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Turkish Bread With Whole Wheat Flour! Baked Turkish Bread ! Cook With Nancy

Hey Guys, Today i am making this easy and authentic style Turkish Bread in the oven.So simple to make and its ready so fast.this bread is super soft and i made this using whole wheat flour.this whole grain recipe is so healthy has no oil to cook its baked in the oven.just brush with butter once baked for the bread to have have that glossy look if prefer.

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome to cook with Nancytoday I’m going to show you guys how tomake this delicious soft Turkishflatbread that is baked in the oven ifyou’re new to my channel welcome if youhaven’t subscribed already please don’tforget to hit the subscribe button rightnow that way you don’t miss on upcomingvideos this Turkish bread can be servedwith kebabs or any kind of side dish ofyour choice let’s get started with thisrecipe here in a bowl I’m going to add230 ml of whole wheat flour you can useall-purpose flour if you like or thecombination of whole wheat andall-purpose flour do this I’m addinghalf a teaspoon salt one teaspooninstant yeast away from the salt onetablespoon sugar and go ahead and whiskmix them well to this I’m gonna add 1tablespoon olive oil350 ml of warm water go ahead and mixthem until it’s all well incorporatedthe dough might be a little sticky don’tworry about it and I’m adding anotherhalf a teaspoon of oil and go ahead andproof them until it doubles in size nowonce that doubles it looks somethingsomething like that here I haveparchment paper lined on a baking trayI’m going to just transfer that you canalso work this on a working surface butI think it will be little sticky we arenot going to add any excess flour toknead or anything we don’t want to takeout the air pockets because it’simportant that you just leave the airpockets in it I’m just gonna gentlyflatten the top a little bit and dividethem into two parts if you want to makeit as a one big flatbread you candefinitely make it I’m gonna divide theminto two parts and then I’m gonna gentlybring the edges together and just giveit any shape of your choice round roundor oval whatever you like you can giveany shape and then here I’m adding somewhite sesame seed and Kalonjijust sprinkle on top with your wet handjust press it down some people like toadd egg wash if you prefer go ahead andadd that but I’m just gonna press itwith the water now my oven is preheatingat 420 degree Fahrenheit I’m gonna justbake this for 12 minutes now once it’sdone it’s nice and brown to remove itbrush it with some butter it’s that easyI hope you enjoy watching this video ifyou have any questions let me know I’llsee you soon in my next review till thentake care guys bye

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