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Baking cookies UNDER my Knico tent stove

Created by VideoShow: A very quick demo on how to bake cookies under your tent stove. I’m going to try pizza next.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

okay well this evening I’m tryingsomething new and this is something Igot from my facebook friend Greggovernor he did this and we talked aboutit today and I brought the cookie doughand I’m gonna try making cookiesunderneath my oven so I bought you knowthe tubed rolled dough this chocolatechip and just cut it up in four sectionsand put the rest of it in the freezerand freezer and brought one section outwith me I certainly don’t need the wholething and I’ve just cut them I’ve putthem on parchment paper I’ve elevated byusing some logs underneath my oven andI’m just going to slide those underneathand the parchment paper and hopefullyhopefully we should get some cookies outof that now I’m not sure if I have itquite high enough but trial and errorright hopefully we’ll be eating freshbaked chocolate chip cookies very soonstay tuned well I put some otherkindling sticks under the logs toelevate it a little more because it’sreally slow going but they are cookingtheir baking slowly I smushed one ofthem though I dropped it oh well that’sfine coming alongbaking long eventually I’ll have cookiesokay what do you think I think it lookscooked yeah I’m gonna bring note pardonme it’s kind of dark in here oh they’retoasty yes I think it workedI actually think maybe almost too closeto the fire Wow so what I did I had twopieces of parchment paper so the oneside had browned a little bit but Ithought oh the undersides reallyuncooked so I took the piece of Part Bthe second piece of parchment paper putit on top flipped it over peeled off theoriginal piece of parchment and slid itback in tothe underside and I think that workedreally well okay now we’re gonna try oneokay little piece of cookie there littlepiece of warm cookie heaven huh it worksit definitely works really easy to dobut I would recommend flipping them overso if you have I thought it was easydoing an on parchment that’ll work forflipping it over or if you did it on apan just use a spatula and flip themoverthat way you get both sides really wellcrisped delicious definitely be doingthat again

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