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Vegan + Gluten Free Banana bread recipe:
– 3 Very Ripe Mashed Bananas
– 3/4 cup Maple Syrup
– 1/2 cup Melted Coconut Oil
– 1 teaspoon Vanilla

– 1 cup GF Flour
– 1 cup GF Rolled Oats
– 1 teaspoon Baking Powder
– 1 teaspoon Baking Soda
– 1 tablespoon Cinnamon
– 1/2 teaspoon Salt

Mix Dry and Wet Ingredients
Grease pan with Coconut Oil or Vegan Butter
Add Lots of Vegan Chocolate Chips
Bake for 35-40 minutes @ 350°

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Video Transcription

good morning guys I just need someoatmeal I’m so excited I haven’t madethis in so long and it’s just oatmealwith peanut butter a bunch of cinnamonsome honey and a whole banana and thiswith me so yummy max made me some coffeeI got my water it’s gonna be a good dayMax is in his office playing video gamesit’s a new setup is this so funny he hasno idea I’m recording yeah sorry I heardthe news all right then we’d like thenews ruling all day here and we’re likeme and Max every day were like you knowwhat like it kind of just makes it sadoh he’s cuz we’re always just seeinglike updates on what’s going on and it’sgood to be informed like maybe we shouldlike turn it up at some points of theday anyway um good morning you guys Ijust wanted to say I think every blogsin like a couple days because I did likethe self-tuning max video a likewhatever but um this is such a crazytime and I feel like time is passing byso quick and it’s like hard to stay onroutine when it feels like there’s likenothing to do but I’m trying my best sothat I feel like productive and not likea lazy blob because I want honestly alot of the days start to like blendtogether and I do feel like a blob so myback has really been hurting me not tolike complain I don’t know why I’m likemaybe I’m missing Lucy’s in my back ishurting like her back hurts I don’t knowwhat I did if I like I know some of theat home workouts I’ve been doing ordifferently different than like what Inormally would do someone did I likepull my back out and make a weird wayand for the past like three days it’sbeen bothering me and I’m like I’m gonnawait for it’s like heal and then I’lllike work out again but I’m like goingcrazy cooped up in here so I know I’mgonna go for a run today I don’t reallycare of my back hurts and not to soundlike irresponsible obviously if it’sbothered me I’ll like walk or whateverbut I’m gonna try my best and yeah thatis what’s going on today I’m gonnarecord a podcast with max probably it’ssober that it’s Thursday cuz like I saidall the day’s just kind of blendtogether I’m sure you guys can relate soyeah good morning like I said I’d giveme a good day let’s work on thepositivity everyone because at the endof the day we’re all in this togetherand I know like I said my Instagram postthat we were all going to appreciatethe privilege of socializing eating outall the things once we get it back Maxand his setup gotchachase is setting up right now close thestory so you can hear what I’m sayingbut basically you guys I was gonna gofor a little run oh actually I didn’tsee I wish I had him like say hi butSajitcompletely just seven his name Ron Sashajust called me if you guys remember himfrom my vlogs like forever ago I don’tknow the last time he’s been in thevlogs you’re probably whoa throwback butyes we still do keep in touch he stolemy really good friends and you know howwhen you like graduate and live indifferent cities so you don’t talk asmuch but yeah it was really good atcatching up with him chatting it’sreally nice that he is able to work fromhome during this time because I was likeobviously how’s everything going youguys um he lives in New York and worksin New York but he’s not very nice ohI’m happy that he’s not there because IknowKorona is just like so crazy right thereright now but anyway just chatted withhim for a while and I was about to gofor a run because I was on you guysearlier and my back is definitelyfeeling better so I don’t think I’mbeing like a responsible it was likereally feeling badtwo days ago I just woke up and I’m likewhat did I do like I don’t think I slepton it weird just I don’t know and not toget like too deep into it I’ll just sayquickly if you were like new and youknow there’s actually the herniated discfrom rolling in my back um so I feellike it may be caused by that likeacting up just my lower back but anywhoregardless whatever Chase is about to doher bar class she does it all in zoomand she was know I’m doing this so I’mlike happy she’ll be surprised this willbe a pleasant surpriseand basically if you guys didn’t knowshe’s a bar instructor in New York Cityand because of all this it like Ibasically I feel like it stinks forpeople even more where they’re likeincoming their job is all with likepeople in person so clearly being afitness instructor is that so if youguys go to fitness classes or fallfitness instructors I’m sure you’resaying like I feel like so many you’regoing live