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Banana Bread Recipe by @thesweetadvocate

Ingredients :
4 Bananas
1/2 Cup Butter
3/4 Cup Brown Sugar
2 Eggs
1/4 Cup yoghurt
1 tsp vanilla
2 cup flour
1/2 tsp salt
3/4 tsp baking soda

Directions :

1- Preheat the oven to 180 C
2 – Grease and line a loaf pan with parchment paper
3 – Roast bananas in oven for 15 mins with the skin on , peel roasted bananas and mash- set aside
4 – Melt butter in saucepan until browned
5 – Mix together brown sugar and browned butter until combined
6- Beat in the eggs then add in the mashed bananas , yoghurt and vanilla , mix until combined
7- Sift the dry ingredients into the bawl and fold together until combined
8 – Pour batter into loaf pan and bake 40-45 min
Products used for nails :

Marble foil Pink –

Marble foil mint –

Gold foil –

Stick it gel –

Clear Acrylic Powder –

Acrylic powder monomer –

BlueSky Purple Gel Polish –

Clear gel top coat –

Cuticle remover –

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Video Transcription

I told you every single time don’t youwere[Music]you doso you canI was up to oh don’t you get that it’sto be[Music]Happy’s for everyonetoday’s Sunday and it’s Easter we arecelebrating I mean not reallycelebrating we haven’t been celebratingEaster properly for like many yet yeahwell you know you’re just gonna havesome dinner we’re gonna bake some bananabread and we’re gonna make some drinksas well yeah just come a bit chilledsome day sit on the terrace and enjoythis weather it’s like 25 degrees by theclouds came now it was kind of raining aminute ago so yeah a minute ago was likedroplets going well and the way I thinkwe’re gonna go to the shop buy some bitsfor dinner and drinks we’re having ourstrawberry mojitos we made them againCheers happy sir mmm it’s so young weenjoying the Sun it’s beautiful weatherand we have some crisps some olives andsome polish biscuits and then we’regonna make them banana bread our chickenis ready to go in the oven we’ve gotsome carrots and parsley and we latergonna make some potatoes yeah we’regonna make some potatoes we stuffed itwith some lemon rosemary and yeah I’mexcited it’s gonna take like one hour 20minutes and then the potatoes 15 minutesso after half an hour we’ll put them insome day rose exciting[Music]we switched to the Rosie with someraspberries insidecheers Cheersit’s nice and peaceful mmm is still nicelet me try it we need more ice ice Ididn’t put ice I mean I know what a nicepeaceful Sunday yeah the roast is in theovenI’m quite hungry to be honest we’re justgonna wait we ate so much crisps and somuch junk all the biscuit yeaheverything is gone and we still need tomake the banana bread we can’t be toodrunk forever because I don’t want tomake it bad no it’s we’ve got the recipeshould be fine yeah the chicken is readyit got a bit burnt because we weretalking about a grandma for like onehour and we forgot about it but thepotatoes are looking good their potatoeswe’ve got some gravy oh I’m so hungrythis looks so good lemon inside his butprobably we’re gonna leave some fortomorrow Bob yeah looking good yeahlet’s eat it we finished our dinner andalso the wineyes and now we’re gonna make the bananabread wish us luck finally with all theingredients here my mess yeah this iswhat is happening it’s happening I hopeit’s gonna go good because we’re a bitdrunk not that drunkokay I think it’s gonna taste better allright we’re a touch of tipsy part oftipsiness we’re gonna link the recipeBulova we’re just putting some butter tomelt yeah we’re gonna melt that we’regonna melt the butterhow many grams half a cup so abouthundred and thirteen gramthe butter and then what else to eat Iwant you to put sugar my head doesn’tneed to pee this is a recipe of ourfriend she is like the best Baker and[Music]yeah she revealed her banana breadrecipe and we need brown sugar usingbrown sugar I don’t think very goodbakers[Music]right we need some baking soda baking sothat’s what you need not baking powderbecause there’s apparently a differenceso we need 3/4 of bakingleave it open please 180 yeah whoo LukeRose Bahamas in oven for 15 minutes withthe skin onoh we don’t see bananas with the skinoff so yeah we basically roasted thebonanno’s with this without the skin onmy fingers – fine we’ll see hopefullywe’ll be fine so how the recipe will goour parent we’re gonna put some butterand flour in the tin because we forgotto buy the baking paper again I don’tknow the batter into the sugar like so[Music]like so our camera cut off when we wereputting the eggs in we basically