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Video Transcription

hi everyone its Natalie here from personmannalie and welcome to my kitchen todaywhat I plan on doing today is showingyou how to make a cookie that I cameupon kind of by accident backstory tothis cookie when we move to this areaalmost thirty years ago there was agreat bakery in town and they used tomake this awesome type it was look atcookie but they called it a belly buttonand my kids really loved them so I wouldalways go in there and buy them for themand they even used to sell them at thelocal grocery store here so when I wasapproached trees shopping I could pickthem up also but we really missed thatbakery it’s no longer here unfortunatelybut another backstory I was trying tocome up with a cookie that my grandsoncould eat carmine has a lot of allergiesso I was trying to come up withsomething that he could enjoy a cookieto so upon coming up with this recipehere that I wrote down once I made it itkind of reminded everybody of abellybutton cookie so I wrote it alldown I’m gonna make it here with youtoday and you can follow me along andwe’ll see how they turn outI nickname these cookies bella buttonsfor our dog Bella so instead of bellybuttons their Bella buttons so let’sstart out with what we have here whatwe’re going to start out with is I havea quarter cup of gheehe is it comes in a jar it’s clarifiedbutter and it’s really nice about bakingwith it is you can keep it in yourpantry always have it on hand and it’slike actually just soft butter so that’ssome really nice so we stopped it’s atleast ready in the jar in your pantry sothat’s a really nice thing to bake withso I used that instead of a regular youknow stick butter so we have quarter cupof ghee so I’m going to kind of startthis out like I would a regularchocolate-chip cookie which is addingyour butter and your sugars so thesugars I have in here are all of theones that this recipe takes in here Ihave 1/4 cup of natural cane sugar 1/4cup of brown sugar and 1/4 cup ofcoconut sugar so those are all thesugars so we’re gonna put all the sugarsin there along with the ghee clarifiedbutter block it in and just startstirring that up in one turnso we’re gonna get that all mixed uptogether signe and the sugarsand next we’re going to add we have twoeighths craft in here so we’re going toAnthony[Applause]now I have is the flowers I use for 1and 1/2 cups of almond flour and 1/2 cupof tapioca flour so these are allbetween a really healthy ingredients Imean you have your brown sugar and yourother sugars but don’t quarter cup ofeach so I try to keep this as easy as Icould here so this is the flowers thetapioca on our flower then I have a 1/2teaspoon of salt and 1 teaspoon ofbaking soda I’m gonna put that in heretrying to mix it up a little bit becauseI’m gonna slowly add the flour andtapioca my baking soda and salt to thismixture here okay so you’re just gonnaslowly have that and get thatincorporatednow with this belly button of the stylecooking they’re not a real flowery[Music]cookie dough likethey’re kind of like our Lacey pralinetype flat cooking for the punch if thatmakes any senseso we’re going to get all this flowerdata to that[Applause]lunging at and bellybuttonsbabe have walnuts in them and let me seesweet chocolate chips like NestleTollhouse of chocolate chip so I have Ihave milk chocolate ones over the samesize so I’m gonna use those but I do nothave any walnuts I’m going right now soI’m not going to be any longer and Idon’t usually add the walnuts what I’mmakingbut the walnuts make them nice to belike a true belly button or fellowbuttonafter this is all nice and mixedwhich it looks like it is I’m going toadd the chocolate chips this is a half acup but could add more if you like andplus you’re going to be adding walnutstoo so that’s kind of another additionyou’ll be getting so let’s see it’s kindof a it’s not a thick chocolate chipcookie dough like you usually would havebut I think that’s what gives them thetexture that we’re looking for so let’sweigh I’m going to get my tray here Ilike my baking pit pans with my so petliners I always use those for bakingcookies I have a scoop here I think thisis like a two tablespoon scoop we’regonna try them out and see how it worksif I think I need a bigger spoon I canalways adjust but what you’re gonna dois actually I’m going to do two of thesescoops I wanted a little bigger and kindof flatten it out with your scoop like Isaid it’s kind of a runny year doughit’s not thick a thick dough like anormal chocolate chip so let’sget to on there two scoops and kind ofswirl it around on your baking tray sothis has the big chocolate chips in themyou’ll add have your walnuts in therekind of swirl it around so it’sflattened out so I’m going to put thesein a 350 degree oven I’m going to checkthem after 6 minutes I have written downhere that it took six to seven minutesso I’m going to do that in the secondsegment and I’ll let you know how longthey actually took so these are gonnaspread out too so you want to giveyourself some room on this baking sheetso I’m gonna try it with six on herewe’ll do a little experiment togetherwith this for this first batch that wethrow in the oven and we can alwaysadjust it then rightso it’s funny when I made these cookiesfor the first time like I said I wasjust kind of experimenting with a lot ofdifferent recipes that I was coming upwith with all ingredients that mygrandson could have and after I madethese ever want to taste of them andsaid oh my gosh those taste like bellybuttons so that’s how we came up withthese so that’s what they’re gonna looklike before they go in the oven so myoven is all preheated I’m gonna popthese in the oven I’ll let you know howlong they take and we’ll give you allthe rest of the information in the nextsegment so we’ll see you in a fewminutes okay so we are backthese have been baked up I’m gonna showyou what I did here this cookie here seehow big it is that’s what I showed youthat’s what the double scoop that wastwo of those scoops that I was using andthey’re really big so with your recipeyou’re gonna have the addition of thewalnuts in here tooso they’re gonna look a little bitdifferent but this was about eight ornine minutes in the oven then I went anddid my second batch I just did one scoopthat scoop I was using this is one scoopand then this is how big they come andthis was ten minutes in the oven 350degrees ten minutes and like I saidyours they’re gonna look different cuzthey’re gonna have the bumps of the longthat’s showing through there but they’rekind of when you break them they’re alittle they’re crisp but kind of chewywhich is kind of nice they’re adifferent flavor they just kind ofreminded us like a blast from the pastof something we enjoy so I thought Iwould share these with you this is ourversion of bellybuttons andcome on Bella buttons so that’s it likeI said this is the double scoop sothey’re kind of big and they’re flat youknow you’re gonna kind of flatten themout before you bake them and you’ll getthis thinness which is nice so like Isaid these were baked ten minutes andthis is one scoop it’s a little bitsmaller so you’ll get more cookies outof themthe choice is yours how big you want tomake them but like I said you will beadding your chocolate chips and walnutsand I’m going to get this recipe alltogether and write it up for my blog andthen if you would like to try them youcan give them a go so that’s it fortoday I hope you enjoy our Bella buttonsand we will see you again soon take carebye

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