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‘WatchMeTry’ EP.01 • Baking bread🍞

Welcome to my new series ‘Watch Me Try’ – where i learn & experience new things, grow up step by step as a happy cranky confused unique human.

Its my first-time baking bread and…to think i even hated the idea of baking my whole life because it was too much work too much money too much effort needed haha. Glad i decided to try-out baking this year~ It wasn’t as intimidating as i thought! I divided my bakes into half. You can store freshly-baked bread in a ziplock bag like i did for up to 7 days, make sure you get all the excess air out! For the remaining, store them in the freezer so it wont spoil as fast and i can heat them up whenever i want to munch on this aliltoo-yeasty but milky & buttery & fluffy cloud.

Fluffy Milk Bread Recipe / Dinner Rolls (my ver):

– 350 gr All Purpose Flour ( 2 2/3 cups)
– 3 tbsp Sugar
– 11 gr Instant Yeast (i used too much, use 7g Dry yeast 1 packet instead)
– 2/3 tsp Salt
– 200 gr Warm Milk (3/4 cup + 2 tbsp)
– 30 gr Butter (1/4 stick)
– Bake @ 175 preheated oven 20 minutes

Link of recipe i followed: (

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Original of the video here

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