put twoeggs in and mixed everything togetherI don’t work so we’re gonna put somevanilla extract then I put two teaspoonsyeahwe’re gonna mix this together and I’mgonna up to some yogurt how much youcould do need we needlet’s check the recipe we need 1/4 of acup so I don’t know so what do you knowthat’s a bit too much and I will do mixthat in style of yogurt fineoh well we’re gonna have a yogurt ebanana breadit’s a Greek yogurt thing mix that andthen we’re gonna add the bananas whichare here we roasted them for to 10 15minutes the main ingredient for bananas[Music]and now we’re gonna add two cups offlour and the baking soda puts a littleflourthe consistency is looking ok we’regonna put it in the tray well do youcall this pan pin Tim I think this 10 istoo small it’s I mean it looks good andhow long does this need to be any other45 minutes 40 to 45 minutes so yeah it’sa bit sticky looking think that’ssupposed to be in the oven stick this inthe oven the banana bread is in the ovenwe’re having some more mojitos I haven’tmixed mine yet but look how nice itlooksmmm it’s yummy and we’re gonna watchSavage Spanish show today we haven’twatched it yet apparently it’s quiteamazing and we need some entertainmentfor tonightso I’m excited you haven’t even seen itI’ve seen like two minutes of it Ihaven’t seen anything the videos onInstagram hmm so it should be nicewhoa this bread is overflowing I’m sureit’s not supposed to look like thislet’s put some paper on top I’m scaredI’m gonna burn there we’ve got this showon screen this is the Ultra HD and it’savailable on Amazon so let’s put downhold up face go Bob when I pull up theyall only look at once think of God whichenable I had enough hop off you’refreaking them and some slide up in theclub like to change this snake is insidebut a full check on[Music][Music][Music]ooh the banana bread is ready nice andgolden and then we have it[Music][Music]look how perfectly it came out over thetop of it oh my gosh stop look how niceand fluffy it’s so nice and like wet nottoo wet oh my baby I shouldn’t touchwith my dirty arms in the wrong placeshulloa looks yummygood afternoon today we are doing ournails yeah we need to fix the nailsthey’re not looking so good they lookvery bad and I broke two of them likereally badly yeah I want to try it onbut I like them with like gel polishbecause I’ve tried dark silicon brandyeah and good I know I’m good at it wedecided we not good at this and so we’regonna try to the gel polish I think it’seasier yeah and more achievable so we’regonna do that we’re having some oats Islaughter I slaughter and this is decafactually because you know we can’t havemore than one coffee a day about to likeshake and you know this is pretty goodit’s vanilla know when you love syrupOh syrup you only use four coffees andthese days I’ve been so obsessed withoat milk it’s not a joke like literallyit’s so creamy is a creamy it’s so goodfor coffee sigh I don’t know guys andyeah we watch the fancy straw and it wasit was really crazy it was verydifferent I really like the concept Ireally liked how she included everybodythere’s all different types of bodybodies and lots of people like she madeeveryone feel sexy and kind of wanted toshow that no Ilike this I really like the music amusic was popping oh my gosh the musicthe music was upbeat you know like we Ihave goosebumps the hope yeah musicmaybe because we were drunk as well wewere a bit drunk and we made this bananabread it was so goodthen one on bread came out amazingreally good but I think we we had therethe tin was too small for the amount ofyou know think we had yeah but next timewe’ll make it perfect next time like apastry but I was so good and we had itfor breakfast the next day and I ate somuch Oh was that they ate way too muchlike a little stomach I couldn’t sleepall night I had the most look overeating like I felt like a pig that it’sso much you know you know and pigs eatso much I ate so much that day I didn’teven I didn’t even look while I waseating I was just eating yeah we atevery much we ate all those crisps wehave the season air oh my goshit was it was good though it was a goodEaster happening Oh a little bit updateabout my boob yeah everyone’s askingabout cut this boob it was actuallyreally paint like it’s still painfulit’s been painful for like nobody wantedthis post-surgery bright you will waitquite painful put the past back for fivedays I did I’m not taking ibuprofen nomore oh yeah you realized it’s dangerousyeah it’s not good I suppose so I onlyhad this for like three days I’m nottaking it anymoreif she