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#VirtualCuBe2020 How to make Eggy Bread

Cook along-an-eggy bread with Cheshire Cubs favourite Gourmet Chef Ducker! Enjoy that “on camp” taste of Eggy bread from the comfort of your home or garden!

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]good mornin welcome back to cube I hopeyou enjoyed the virtual campfire lastnight I do my favorite thing thisweekend so far has been the openingceremony so I hope you’ve really enjoyedthe weekend and this morning we’re goingto be making eggy bread my name is Johnand one of the co-leadersat Chris Wilton in Chester the best thebest could bring in a treasure if my dobefore we get started and before we makethe eggy bread we’ll get a head over tothe sink and make sure we wash our handsso before we do any cooking it’s reallyreally important to wash your hands I’vegot my hand soap and some water so firstof all we’re our hands and I’m going forit we want to be doing this for around20 seconds a fantastic method to do thatis to sing happy birthday twice so happybirthday to you happy birthday to youhappy birthday dear kerbside birthday toyou happy birthday to you a birthday toyou happy birthday dear carbs happybirthday to you[Music][Music]okay so for this recipe you are going toneed two pieces of breadsome oil I love that song Poppa two eggsa pole big enough that fists a piece ofbread in a frying pan and then finally afork okay so the first thing we need todo is turn the hopper you may need anadult to help you with this and you wantto hot to be on a medium to high heatyou’re then gonna pour in your oilenough so they just about covers thebase of the frying pan you’re going toleave that to eat up while we go overand make the eggy bread so after you putsome oil into your pan you’re gonnacrack two eggs into the large bowl so amethod for doing this is if you tap iton the side just like that and then pullapart the egg now you want to make suredid you get no shell in the bowl so tipout the egg tip out the egg from thereand then put the remaining shell to theside you wanna do that exactly the sameagain just likethat if you do happen to get any shellin just to tip board you’ve used a bigpart of the egg and just scoop it outlike that and that’ll take out any shellif you did to get here okay now to takeyour fork you just want to mix thattogether like so okay once that’s allmixed together three terms of salt andthree terms of pepper and mix that inlike thatokay now’s the time to put your bread inand what you want to make sure is itreally soaks up all of that back so forthe first side down and push it down andthen over and push that down as wellyou can repeat this with the other pieceof grad and you want to make sure thatit’s completely covered again back okayso we’re now at the stage where our oilis hot enough and ready for us to put inour Aggie brat so let’s take one pieceof Aggie Brad and make sure you do thiswith the help of an adult make suresomeone stood with you to make sure thatyou don’t burn yourself when put to getinto the oil lay it down like that andlay that down okay so you’re now gonnaleave that to cook for around twominutes or until it’s a nicegolden-brown color on the other sideokay so I’ve looked at the other side ofmy okie brat and I can see that it’s anice golden brownAlessa now it’s time to turn it over andcook because it’s quite difficult to dothisthere we go you’re looking for that nicegolden brown color and again you want tocook it for another two minutes or untilthat sides nice and golden brownokay so I’m now happy that that otherside is nice and golden brown as well soit’s time to turn the hub up okay andtransfer your eggy bread onto a platemake sure we don’t touch the pan is it abit extreme Lee part so you’re now readyto eat your Aggie bread however beforeyou do a final secret tip that we use inChrisitan stout is to pour over somenice golden syrup some people don’tbelieve savory and sweet go togetherhowever it’s a big favorite of our cupsand it’s our probably two and a and thefirst introduced to go to this so that’sit the end of the eggy bread video Ihope you enjoy the rest of cube and youcontinue to enjoy scouting when we allget back together again thank you verymuch for watching[Music]

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