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Baking Cookies!!! *actually a mess*

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Ingredients :

-300g of self raising flour
-200g of caster sugar
-200g of margarine or butter
-1 egg
-1 tsp of vanilla extract (or essense)

Instructions :

1. Cut the margarine/ butter into small cubes and place them in the mixing bowl.
2. Sift the caster sugar into the bowl.
3. Mix the margirine/ butter and caster sugar together until you get a light, fluffy texture.
4. Soft the flour into the bowl. Crack the egg into the bowl. And pour the teaspoon of vanilla extract (or essence) into the bowl.
5. Mix the ingredients tighter until you get a nice doughy consistency.
6. When you reach your desired consistency, roll the dough out and cut out your cookies with a cookie cutter (or you could just roll a ball of dough and place it on the baking tray).
7. Let the cookies bake for 10-15-20 minutes depending on the temperature of the oven.

Original of the video here

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