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Bake Cookies with me!!!

This video is from a week ago but I decided to finish editing this video today!!!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]but I have no idea how many we’re goingto be making I really don’t know muchabout it but I’m gonna go ahead andthrow pairs of stuff I’m gonna wash myhands with powder by race in this clipof the video I was watching me into myscissors putting four foil on the panI also wanna tell you guys that thisvideo was filmed and edited a little bityesterday streams are from yesterdaylike the clip that you hear me and heseconds but back to the video[Music]okay okay back in my room and I’m justgonna sit here on my phone watch YouTubeand wait okay guys so these are stunningthey’re currently cooling things aredone and they’re cooling I’ll see youguys we’re gonna cool you have to coolto like two to five minutes we asked youguys when they’re done click go my room122

20 Replies to “Bake Cookies with me!!!

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  5. I plan on making the banana bread this weekend but will make them in to muffins because at the hospital we don’t want to share bad germs if the bread is sliced. Nice job helping Emsy!

  6. I’ve never even knew that there was a banana bread cake mix I’d like to see that can you do a cook with me on that

  7. I love making and eatting banana bread it might sound weird but I love putting chocolate chips in my banana bread yummy

  8. Your mixer is actually vintage as that unit was made in the very early 1970s. I have a friend that owns a vintage store and according to her vintage is anything that is at least 25 years old.

  9. looks good Try lemon loaf guys it’s fab and add some lemon to your butter or fruit loaf is also nice warm or cold ,Focaccia bread is an easy to make no proving savoury bread I add garlic to mine sharing is caring

  10. I learnt from my granny how to do baking at 7 years old I been baking ever since way emsy was excited cute

  11. I always put chocolate chips in mine so delish, the last time I made it all I had was white chocolate chips and it was amazing! My new fave!

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