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VLOG | Cook breakfast With Me | Playtime With Baby | Homemade Cashew Bread

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Video Transcription

good morning oh if your laptop you knowif you’re not tapped you guys goodmorning guys welcome back to my channelbut if you earn you here thenwelcome so currently it’s about 9:30a.m. yes we are just getting our morningstarted I just took a shower my hair isin a bun cuz it’s all wet and yes I’mwaiting for you to take it now so then Ican straighten it after yes today I’mjust gonna be blogging and yeah you haveso much to say Mari and basically justtaking care of this little guy yesalright so I just changed this outfityes say hi take your moneyhis whole outfit is from Zara littlebranded baby are you playing with yourMelissa dad toys delicious ridiculous[Music]hi honey hi he loves the purple locksuse YouTube dipper for duckdo you live there perp abduction becarefulso I’ve been trying to rotate his toys alot of them are in the living room rightnow but I started to hide some of themin here because when there’s too manytoys available to him like he just wantsto like go crazy and like oblem and Ifeel like it’s too overstimulating forhim I think like just limiting his toysis helping him and helping us a lot tooand then it also at the same time when Irotate his choice it’s like it’s new tohim again so then like we don’t have tokeep buying him new toys unless like hereally actually grows out of them likeunless those toys become like Oh Mariloves to play with us backpack you namesto play with the zippers on yourbackpack yes does I got my laptop hereI’m going to finish editing this videofor you guys todayand I have my coffee right here Iliterally don’t know how any parent cansurvive without like some sort ofcaffeine amen and praise God to coffeein fact I pretend Isha’s Babu he’s agymnast so he got into his backpack andnow what’s going on[Music][Music]why do you need to do it to every singleday per pulse the method to your madnessputs them at the tier madness[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Applause]so we’re getting close to 11 a.m. andI’m about to make a Mari a bottle so Ijust put him in the swing because helikes to drink this bottle by himself inthere he has his pasty MPPs so my milksupply actually went down significantlyit’s fine because like we just startedto supplement with formula a few weeksago Amaury just turned 11 months old afew days ago so once he’s one year hedoesn’t need formula anymore and I gothim this German wine which is reallygood it doesn’t have many additives orpreservatives or other sugars oranything like that it is just reallypear really good so I feel supercomfortable giving this to himit’s pretty expensive guys like this isnot cheap but I feel happy supplementingwith this because now he is notconstipated anymore he’s going to thebathroom regularly his poops are so muchsofter he’s so much less fussy like somuch happier so it makes me so muchhappier I think like them being fed andfull and happy as long as it’s like goodand healthy supplements then I thinkthat’s all that matters you know what Imean so I feel so much all stressed outabout it because all the pressure was onme to make all of this food and be hisfood source but now that we cansupplement with formula it’s just likeokay it’s fine like I still have valueand worth if I don’t make enough milkyou know what I mean like it doesn’tmatter how much milk I make I wouldrecommend this one to you guys it is 11sweet bio we got this whole game milknumber 3 so it’s for ages 10 months andolder so I just seal it inside a plasticbag to keep feathered freshness and thenwhat I do so the bottle I’m about tomakeabout six ounces so I fill it up withwater to about a hundred and sixtymilliliters so little over five ouncesand he actually loves his milk old so itworks out perfectly it comes up likethis little scoop thing in each box so Ijust put five scoops of the formula inhereand then I just put the lidwith the cap and then I shake it off Iused to think that making formula wouldtake so long and it might if you have towarm it up but since I don’t have towarm it up it literally takes a fewminutes and yeah it’s not as bad as Ithought it would be I’m just shakingshaking shaking she’s reaching in yourchicken I put the water first becauseI’ve noticed if you put like the powderon the bottom first then like all thepowder will get stuck at the bottom soalways water first and then powder okaythat’s good and it doesn’t actually havethat much bubbles and a doctor shaking Idon’t know how it does that but it’skind of cool so then I open it up and Ijust kind of tap it because a little bitof milk falls out from the cap and thenI’m going to add a teaspoon of datenectar