can’t have sold so she’s beenhold on I’m still been eating so yeahyes did that stick and I had to havesalt with her I told him that we need tomake this chicken roast ChinaI’m putting salt on it like we like it alot oh yeah I’m excited to do the nailsI want to do this so I bought thesefoils from Amazon like pink andtype of Marvel effect so I want to trythese although I really want to cut mynails did too long now I think I’m gonnaI give a distal end I will see like wellyou know we’re gonna drink this andmaybe have some lunch and then do thenails mm-hmm we have a little setupready yeah this time we kind of put thecamera like that so we can see it a bitbetter yeah maybe you can see betterhow we gonna do them but yeah they lookreally bad we fix this ASAP this is nottoo bad I like you to discover it andthey’re really long so first thing whatwe’re gonna do is probably file them allyeah we’re gonna follow them all becausethe only problem we have is we don’thave access on look I would assume onthis they like that much I don’t knowhow are we gonna take all this acrylicoff because I need to take all of it offI’m just gonna find them off with theRussians[Music][Music]okay the nails are filed I only foundone hand so far looks like this I needto still finish that one it’s quite aprocess without it a stone well I’mgonna try and use some of the sauces onto kind of take that critical I have asmall layer of acrylic so that’s why I’mfiling them so it’s fine obviously if Ididn’t have a clearly gonna be a bitmore difficult yeah I don’t have a lotso I can’t actually dip them in darkreally like I would usually do so I’mjust gonna let’s hope it worksI’m gonna finish taking these off andshe’s gonna wait yeah maybe like 10-15minutes with ya we’ll be back I took allof my gel already I found it all off ittook such a long time I just took onehand so far now I’m doing the secondhand it actually came out quite easilyso happy for me on the process yeah theylook like that for now I’m gonna filethem and shape them a little bit andthen I’ll do the cuticlesall right my nails are ready to removeall the cuticles they feel a bit soreafter all the filing oh well I’m gonnause this Sally Hansen instant cuticleremover and I want to put my hand in thebowl I’m gonna do it on dry because Ihave a clinic[Music]okay I removed my cuticles they’re niceand ready I’m gonna do mine now all theacrylic is gone this is my natural nailsnow you got a good long look up closethey are quite long I need to file themas well I didn’t do that yet this one issuper broken I don’t know if you can seehere but like literally I have fewbroken nails so I’m gonna put glue firstthis is the glue that we like this isthe kind of gel glue I’m gonna put someglue on some places and then I’m gonnaput a thin layer of acrylic on some ofthem because I removed too much theywere coming off so on that one and onthat one I need to put some acrylicfirst okay give me the solution and Ineed to brush as well I’m gonna do athin layer oh I love that smell anywayabsolutely fated we actually to open thewindow because this must smell reallybad we’re using this acrylic powder thisis the clear one from the edge nailswe’re gonna link it below we get it fromAmazonokay I did a sloppy job and I forgot toput primer primer and dehydrator room soyou are crazy so that’s great I’m gonnaput now my acrylic overlay on all thenails and I’m gonna first put thisdehydrator and then acid primer tryingto do this basically what I do I likekind of make sure that the nail istilted so all the like click thing dropsdown to catch so they stronger and whatacrylic you put the stronger the nailwill be and these days my life has beenveryokay our the nails are finally preppedand ready to be painted yes it took along time but it’s finally ready itready they look like this I cut mine onthis little bit do it a bit longer but Iwanted them a bit shorter so what I’mgoing to do is I wanted one nail to seeif it’s gonna work the same and thencome come on back on the camera andmaybe show you the rest I actuallywanted to show you those new foils thatI got from Amazon and this one is wowthis is just so beautiful yeah it’s likea pink purple that’s marble look so thisone is like the mint I think I’m gonnago for the pink one today and I’m gonnause it with the same spring valuesbefore the sticketh gel this is fortransfer coils so I will try one now andsee how it looksI’m going to use this color this fromblue sky in the color pastel a0 egg andis this really nice kind of purple kindof color if you can see I went into theUmbra with a