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The Joy of Making Bread – 4 Ways it Changed My Life!

Baking bread is a deeply meaningful and fulfilling process and it has given me different ways to think about life. This video is a meditation on the mindful act of making, baking, and breaking bread. And now that flour and yeast are back in store shelves after the Coronavirus Pandemic fueled a great American audition for the Great British Bake Off, we can all experience the magic of bread making while safely social distancing in quarantine!

Yeast Growth Curve:
Human population chart:,end%20of%20the%20demographic%20transition.
Wheat proteins in gluten:,form%20a%20three%2Ddimensional%20shape.
Spaced learning effects:
Pomodoro Technique:

Video Clips:
Wonderbread Commercial: The Fresh Guys (1970)
Office Space (1999 Film), 20th Century Fox
Casino (1995 Film), Universal Pictures
Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991 Film), TriStar Pictures
The Incredibles (2004 Film), Walt Disney Pictures
Donald Duck: The Clock Watcher (1945 Film) Walt Disney
THE SIMPSONS (2016) S27 • E14: Gal of Constant Sorrow, Fox
Wall-E (2008 Film), Walt Disney Pictures
Black Friday Crowd Rushing into Urban Outfitters, Jerry Baily
Christmas balloon drop causes stampede at shopping centre, ITV News
O Brother Where Art Thou (2000 Film), Walt Disney Studios


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