just because he just wasn’taccepting the formula at first it wasdefinitely a whole process for awhile heonly wanted almond milk but you know I’mslowly weaning him off the date nectar -I used to put two teaspoons now I’m downto one teaspoon slowly but surely we’regetting there but soon enough he’sliterally gonna be off the formula inlike a month or so you know what I meanso it’s so fine he is still getting likea lot of breast milk 75% of his feedingsare from breast milk and then the restwe just supplement with formula formaybe like one or two bottles a day andhe gets about like five bottles a day intotal it works out well it kind of workslike chocolate milk there’s still alittle bit left on the spoon so I’m justtrying to get as much as I can get offof there okay so let me show you guyswhat it looks like so that is what itlooks like now and I’m just gonna putthe lid back ongo baby gommm milk enough Amari staffers just camein yesterday we usually get a wholemonth supply I like to be a little bitahead of the game and half like atwo-month supply I’m just so happy thatwe are able to get diapers at the momentbecause for a while they were hard tofind so I’m just gonna fill up hisdiaper caddy right now Wow Amari isdrinking his milky milk finish the wholethinggood job be a good boythank you bye yes you see youI’m getting tired before you and youplay peek-a-boo[Music]yes okay guys so I just put my jumpernap and he’s standing in his crib sowe’ll see if he goes down for nowhopefully he dies right hmm it has beena struggle to get him to nap lately I’mnot gonna lieour schedule has been literally all overthe place because of Mario’s napschedule is literally all over the placeso I’m just trying not to think anythingof it because I am the type of personwhere I do like to have a schedule I dolike to have a to-do list on what I wantto do what time I want to get it donebut I’m just trying to go with the flowand count my blessings and just begrateful if I can get anything done inthe day you know what I mean I think heis gonna go to bed he’s like trying tolay down right now so guys I haven’tactually ate anything today at allall I had was my coffee for my coffeeI’ll link down below all the drinks thatI have on a daily basis so you can seehow I make my coffee I’ll show you guysso what I’m about to make myself forbreakfast so I actually made this cashewbred last night so let me show you guyshow it turned out so here is how itturned out it looks so good it honestlylooks similar to wheat bread but thething about this bread it has no grainsin it it’s literally made of cashewbutter and eggs and that is it guys alittle bit of apple cider vinegar andbaking soda and salt but that isliterally it for the ingredients guys Iswear to God to you the next time I makeit I promise I will vlog it for you guysso you guys can see how I make it butI’m just going to take this out and I’mgoing to slice it myselfnow you can slice it with a butter knifeand it’ll turn out fine but I actuallyhave a bread knife and it literallylooks like sliced bread it looks so goodwhen I cut it with that so I’m justgoing to use that to cut it right nowwhat are your bread guys it looks sogoodlook how smooth that cut like literallyperfect so I’m just going to do the restnow just gotta be careful with yourhands though not to cut yourself[Music][Laughter][Music][Applause][Music][Laughter][Music]look at that guy’s it turned out so welllet me show you a slice it cut reallynicely and it looks just like Brad theconsistency is the very similar veryspongy on the inside the crust is like anormal crust it just tastes more nuttierand I feel like it’s more filling -because it’s like made of cashews younerd I mean so I’m just gonna get outwith this hand I’ve got some pepper I’mjust gonna turn the flame on to like amedium low and I’m just gonna put alittle bit of oil like half a teaspoonto a teaspoon in the meantime I’m goingto take a piece of bread and put it inthe toaster and I have one avocado hereso if I did not have an avocado I wouldbe toasting two slices of bread and Iwould be making two fried eggs butbecause I have this avocado I’m justgoing to do one because for me avocadois super filling so I’m just making oneslice of toast and one egg and I’m gonnawash this and cut it up and eat it withmy breakfast so the way that I cut thisI’ll show you guys a little trick is Iwill cut off the edge kind of likeperpendicular to the little butt hereand then I will take it this way and Iwill just like slice around the seed allaround the avocado just be careful notto hurt yourself[Music]okay and then what you do is afteryou’ve like cut it all around here youjust twist to each side in the oppositedirection from the other like that andthen it comes right off and then what Ido here is I will you got