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Bake cookies with me in the middle of the night!

Hello!! Please enjoy watching me make cookies in the middle of the night in my most delirious state. I don’t know what made me feel that this was the best option but I was tired and hungry. Stay safe. Wash your hands.

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

oh hey didn’t see you therehey guys it’s me Nikki it’s 12:14 andit’s day 6 of quarantine and it’s themiddle of a nice so what other to dodoes that make sense what other whateverI’m making cookiesso behind you is my computer you’reactually sitting on my computer so I’mgoing to Google easy idiot-proof alrightbut can easily chocolate chip cookiesalright okay so like I’m gonna do thistime I split it in half because I’m homealone and I’m not putting walnuts inthere anyways I’m gonna split it in halfdo you guys like walnutsyeah I’m gonna split it in half and Ijust don’t need that much dessert in myhouse I keep cooking because I havenothing else to do but I don’t want toeat the unhealthy foods they kind ofjust sit here till the middle tonightwhen I get really hungry and I snap onit you know like I’m doing right nowokaypre-heat the oven I actually tried thislast night with sugar cookies andneedless to say it did not work so thatwas kind of sad but we’re trying againokay so one cup of butter softenedbutter but I’m only doing half of therecipe so it’s only 1/2 cup of butterbutter softened somebody heated upokay butters probably soft yeah prettysoft so we’re gonna plop this one stickof butter in here we do it I don’t knowall right I’m really like I might be 21but definitely not even close to theadult stage yet so bear with me allrightone cup of white sugar you guys areactually sitting on the white sugar sohello you know what I kindly asked mymom to put this in our sugar containershe has not done yet so typically Iwould be showing you my sugar and mynice aesthetically pleasing sugarcontainer but that’s not happening todaydo you hear that mom that’s nothappening today all right so this is onethird cup so what’s a halflike this is what happened last timeokay unsanitary yes but I don’t have thetime to go in there okay I don’t havelong attention span so let’s get goingthose two eggs so I guess I’ll take onebecause half right yeah let’s crack thisbad boymy mama shoulda came home from thegrocery store today or was it yesterdayand she said Nikki they only had browneggs so I heading at you brown eggs misshim momto heck with white and brown eggs we’rejust the same on the inside anyways weneed one teaspoon of vanilla extractso I’m gonna do a little squirt forbidlove because oh did you all see thatthat’s not my faultshould I put my brown sugar in or whitesugar in the pics bed this is whathappened yesterday how does this keephappening now we also need I’m so sorryone teaspoon of baking powder this isprobably why I keep doing it badlybecause I keep guessingbaking powder TT two teaspoons of hotwater okay pour right yes sirI’m really just eyeballing this all ofit so there’s no doubt a miracle if itworks a one and a half cups ofall-purpose flour cool got that forall-purpose flour right here with it oneand a half cups with just get off theone here’s the one here’s the one so weget one it’s especially clean guys don’tworry oneand a half of a one looks prettyaccurate good job Mikey all right twocups of semi-sweet you know we’re onlydoing maybe less than one because likepoop I’m not that big of a chocolate fanyou must be wondering umthen Nicky why did you um – chocolatechip cookies to make because I feel thatthe strawberry I mean that the strongeryou might be thinking Nicky why did youchoose chocolate chip cookies to makeand that’s because I filled with thesugar cookies already don’t tell my mombecause she bought these ones in the oldfancy but I’m putting a little bit ofbutterscotch ones in – Oh Bom Bom okaysalthot water walnuts baking soda wait Ihave a baking powder what did I put inwhat the function no of course I coulddo this this in there too I’m so sadright now because like I actuallythought this was gonna be a good onebecause like I messed up so bad lasttime there was no way it could be thisbad again no but woof there it is and itis like[Music][Music]start putting down our cookies where’dmy chocolate chip super here it’sactually a melon baller but you knowwhatever I can also do variations insize love me hate me say what you wantabout me all of the boys and all of thegirls I’m wondering if you seek Amy theoven is where we make Zach huh feels Idon’t even know what accent that is whenis it offensive I’m so sorry didn’t meanto offend anyoneGoogle we’re just got a snapchat fromsomeone that I even we eating forsnapchat forward for like three days andlike am i probably gonna answer in like20 minutesmaybe like yes we are all fine whoathere is hair in one of the cookies butit’s my hair sothey are baking their little they arebaking their little hearts out in theoven I mean for all I know that bakingpowder and baking soda incident couldleave me feel like the world’s bestcookie recipe however I don’t think uptoday but I don’t know what to do whilewaiting for the cookies to bake[Music][Music][Music][Music]why you got to turn around and make meso domesticated okay it kind of smellslike something burningspiritual living out of me and havea heart palpitation my pulse is a weakbackI’m reassessing the situation I’m goingto be okay it’s probably just a crumb atthe bottom of the oven okay see I’m notscared of the fire as much as the firealarm that wakes up all my neighbors andsends the fire department to myapartment which we all go outside of andit’s very awkward to see who woke up thewhole building in the middle of thisnight hello Sorry Sorrythese cookies might take a little bitmore time because they are thick butthey are you know so what you want aboutme okay now it really smell so cleanthis is gonna be another fail and if itis it’s fine I’m still gonna post it I’mgonna post it shamefully but I’m stillgonna post it because this is real lifeI actually used to fold towels for aliving and this is how we did it hold itdown and overone and two and down and over today mymom came home with an impulse buy KrispyKreme donut jelly beans and I type oneand it’s not that inaccurate like itdoes taste like a burnt stale donut butI don’t not nonetheless so I’m not madabout it you know so this is like anexample of how they look I don’t want totouch it cuz it’s like really high thenthey don’t look bad I’m gonna plate themyou’re cooking your fingers psychopatheven though I don’t like milk but I likemilk and cookies I also believe youmight have some psychologicaldisabilities if you do just like plainmilk so but look who’s talking oh okayso let me do a break in front of you Wowso with thatouch so we’ve got our butterscotch andchocolate chip in there we’re gonna waitfor to cool down though cuz I burn myhand out once now but twice maybe if Idip it in the milk it’ll cool down alittle bitoh there we goI have to try to get me what I’m tastingright now assuming that it tastes goodI’m not really used to that because Ican’t play let me just try this one moretime to make sure that my tastebuds arenot confused these puppies are boundthrough all the heartache and all thejourney and all the sweat and all thetears and all the mistakes and therecipes are bomb they’re good thank youso much for joining me on this journeyumstay safe wash your hands

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