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bake cookies with me during quarantine

are we rlly surprised that i burnt them…

here’s the recipe i used btw:

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Video Transcription

I’m gonna be real with you I was gonnascrap this video I edited it to the bestof my abilities so I hope it works outand I hope it doesn’t hurt your brainwhen I jump from one topic to the nextthroughout the whole video at one pointthere’s also this cloth that’s just likesitting at the bottom of the screen forsome parts of the video I hope itdoesn’t bother you as much as it bothersme because I was about to rip my hairout while I was editing this maybe thisvideo shouldn’t have been posted whoknows but you know what I gave it mybest shotand I made some bomb cookies so I havefun enjoy today I thought it would befun to bake also for no reason becauselet’s face it anything that we do inquarantine is sort of for no reason atthis point my keyboard just a long timetoday we’re gonna make sugar cookiesit’s gonna be fun because I’ve madethese before and I actually turned outgood also I don’t know what you can seebut I have a pimple on my chinI just really bothered me just thoughtI’d share this recipe claims thatthey’re gonna be soft and chewy which Ilike okay I don’t want 32 cookiesactually do I I don’t think I havebaking soda I’m gonna need a bowlI don’t know okay I actually look sortof presentable today which never reallyhappens because I sit at home and doabsolutely nothing for at least 18 hoursa day I just do absolutely nothing crapI forgot to bring you the of it okay itprobably seems like I’m struggling it’sjust cuz I am no big dealthis recipe is supposed to make 36cookies I’m gonna eat all of themtonight which is not a good idea butit’s gonna happen regardless so I kindof don’t want to make that many but if Ichange the numbers and all of themeasurements for the ingredients aregonna be like 0.86 of a cup I don’t knowhow to measure that so that’s fine so weneed butter and sugar this is gonna befine okay this granulated sugar thisnormal sugar no it’s not but okay youknow what we’re just gonna use normalsugar because I don’t have granulatedsugar we could all be more fun if wetalked about things while we bake let’stalk so first of all I wanted to mentionthat I ordered some things off ofSephora and they’re on their way to myhouse right now and I’m very veryexcited because I ordered these thingsprobably two weeks ago because of thevirus lots of things are delayedshipment wise which I completelyunderstandwhat I had purchased was a bunch ofskincare stuff so I’m very very excitedto receive it in the mail that’s numberoneI don’t like melting butter we have tomelt sorry it started softened we haveto softensome butter I don’t think I’m even usingthe same recipe us whatever I used lasttime okay so I have a good feeling aboutthis my microwave is softening thebutter right now it’s like softened butit’s also um how do I say this meltedI’m just gonna try to just use my whiskmaybe get an arm workout in since I’mnot working out I’m already tired so theweather’s been actually really nice I’mtrying to go outside north I’m vitamin Ddeficient and so for the past like fivemonths maybe even longer I’ve beentaking two or three vitamin D pills aday which i think is like higher thanthe recommended dose but my levels areso low so I’m excited that the Sun isout okayone thing that’s been pissing me off isthe lack of storage on my laptop I’m notreally sure how to fix it because lasttime I tried it wiped out my wholelaptop which wasn’t very fun because itwas a week before exams now I need flourso much flour math for a half two and aquarter cups this is harder than itlooks to be honestI forgot to add the a so I’m gonna dothat now the eggs that I have are smallI might do two depending on how thickthe batter gets I start summer schooltodayI’m taking an online class but I had totake anyways next year but because I’mbored at home and doing nothing Ithought it would be a good idea to keepsomehow on track with school it’s like aself-paced online class I’ve only doneone of those before and I didn’t falltoo far behind it was just hard becauseI had four other classes but this timethis is the only class I’m taking so Ihave no reason to be behind in it exceptfor not wanting to do my work I’mdefinitely gonna need another egg thisis too much I went on a walk yesterdayand my neighbor has the cutest littledog it was a shih tzu and poodle mix Istarted thinking about how much fun adog would be at a time like this whereyou’re stuck inside and doing nothingI’ve been talking to my mom aboutgetting women we actually found the dogbefore the pandemic started I alsowanted to check out some shelters beforewe just buy one off Kijiji we nevergonna find a dog my arm hurts so muchI’ll use the measuring cups for the mostpart I’m just eyeballing everythingthere’s so much flour that I didn’t usebecause I don’t know why actually Idon’t want to talk about it I used to dodance I used to dance okay when I waslittle now while these two dog dancesare becoming really popular and I can’tdo a single one of them right I can’t dothe renegade I know what they’re calledI don’t know the dance moves because Idon’t know how to dance do you know howfrustrating that is doing something forlike years of your life and like youcan’t even throw it back like I have towatch a tutorial on how to I’m kind ofthrow it back like yeah I can’t do anyof the dances people have tried teachingme Mikeis it’s truly disappointing and I’m sadyou know what at this rate I might justmake my own but don’t count on it you’regone but I had a coffee I think we’redone it tastes good but I didn’t uselike a whole cup of flour I’m just gonnamake them really fat baptists me sobadly the key to making these cookies isto roll them in sugar afterwards Ithought someone was knocking on the doorsorry so I think instead of rolling themin sugar I’m just gonna pour it on topdefinitely not 32 cookies 36 howevermany it was like I’m making 16 they’regonna be hugeI have to bake them for 8 to 10 minutesor until lightly browned fingers crossedthat I don’t burn them because that’s mything even if everything goes well upuntil this point I still managed to burnsomething look at this they’re hugelet’s put them in the oven the last timeI made these the ones that were in theback of the oven burned and cookedfaster than the ones in the front and Iknow we’ve had problems with our ovenbefore so that’s why I never follow thetimes on the recipe because my oven justdoes its own thing it takes long when itwants to take long it burns things fiveminutes and even though they’re supposedto be in there for 20 minutes I forgotto feed to my fish today that’s my pet Idon’t have a dog so right now this fishwill have to dooops too much please poop less it’s ablue beta here I could just show youguyswhy I’m talking about it as if it’s likenot hereI’m concerned they’re still flat andlast time I made these but they weren’tflat so I did something wrong I knewsomething would go wrong which is finebut you know what I had fun I didn’tclean up I should really do that if Iknew how to do the savage dance it wouldbe cute with these that’s all I’m gonnashow you I’m not showing you the restbecause I burnt them I burnt them am isad about it a little bit did I drinkmyself probably what if I start cryingright now will you guys be mad I’m gonnatry one it’s not badthese are so good they would have beentaste burnt you got really good I’mproud of myself I’m probably off gettingout of bed getting ready and I’m clearlydoing something today like I actuallydid something todaythe lighting got bad back there so I’mjust gonna end the video here they lookcute I burnt some but they look good andthey taste good and I’m proud of myselfand I don’t care if you judge me sothere’s that I hope you guys enjoyed thevideo I’m gonna try to post as much as Ican but probably on Sundays andWednesdays and my head does today’sworkout we’ll see how it goes we’regonna try do something today you knoweven if it means getting out of bed justdo itfilm it livestream it and do anythingyou know it’s gonna be great I feelgreat right now just because Imade 16 cookies like[Music]

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