on new sue Graham or YouTubeor like celltheir workouts or whatever it isbasically I think she says she was doingher schedule that she had in New York orlike very similar and she told her inher classes over zoom and I know likeall her clients sign up and it’s so funbecause they’re also able to do it likewith her just obviously like through thecomputer phone TV whatever um but yeah Iknow what people I want to say paid 15for her classes now because obviouslyit’s like different than being in personand it’s just like on their computerlike I said but I’m not really sure howit’s all set up in how you signed up butI know it’s there zoom and I like linkthe information for it down in thedescription if you guys want to take anyof her classes because they’re so funand I’m so happy she’s doing right nowcuz I’m gonna go jump in and do it thereso challenging and I’m always so soreand literally can’t freaking walk thenext day I think it’s so much like bodyweight like toning like sculpting andbarn it’s like you don’t realize in themoment how hard it is but then you can’tforget walking it so that you were sosore um it makes sense why she’s likeliterally jacked in such good shapebecause you just teaches these all daylong have enough energy after I’ll tryto run but I don’t know if that myhusband till tomorrow 30 here we go wegot a quick 45 minute routine[Music]when you down[Music]Wow you other side that you’re not[Music]seven yup and to those who I just metchase bar is way harder let me tell youI don’t maybe it was just me but thatseemed way harder then one example thatI was like I could honestly pass outlike I really couldWow round threeshe’s about to do her third one look athour and a half don’t you just get oldas though it’s high and it was awesomebecause I was doing it virtually with mygroup on my laptopand I had G off to the side but kind ofbehind the scenes yeah she did a goodjob oh that is so hard yeah it feels sogood though like I know it’s good for mebecause you have a lynching you have a10-acre one whore I had to wait for ourclass to be over what is it don’t readthe label oh my goodness what in theheck is that[Music]yeah they made you a couple a cop thinkso so there’s there’s a note in there ohmy god this is so cute oh my god it saysthe name[Music]Gretchen hope you enjoy these brokedenim goodies we have some more stuff tosend to you thanks for supporting stayhealthy open a new 21 yeah yeah sobasically because my blog is seated toyou guys know the jacket that I got forChristmas was 67 cuz that was Max’snumber on his old team and he got itthrough bro denim and they were like wecan’t just switch out the numbersbasically you have to make a whole newjacket cuz that letters are like sewninto the jacket so they’re making me anew number 21 for him but they also sothat when they’re still working on butthey also just sent me ones that have myname on it that is so sweet oh my godthey know me so well I freaking love theStars if you guys remember I had a I hadan alpha feed sweatshirt that was blackthat had white stars on the side so thisreminds me of that but it’s white withthe black so I just love the stars Idon’t have bro denim link down belowsweet do they forget my max bro genomlove you guys okay you start from cuteif you guys are wondering I’m sizing Iget a smaller eye you just my blue onesare small it almost feels a little bittighter than this maybe the boat lampslike the blue jean type ones red alittle smaller this one feels a littlebigger now we’re doing something reallyfun everyone I got two sweatshirts onbecause it’s kind of chilly oh you gotgloves good cuz I felt like you shouldhave them we are tell them what we’redoing cleaning the gutters remember howwe said in like a recent blogoh how we’re gonna do that on this yeahmiss skillet you found a pan yeah Wowlook what you find in the garageso pretty much max is singing thegutters and I just hold yourthe ladder so that he doesn’t fall whenvlogs get really really real reallyquick have any of you ever clean thegutters please tell me of you I mean Imean no you’re mostly girls and I feellike normally the boys do the cleaningof the gutters but I guess they won’tfilm at it’s kind of gross we’re justrunning some like old leaves and stuffin there let’s go it on[Music]I don’t like very muchwhoa you’re doing a great job guys maxwants me on the leaf blower I’m soafraid I’ve never done leaf blowing inmy whole lifedo you know what to do it is funny but Ilike being outside so I didn’t reallymind[Laughter][Applause][Music][Laughter][Music][Applause][Applause]back elbow good morning you guys if yousaw I just started off my morning with achaise bar workout and it was so tough Ihonestly feel like maybe this is just inmy head but since I didn’t do it for awhile and then you guys thought I didone yesterday afternoon and I feel likeit nearly killed me I was like thisfeels like sometimes when I lift likeheavy weights and I’m doing my liftingin the jammie type of thing