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A Day in My Life: making cookies, getting ready for online class, and more!


Please read me😁

Here we go again with another day in my life, hehe. I am sorry if I’ve been inactive for a month. I was kinda busy and I don’t have any idea on what my next video will be. As you can see, I didn’t talk in the video nor shown my face. I realized that I am more comfortable when I dont show my face or speak when I’m filming soo in my next video’s… I might not speak that much and also show my face. I might also post only once a month or maybe twice! It’s because we already have classes and I should also focus on my studies… That’s it! I hope you understand what I was saying. Subscribe if you wanna see more, comment your suggestions and whatever you want to say(lol), and like!

Take care 💕

Original of the video here

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