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5 minutes of Star: Let’s bake cookies! (recipe in description)

125g of softened butter
100g light brown soft sugar
125g of super-sweet caster sugar
1 egg, nice and fresh
1tsp vanilla extract (we used vanilla bean paste instead)
225g of self raising flour
1 and a half tea spoons of salt
Don’t forget the chocolate chips! Star reccomends 200g, but if you want to go crazy and add lots, then go for it!
Roll into 12 equally sized balls and place in oven and bake at 180 degrees Celsius, and bake for 10-12 minutes. Then help yourself to some yummy cookies! Taste 100% DELICIOUS!

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Video Transcription

good buddy today we will be bakingchocolate chip cookies we have got a bigbowl and we have also got our wish solet’s get started so this is a possiblywe’ll be using today you’ll be measuring125 grams of butterremember everybody before you before anymore start so we will be keeping an eyeon the line for our birthday and howmuch have you got we have got up to thefirst metal line so and let’s continuewe will be opening so let’s keep oureyes on the line it’s on about 100 nowwe need to go to the line after thehundred now let’s go up offset into thebig bold[Music]sowhere we startedso now we’ve done that let’s get bakingnow it’s my turn to keep an eye on theline[Music][Music]so we are on the first line which means100 let’s do the next partyay you don’t have caster sugar so we’llbe using this instead let’s go keep oureyes on them there we go oh my gosh it’sa little snowy mountain wonderful ishere mom’s be in there in they go noit’s the snow massive covered in cheeseno it’s definitely it’s it’s now let’screate it sparkles we’ll be mixing todayso this is a mixture after one minute ofmixing so this this is it after twominutes of mixing it’s not come on verywell but but that’s because it doesn’thave any flour it or X so let’s begin byadding the flour and X okay now we needto crack see againthis next part we will need a littleteaspoon because we are I didn’t givethe vanilla extract and you’ll need oneteaspoon of vanilla extractPorat then well done farkles you will bedoing the rest of the mixing we’ll haveto mix in the add and the vanilla beanpaste so in this next part we will beand put in the flour and it will be selfraising flour and we need 225 grams ofit so guys this is our safe I figured ithad a real sip so we’ll just have to putit straight in so everybody we are usingjumbo shop and there is 125 gramsyou can’t see because I come with it isthat and so we will be pouring this endfirst we have to taste test one so youknow what let’s be nasty and add anotherlittle bit[Applause]by the biggest biggest biggest look atall the chocolate checks look at it lookhow really see but realize you can seereally really well okay Wow this is thefirst batch of cookies oh we have sattimer for seven minutes we’re alreadydown to five minutes so guys we’re onsix five four three two one so when wesaw them they didn’t look cooked enoughso we’re putting them on two minutes sothese are the cookies so this is thefirst batch of cookies as you can seethey’re very crumbly and still very veryvery hot hey everyone the cookies havebeen baked so let’s look at that thisone is slightly crumbly mmm so guyswe’re near the end of our video thankyou for watching and keep baking

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  4. I really want to do this. My husband says don’t go to that trouble… On Friday nights I make pizza. The sauce I still buy for now.

  5. Finally someone else who doesn’t use a machine. It makes the bread so much better. I love to make my own bread but then I want to eat it all

  6. The slicer looks like the one Tupperware reps. could win years ago. I still have mine 30+ years. later. Cuts excellent beef jerky slices.

  7. Thanks for your great recipes, you are a really hard working woman and a great cook. I love watching you and learning something new from time to time☘️

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