to be supercarefulI will lightly tap the knife against theseed but with enough pressure to kind ofcatch the seed so and then you justtwist it off and it comes right off sothen what I do is I will cut againstlike the outside and then I will justslice it across this way I don’t know ifyou guys can see I’m sorry if this islike awful so then what I did here is Icut it like that and I’m gonna take ateaspoon because like the teaspoonssmaller so I can get like better on theedges and I am just going to basically Idon’t know how to describe it but justlike press against like the edge of theoutside peel and all of these will justlike pop offand there you go so I’ll do it the otherside too I don’t really like to putavocado in the fridge because it justalways spoils even if I put like lemonon it I just try to buy small avocadosand eat the whole thing when I do haveavocados or I’ll just like eat half ofit and then I’ll give the other half toGraham but grandmas at home so I willjust be doing that and then I’ll justlike kind of like scrape whatever isleft and then I’ll eat itI think the pan is hot enough now sojust tap it and I like my eggs over easymy toast is actually done so I’m justgonna take a little bit of beanie andI’m just going to put it on the toast Ijust want you to be easier because it’slike butter but like it’s already meltedso I don’t have to go through like thehassle trying to melt the butter myselfor like spread it and like write thetoast you know what I mean so this iswhat we got so farour egg it is cooking over here waitingfor the bottom to get a little bit morecrispy before I flip it I’m just gonnaput this stuff away from the mean timeyou try to flip it and if I could do itwhile holding the cameraso I just want to cook it a knock justso that it creates like a layer at thebottom I still want my egg to be likerunny we’re gonna transfer that egg tomy toast oh man get on there and I’mjust gonna pour some olive oil over myavocado sometimes I like to put balsamicvinegar on there but not really in themood for that today and then I’m justgoing to salt and pepper the whole thingand then here is the finished productlooks so good guys I’m so hungryit’s literally like 11:33 right now so Ihaven’t had the chance to eat it all yetbut honestly this is how my day usuallygoes this is how I like to have mybreakfast I love to have a freshlycooked breakfast and I’m just so hungryI’m so excited to eat this I’m justgoing to have my quiet time while I ameating so I’m actually gonna be readingGenesis I was reading the New Testamentand I started from the beginning of theNew Testament and I was going likethrough it Cana logically by gram and Ijust had a discussion and I just figuredyou know what like I want to read theBible the way it was written from startto finish so obviously I’m still goingto be jumping around and reading backand forth or if I need a particular kindof scripture for whatever I am enduringI will for sure do that and we try tofind Scripture that way and to me ithelps me to really feel like moreconfident and like my imperfectionbecause I think sometimes like being adisciple we try to be more like Jesuswho was perfect who never sent butsometimes it can get so difficultbecause at least in my experience like Ican get very down on myself or could notbeing perfect and for always reallyseeing myself continue to sinwhen I’m not successful like every dayis a struggle you know what I mean solooking at my sin every day and lookingat my imperfections every day can reallyget to me just knowing that God has lovefor all of us and God doesn’t expect usto be perfect and God has written theseamazing stories with these imperfectpeople just makes me feel so much betterabout myself and just not feel so guiltyabout my imperfect ways some of it isgood to a certain extent because then Ican hold myself accountable to a higherstandard where I can you know try to dobetter and try to be better if I’m itjust helps me to not sin even more soI’m just gonna start eating this andeating breakfast[Music][Music]I just got done with some chores I justwashed all the dishes and tidy up alittle bit some boxers just came in fromAmazon I literally forgot what I orderedbut let me open them and show you guyswhat’s in there or desitin or Amaury itis basically diaper rash cream and weput it on him as my a barrier from hisskin against you know whenever he usesthe bathroom so it has prevented himfrom getting a rash ever since his firstbaby rash because we did at least Ithink they sent us one extra than whenwe usually do I’m subscribed and safe tofor fees but they sent us five that’sfine we usually always eat so manyleaves I’m actually subscribed and safeto a lot of stuff that we eat and Iusually get a whole month supply thereare 16 of these guys in here if you