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Bake cookies with me while social distancing!!

Hola!! The cookies didn’t turn out amazing, but hopefully this fail is fun to watch 🙂
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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

okay I don’t have much time I’m makingcookies and I’m just gonna waltz thevideo cookies using I tape it up here myface is very much but okay okay boomby the way um this is what I’ve beendoing in quarantineoh the wolf sweat I mean that quarantinebut so listen see okay Ohsugar[Music][Music]I’m able to put all this stuff away andthen we’re gonna get to pin them on thepan okay so I just created the hobbitoven to 350 Fahrenheit I just wouldn’tthe cam of that but I usually use justthis one and it’s them okay now to makethe cinnamon sugar mixture all we’regonna use is[Music]on them pans are oiled salmon sugarready now just gonna meet the cookiesdip them in cinnamon sugar put them inpans put them onso I’m going to go the balls about thisbig and it’s a really draw my batter soI’m gonna like flatten them kind of inmy hand and then dip them intodisseminator to place them evenly on thepanokay all the cookies are don’t lock thatbut they’re like made and I love pansand I’m gonna pop it in the oven we’regonna start it off with ten minutes Iprobably made smaller than what she didso payment sounds pretty good to mealso by the way I have no idea nothing Iknow nothing about baking but every timeI make these my friends all love it butbad I’m so she’s distancing so myfriends will not be having this but andthey’re in the oven and I’ll see you in10 minutes when I check surprisesurprise they need more than 10 minutes[Music][Music]so and now we put them all on the plateafter because extra sugary oh okaydon’t like still like anymore but it’sokay they look really hardmost of like done yes you did not stickat all here’s all my cookies that wasfor my thumbnail my brothers out herebut he can’t be in the video becausehe’s underageso those are my cookies um have a goodcorona break it’s really nice um my dogfor a walk and that’s all I have to sayI think

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