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Baking cookies and messes

In this video I bake cookies and messes

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Video Transcription

he gave if anyone in fact my youtubechannel today I’m making chocolate chipcookies because they have the mostdelicious thing and I’m gonna take thisbrief moment to show you myselfbecause I think it’s really cute yeah[Music]all my readings over here I’m gonnamention how much it is when yes creamtogether butter brown sugar andgranulated sugar in a well combined okaybutter butter brown sugar[Music]okay hmmyes the sugar is leaking everywhere I’mgonna take a minute clean up and get mymixing stuff visit huh I’ve got it twocups no see we’re gonna start with thebutter so one cup of softened get aspoon get the butter – from floor yeah[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]okay three quarters of a cupyou saw nothing you keep seeing nothing[Music]about that I’m not going to do this butplease don’t get it messy sorryskipping off the tablehundred percent ideaso friend of baking Xbox sip of sugar inand yes yeah it wasn’t a very good takesometimes when I just want to bakesomething but I don’t know that usuallyrecipe I just think of these with a6-ounce punished because at you know therecipe okay I mean I never think thereis anything this is the messiest thingeverI trust trust me I’m not normally notmessy me just thinking about what I justhave been an opportunist and I see everydayokay over there let’s just move all ofthis Matt’s not under there no into thislittle pile right here – what’s next acup of granulated sugarokay now I get spatula and it makes itfun[Music]I’m creaming it together I know thatmight mean it with an electric thingsthat I think come back to the kitchengrab that stop itnormally my mom says it’s okay so wemust make math when baking what I wasdoingbhagavate for wonder what I use tobalance my furrowsit’s a custard tins and she put pins infront we’re going across the consignorin my house to use but also if you seeme eating my nose effects like simonizedalways my favoritegood let me turn me over claiming gameoh good he’s a pathetic not my authorityKing this okay sanitized in a separatebowl sift together the flour bedoing needs but in a separate bowl oflettuce if dinner I’m just going tostand up okay I’m gonna get music but Idon’t care about um also moves skippingthis many steps obsessed before so I’llbe back in a second so I’m back and Ibought a zipped okay I did not just forme is about thatwhenever I’m baking sometimes I justseparate the absent from the yolk justfor fun doesn’t see if I cannot seebecause I don’t know means is that andyou have an egg separator I’ve alreadyfailed I fail everyone fails one day[Music]once if you fail only one day I cansucceed I’m not great with savvyspeeches oh no back failed againeveryone I drop the egg yolk in okay inpile right there it’s no mix it doesn’tsee gently right no[Music]now I have this okay now we sifttogether the flour baking soda saltstands salmon okay start the saucethat’s a lot three and a half cups ofall-purpose flour which is self raisingflour for you English people that’sright in English ever done any of youguys actually any of you guys actuallysometimes my new this a girl disappearedon my go the elkhorn man in Macau it wasit’s variableso who knows if she’s dead or alivewe don’t know she was three bla bla blaI don’t really want to talk about it butMaddie’s parents never stopped lookingfor and I think that’s what peopleshould do is that you know maybe theyare out there just maybeit’s fine and clean it I’m adding it inthat’s two cups I think this is thestuff that’s meant to thicken it so it’sa dough cookie get it for did I saythey’re in half cups best of all gonnatake itbut it’s all okay lifting lifting wassubdued sifting symptoms defame with aspoon this thing was just banging mr.ting ting ting[Music]we’ve added in the flower pollen wouldyou do after building flour baking sodasalt and cinnamonhow much baking soda a teaspoon ofbaking soda where as no teaspoon got itwas that going for baking soda rightbaking soda a teaspoon of baking sodahold on what I’m inside in the vanillaI’ll do itnow she’ll do it a tablespoon of vanillait is my tablespoon all I’m making themI got it loose then I think I can tasteblood it takesand I’m out are you okay I have somestuff I’ll be back in a second take itokay I’m back with this little bit thisway when I say I only need to add a kingthere he goes that’s about it okay okayenough for the faking so I remember Iseriously never thought baking sothey’re just really just I did scentease benefit if you’re not teaspoon ofsaltoh yeah this is definitely their marksyes this is this is oh wait no as acompartmentthere’s nobody that’s ever going to fitin a million years it might be a littledonkey oh I’m going to put a needle notbefore I’d rolls okayhalf a teaspoon of cinnamonI got a teaspoon of cinnamonwhere’s my cinnamon it’s newinto the rubbish pile you go cinnamonsmells of courseoh nice to some people watching so hewell cinnamon sent it down personallynot sorry okay I didn’t get in thecinnamon if you didn’t see that it’s thedavidic chat because I need you movingeverything cleaning without it that onecleaning yourself if you want to becleaning your environment always makesure to put yourself first then justwipe it all the way to the side andclean it later just say on camera itmakes it look like you have then bringback you mixing bowl continue makingprobably even more mess okay and then doit the instructions I’m done I’m doneI’m done I’m sorryget this thingy and fold it in orelectrically yeah I can really care lessbut I’m just huh mixing everythingbecause anythingeverything is that’s a hard baked thenyou can feel like you’re new and beaniesyeah I’m not gonna put time lapse onthis because this is gonna take agesgonna do thatyouokay so the bill and you could stophere if you don’t on our chocolate chipsbut I do the recipe says it should bethick enough that you can hold it overyour head and come out so I thinkchocolate chips for myselfnow very crappy told them inyou’ll have to eat it okay then you knowhow good itit won’t workalright I’ll put the dip also by the waydon’t be afraid to go be media houndslike me because it can get real toughnow up fine men came out everything thatwas scary now can pick it up I thinkI’ll go think II mean so I have a poetryfor me to put it on oh well and I don’thave a rolling pin so I’m just gonnafund it with my own two hands and makingthem heart-shapedno to stop me sanitary now are we why amI even doing this I’m punching alrightoh it’s a shame you guys can’t see whatI’m doing and there’s a huhand I’m gonna destroy puts down have atry ready[Music][Applause]oh this is what I have to clean up latermy freaking God[Music]see basically my mom just came in shelooked everyoneshe got a paper towel my money okay ifyou wonder if I’m doing it a minute I’mjust putting some butter on a papertowel why you man so I baking disastersI need the bottom thing again no not you[Music][Music]me[Music][Music][Music][Music]and money got space this dog then I wantto take it all out[Music]I bet you guys don’t know what I’m aboutto do with this I’m not going to eat itkind of want to but I won’t I’m gonna dothe most the camera let it go it landedup the custardI found it I make a normal my cookieshot shaped feel like I’ve mentionedalready okay one down who knows how manymore like to go I’m gonna put this intime-lapseyouokay down this end so I’m going tochoose which one I’m going to eat kindof all look a bit done yeahquite salty okay so I’ve enjoyed thisvideo give that like and okay and I’llsee you next week from Friday right

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