dothe math it’s about 64 Larabars for onemonthif you divide that by two that’s 32 soboth Graham and I can have about one ofthese a day but sometimes both of uswill have to busy day so we always havea ton of these on hand we have like twoother boxesso there’s we haven’t ate yet but weprobably will cycle out so let me justput this stuff away hey guys so I justtook the recycle out and um sorry justsigning in to my laptopusually by now I would try to do my hairI would like blow-dried and straightenit but lately my scalp has been it’s sodry like I literally don’t even know whyI think just because I’m staying homeI’m not going to the gym where I used toget a very like effective like sweatyworkout so obviously my Scoutexperienced more humidity because likeeven just everybody sweating up the gymyou know what I mean in California isvery dry and the weather is gettingreally hot outside and my scalp is justlike so dry guys it’s been gettingbetter because like I’m trying to washit less I’m trying to take not as hotshowers anymore either so I used to washmy hair every other day now I’ve beentrying to stretch it every three days Istarted to use like the purityconditioner in my hair first when I getin the shower and then I’ll use like myregular shampoo and conditioner afterhas been helping my stop to getmoisturize because I feel like the firstproduct you put in your hair when youget in the shower like it absorbs thatthe most but like the conditioner islike so pure like has so many oils andthen and stuff that like if I alreadyuse that conditioner at the end of theshower it leaves my hair looking oily sowe just use it first shampoo like mostof it out and then I conditioned it withnot as like of an oily conditioner so itleaves my hair like looking pretty goodand then my scalp is like prettyrelieved of its itchiness so I’m justforgot to etch it and I just cut mynails super short so that like I can’ttake at it because I was literallyhaving scabs at the back and bottom oflike my scalp it was not good I couldn’tleave my hair like this like wavy but myhair gets really frizzy if I don’t sleepon my wet hair so the only way but likeI can get this to really look good islike if I shower at night and then if Isleep on it but I’m well acute later soI’m just gonna try to let my hair airdry it as much as I can and then likemaybe in an hour I will blow dry it asmuch as I can and then straighten it aswell – also not using like the hot airon like my scalp when I blow dry my hairlike I try to use the warm air or evenlike the cool air has been a struggleguys let me know if you know any naturalremedies like relieve HR scalp I pull upcoconut oil on my hair the other day andI felt like it didn’t really helpmaybe if I used to like over time itwould help but the Piercy thing has beenworking I’m getting kind of like a sweettooth whenever I eat anything savory Ineed to eat something sweet after likeI’m just that person I’m peeling atangerine rightand I’m gonna eat it and then I’m justgonna order a Mari some formula onlineand then I need it to order somethingelse oh I need to order bed sheets cuzour bed sheets are literally likefalling apart I don’t know about anybodyelse but our bed sheets just get ruinedso fast like they ball up really quicklyor they can’t rips on them so fast andlike I don’t know what it is maybe we’rejust like I don’t know weird but maybewe’re just not getting good sheetsbecause of how quickly we go through oursheets like I also don’t want to spendlike a ton of money on them eithermy sister Ellen told me that the targetsheets are really good but I’m debatingbetween target sheets or Costco sheetsso I’ll see you so guys this is how myhair looks now it actually didn’t drythat frizzy today it is still togetherwithout sleeping on it so it reallydoesn’t look that bad I would honestlykeep this and they’re just wanna likeimpress the hubby I’m just gonna blowdry it and straighten it I just likestraight hair better for me because likeI have a very round face if I have likemore of a defined face then like I feellike the curls and waves would lookbetter but because my face is aroundcurls don’t really like compliment myface see you guys and this weekend guysI literally don’t even know where therest of my day way I’m already just gotsuper fuzzy and I’m like I really justlost track time but I quickly justwanted to close out this video I hopeyou guys enjoyed this vlog today andyeah that is it for this fitting youguys make sure to like comment share andsubscribe also follow me on my socialmedias he can keep up to date with me inbetween videoswe just shiny Brunell thank you so muchfor watching my video goodbyeI generally appreciate each and everyone of you I love you guys see you nextvideo[Music]

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