeah hope you like this video
also because like I want you to like it
and we kind of have to also we have like
a special guest so let’s go find him
what are you doing patience but that’s
not your special guest this is our
special guest fat greedy let’s go ready
back we’re gonna be cooking today how do
you feel about that
I know back I meant making child alright
he’s cooking with us today – so that’s
all right always fun hang out with your
siblings yeah so we’re gonna be baking
how do you feel about that buddy no no
stoves stoves yeah so Beck is gonna be
baking my bass it’s gonna be super fun
um so Beck come on let’s go you’re gonna
be baking with me but you got to do it
like see so this way okay so right here
it says one and a half stick we have
butter and water guys long story um you
don’t want to be up here
like today we are cooking baking
whatever it’s called huh hi you little
dude all right we need one sticking one
1/2 butter okay meanwhile I get you can
have a talk show with Beck
so we have our butter that’s cool right
so I don’t have a go and we need work
all right so we have this in this we
need one tablespoon of water so let’s
find the tablespoons guys next to the
pink thing in the whatever so we’re
baking again sorry okay so let’s start I
need a bowl and one tablespoon
ball and a spoon I even spin okay swish
so yeah it said we need one tablespoon
water but we add the butter first so
let’s do that one stick in one and a
half butter one I caught one and a half
cups of butter that’s actually very
close so we’ll just use the whole thing
one tablespoon of water and one egg
that’s good what do we need to what he
he appreciates how we do it um so I stir
did it
he’s so happy he found a spoon like it’s
his love of his life he’s gonna marry it
one stick of butter
one-and-a-half things of butter of
course the freaking batter now we need
brick my hands are buttery now I gave
back in the sticks all right give me the
spoon I was using you go okay so now
we’re just gonna mix around the butter
some of them it’s already like really
soft so I’m just gonna let it thaw out
okay we’re cooking oh yeah one second
one and a half cups of butter there’s a
right read of the first thing there may
be wrong thank you it’s just one step
okay yeah so we have enough butter noon
sorry and you show me play my camera so
do you want to do this part okay you can
take him here they just mix it all no
you don’t eat it you don’t eat it
we water we’re gonna add the egg in I’m
such a good person sorry buddy no please
please already dude Oh God the oven is
ready to bake and today guys okay
let’s mix it all you know what
since I’m cool I’m use my hands so
so we need to wash
he’s seriously thought I was gonna put
on another song huh camera kind I just
wanted to slide with him all right so
now we need to grab a pan and put this
baby out and put it in the oven and back
lit down for a nap let’s just say that
she’s get a little antsy so I let him go
he saw the stock we’ll just cut here so
yeah but now we need go grab a pan get
some parchment paper and start putting
this baby into wow that sounded really
wrong okay now that we’ve got everything
set up I’m just gonna start grabbing
these little balls and putting them on
the pan so let’s do that
these are for back to school I go to
celebrating and going back to school
stuff so yeah
now all we need to do is preheat it big
I love cookies I love cookies I love
cookies I love cookies I love cookies on
back of you I like cookies I like
cookies I like jeez I like okay okay
okay okay okay okay okay okay okay
okay we have to put it in for five to
seven minutes
so now I’m just waiting for it to finish
but um not stop it because don’t wait to
have to uh they are definitely not done
but I’m going to put cook time okay
they’re done again it’s usually already
been seven minutes
they look pretty cooked shot back no
look at any oh I’m gonna put it in a
bowl and put it with fasting that’s
gonna taste good it is cookies I messed
up cookies you know you should have done
you should cool except they’re broken so
we’re just gonna be frosting I guess so
yeah what’s Frost
the first one which is this one and
we’re just gonna be messy frosting
so we’re done you’re beautiful right now
for the taste test
mmm hey try one of these no with the
frosting alright guys hope you like my
first video ever and don’t forget to
Like and subscribe the cookie there’s
cookies really sacked I’m kidding
ok I need to talk normal you guys need
to know what my real voices so those
cookies really sucked but but I don’t
care so yeah anyway that was my video
it’s my first video don’t forget to Like
and subscribe I already said that a
million who cares I’ll do a back to
school haul of my clothes back to school
haul my supplies and I’ll see you later
if you find the one you should never
give her up I think it’s the way life
changes when in love yeah pleasure on my
soul with the positivity that’s why I
don’t worry about the things that I
don’t see you these days
I don’t worry about I think we should
have more fun I still dream about the
days when we were young I’ll take the
head and stuff and share my

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