likecircuits and stuff it makes me feelnauseous I don’t know why I just likecertain stuff about it and I was likethat’s how it felt like I felt like Icould pass out like it was just reallytough but I feel like since I didyesterday I was more like warmed up likeready equipped for today and it was likesuch a good way to start my morning andI’m literally just gonna keep pushingmyself challenging myself to like takeher class every day since she’s here soI can stay on my healthy lifestyle grindwhile being stuck inside so that was sofun and you guys didn’t see Max’sgetting some cliffs during it whichthank you max but for the last song ifwe were doing abs and it was so hard andthat’s like hopped in the class and didit with us and I was like wait that wasactually something I said he’d likemotivated me because he like came rightnext to me and was doing the ABS with meso I was like okay he can do it I can doit like he was like literally drippingsweat from the ones on like it herworkouts are so hard but anyway I knewyou guys the last thing you saw was likeI was cleaning out the gutters yesterdayand I give me flour which was actuallylike really fun so far out of all thethings you done I think just like doingstuff outside and like chores and likeknowing that his mom was gonna be happythat we did that like she was like oh mygod max you’re the best like I mean tothat like whatever so it was just likefun and then I was gonna blog me and maxI mean dinner last night I’ve reallybeen liking cooking like I just had dejavu because me max recorded an episodefor my podcast yesterday and we weretalking about how we really like bakingand cooking I actually think we’re gonnamake our banana bread our vegangluten-free um chocolate chip bananabread do I talk about that and this wellget my gosh I don’t know sorry all theday’s blend together like I can link therecipe in the description but it’sOvie’s on my Instagram Haley didn’t Isay that no I was saying that in thepodcast that’s why I’m just getting allmixed I’m sorry and yeah what I wassaying was we cooked dinner last nightwe made the yummy salmon and broccoliand rice and it was so good I was gonnafilm but we were just having like so funwith everyone cooking and everythingdrinking wine so I was like I’m notgonna film but yeah this fog is justspending a lot of bar workouts cleaningsome guttersum JJ’s like 50 Oh like the warmest it’sbeen so maybe we’ll like take a walkoutside make banana bread you just gottakeep yourself busy and productive peopleand I was just showing Max’s mom becauseI don’t think she saw yesterday remembermy um new people came from bro-down andthis is so unexpected I think max knewbecause when we were telling them thatum I used a new jacket cuz he changedteams and got a new number andeverything I him they’re like okay we’regonna like send some other pieces alongso he knew but I didn’t know and I wasso surprised I’ll probably wear this oneyou know whoo-hoo doesn’t everybody lookat her I feel like the number onequestion I get about the banana bread isthey’re like Oh after 40 minutes – allmushy in the middle does that happen toyou or like I have to put a number for10 more minutes or 20 more minutes orwhatever it is and yes I feel like it’salways like unpredictable right you knowjust this time it was done at 40 minutesbut the other day it probably went infor like an hour like I think it had 40minutes and then we put it over 10 moreminutes and then 10 more minutes andthen it was done so you just wait untilyou stick a knife in the middle and itcomes out clean see my knife is clean umbut when it’s still not cooked all theway it’ll have all bad or like stuck toitguys look at something funny this is amember I told you max um joined us forthe end of chases workout class thismorning there we areis enough for me didn’t have took apicture but he’s so excited for this tocool off so we can eat the whole loaf inlike a day normally when you make a loafand when I’m in Boston and I’m with likeTaylor and her boyfriend Tucker we needthe whole thing in a day and here itlasted like 2 days but this willprobably be gone today we didn’t realizeyou guys it’s a live video so look at wewere doing like those type of plankswhere you go up and down a meaning thatMimi’s nameI know minute and knock the blog hereand you know what I was just completelywrong about banana bread you guysbecause I mean I end it was still kindof machine I’m like put back I thinkyeah I think what I did wrong is I puttoo sharp of a knife until it stoppedcame out clean – this is so skinny youknow like use like a butter knife cuz Imean the batter will stick to it um so Ijust put the banana bar back in and yeahjust fall was very low-key hope you guysenjoyed more fun videos to make sure Ihave ideas boys you don’t have toself-tan you anymore though where thatwas a yellow eat gummy they’re like alime in youokay anyway thanks for watching see younext video

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