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Which Sandwich Chains Serve Freshly Baked Bread? Which Serve Frozen & Thawed Bread?

Which Sandwich Chains Serve Freshly Baked Bread?
Which serve bread delivered from outside bakeries?
Which sandwich chain advertises “Always Fresh” but serves frozen & thawed bread?

Some sandwich chains bake their bread fresh on-site. Others have fresh bread delivered on a daily (or near daily basis). One sandwich chain keeps fully baked and frozen bread in its freezer and thaws it out (hopefully) before you get there. Can you guess which one? contacted every national sandwich chain and most regional sub and sandwich chains and asked about the freshness of their bread. Can you guess which has the freshest bread?

See where your favorite chain gets their bread, and tell us what you think in the comments. Check out our expanded research and discussion posts at

Did we miss any sub or sandwich chain? Did we get any wrong? Let us know. Included in this video is information on the following franchise sandwich chains:

Panera Bread
Jimmy John’s
Firehouse Subs
Jersey Mike’s
Jason’s Deli
Cousin’s Subs
Port of Subs
Goodcents Subs
Erbert & Gerbert’s
Lenny’s Sub Shop
Mr. Sub
Mr. Pickles
Planet Sub
Togo’s Sandwiches
Deli Delicious

Help us out with these that stumped us:

Which Wich
Potbelly Sandwich Works

We forgot to add Quiznos, which we believe received fully baked bread delivered from Turano Baking Company.

Check out our series on the company that’s forcing its franchisees to secretly serve customers frozen bread, and is suing those who serve fresh bread.

It’s called Deli Delicious and you can read about it and other franchises at

Original of the video here

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