gel polish so yeah wish meluckI don’t never go back before so I haveto see one nail before I commit to thewhole hunt anyway we’re gonna try onenail each and then we’ll be back okay wedid one nail each this is the design I’mactually quite happy with I didn’t ifyou can see Emma’s like marble sex Iused this OPI bubble bath I’m best kindof drink their pink because it was a bitbland when I did it without it minelooks a bit choppy I’m not so pleasedwith itwe’re gonna zoom in now and show youeach of these nails how we did that soyou can see it up close yeah let’s do itokay I’m going to settle some base gelthis is from gel polish I’m just gonnaput this on the nail that cute that forsix seconds okay I’m going to use thiscolor from OPI this is in the colorpassion and this is such a nice basecorner as you can see it’s like a peachynude and then we’re gonna cure thatagain for 60 seconds and then I’m gonnaput a second coat of this like a thincoat because I try to know me too and itcure that again so that’s done and thenI’m gonna apply again the same color andI’m gonna apply it just halfway toand then we’re gonna grab the prooffull-color and I’m gonna apply to thetip like that and then I’m gonna grabthis Umbra brush this from nail nails Ialso have this one that I got fromAmazon so I think this one is a bitbetter so I’m gonna use this brush andI’m going to start blending these twotogetherthat looks fine I’m gonna cure this for60 seconds and then I’m gonna do asecond layer of that football okay sothat’s cute put another coat of thepurple then I’m gonna take this blendingbrush and blend it again this brush yeahI think I’m happy with that I’m gonnahear that yeah all right so that’s doneI think I’m gonna put another layer ofdiscord just to blend everythingtogether but verythis will kind of blend them togetherand it will create one of a lilac sortsof color I’m going to clear this foranother 60 seconds and then put some topcoat okay and I’ll just put some topcoat on top there’s a seal it from gelpolish okay so I applied the top coatand this is what it looks like it’s nottoo bad the blend is okay it probablywill frustrate me after few days well Iguess it’s not too bad you see for thefirst try I guess now I’m gonna do mynail and show you how I did mine yeahand then we’re gonna probably do therest and finish them off okay so now I’mgonna show you how I created this oneand first I’m gonna put OPI bubble bathof my color base color to give a nicekind of a pink baseokay so I’m gonna be secure this for 60seconds okay now that’s done I’m gonnajust wipe the sticky part with somealcohol and okay I’m just gonna takethis stick it this is the gel for theSpoilsI’m gonna basically just take a brushlook at that and apply a thin layer ofthis all over the nail and now I’m gonnacure this for 60 seconds okay I’m gonnatake this foil I cut it in like a piecesand I’m just gonna like look at thedesign and see how I wanna kind of placeit so I’m gonna basically place it ontop of the nail kind of like this[Music]transfer and if there is something thatI don’t like I’ll just have to go overityou can see that okay what I’m gonna donext is I’m gonna take the same gel anda bit of a smaller black brush and justgo on the edges I’m gonna create like aline this is where I’m gonna put thegold foil so I’m just gonna put this gelthin line the edges and this will be thegold foil design and I’m gonna cure thisfor 60 seconds as well okay this is cuteI’m gonna take this gold foil andbasically just stick it to the edge likethat and now the gold design is on theedges of the nails we like how it looksactuallyokay now I’m just gonna put some topcoat to conceal everything all right I’mjust gonna cure this now for 60 secondsand that’s it that’s the designokay time to finish all all the nailsbecause now we just have to I mean I doI’ve been trying to do this hand as youcan see it’s kind of difficult andannoying I wish I never did this designI regret it now because it doesn’t lookperfect[Music][Music]we are finally done the nails they looklike so then I’ll show you a close-up atthe ends but I’m over it over therelet’s put some cuticle oil if you likeit’s too lateto do this type of design it’s actuallyone in the morningit’s one in the morning I can’t eventalk properly cause I’m sleepy and wedecided to do this size I mean we’vebeen doing this since 7th yeah westarted late yeah hope you liked thisblog we turned a vlog into a nail salonnail tutorial for you well hope youliked this vlog and we will see the next[Music]

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