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The HAPI Cook-a-long! – Simple Soda Bread

Looking to make some bread to go with your lunch, but can’t find dried yeast or strong flour? Well never fear because the Simple Soda Bread is here!

This soda bread uses plain flour, bicarbonate of soda (as the raising agent), mixed herbs and parsley (….obviously!), milk and lemon juice.

It takes 10 minutes to prepare….25 minutes to bake…and 5 mins to eat!

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Video Transcription

helloand welcome to the cook alone todaywe’re going to be making asimple soda bread which is absolutelydeliciousi hope by now that you’ve got all ofyour equipment and ingredients readyif you haven’t here’s what you’re goingto need[Music]okay so now that you’ve got everythingready let’s get cookingthe first part of this recipe is toweigh and measure your ingredientsand in my boldest here i got 200 gramsof flourin actual fact i’ve got 150 grams ofwhiteand plain flour and 50 grams ofwholemeal plain flourto start raising that fiber content inour bread as welland to that we need to add some sort ofraisin agentnow with normal bread making we woulduse some easy baked yeast or some freshyeastokay um for soda bread we’re actuallygoing to usesome bicarbonate of soda which again assoon as we add the liquidthe carbon dioxide will be produced andthat’s what helps our breadum to rise so we need approximatelyone heap teaspoon of that and that justgoes into our bread mixture um just there umand that’s our dry ingredients and don’tforget that if you haven’t got aweighing scalethen 25 grams is equal toum one heaped spoonful of flourjust like that so you would needapproximately eightum spoonfuls of flour to get that 200gramsand just in there and the other thingthat i would like youto weigh and measure is your liquidnow traditionally uh soda bread would bemade witha buttermilk okay however i wasunfortunatelynot able to get some buttermilk today sowhat i’m going to be usingis i’ve got 175 grams of just normalmilkum just there and we need to sour it upa little bitand in order to sour it up i’m justgoing to add someum lemon juice and you needapproximately one teaspoonof lemon juice just like that and thathelpsto sour it up and will help it to reactwith the um bicarbonate of soda that’sjust into thereand i’m going to be making a herbytype of bread today so i got some mixedherbs just in therei’m going to add approximately uma teaspoon of my mixed herbs goes injust like thatand that is stage number oneso in a couple of moments it’s over toyou to weigh outyour flour measure your liquid and addyour lemon juiceand i’ll see you once that’s completedokay so now that you’ve done that we canstart to make the bread doughthe first thing i’d like you to do isadd a little bit more flavorto your dough in the form of salt nowobviously we don’t want too much saltwithin our diet but we are actually onlygoing to addjust a quarter of a teaspoon just likethat and that will help to develop theflavoras well as help with giving a nicecrusty surfaceas well as and they’re helping with thereactionof the baking soda as well so we’re justgoing topop that just into there and thenwe can start to mix that up once againand make a little welljust as so then we’re going to start toadd our liquidnow i’m not gonna pour all of my liquidin um at firstbecause i always like the rule even wheni’m making normaluh a yeast-based bread is you can alwaysadd more but you can’t take any out soi’m going to add about three quartersand this needs to be done quite quicklybecause as soon as you add the liquidthat bicarbonate of soda is going tostart reacting okay so we need to workquite quicklyfor this bit so there’s going to be noneeding for this bread doughwe just get it all mixed up we turn itinto a little balland then we start baking it more or lessstraight away okayso i’m going to add about three quartersof myliquid um just into there so that wouldbe about 130um sort of grams and then i start to mixnow i’m not making a cake okay i want tomix quite fast and you can see that it’sall started to combineas i said a moment ago you can alwaysadd morebut you can’t take any out now i do needto adda little bit more um just to thatbecause you want asoft and slightly uh sticky dough butnotum sort of too wet so i’m going to addjust atad more just like thatand remember you need to do this quitequicklybecause otherwise um the umreaction the soda reaction um willwill prevent it will start to tooquicklyso i’ve got that um just there and youcan see my doughi’ve made my lovely little dough as isaid we have to work quite quicklyuh with this now so the next job is i’mjust gonna pop a little bit of flour onmy surfaceand i’ve got a little baking tray justthere i’m going to pop a little bit offlouronto my baking tray and mix that roundpop a little bit onto my handsand then we transfer that justonto there just as so now if yourememberokay we’re not gonna need this all iwant you to dois turn it into a nice little balljust like that just as soand then we can transfer it straightawayonto our little um tin just like thatand then we’re gonna cut them into whatwe call um littlefiles okay so little triangular shapesso i’m justgoing to cut just into there just toselfand then i’m going to cut that one justlike thatand i’m going to cut that one that sideand what that will meanis that when it goes into the oven it’sgoing to add lots and lotsof heat and as well the last thing thatwe’re going to addis i’m going to just pour on a littlebit of liquidum just on top to spread with the backof your spoonjust like that and then the final thingthat we’re going to add to this is i’vegot a mixtureof some porridge oats and flour justthere and we’re just going to popthis on top and that will give it a nicecrusty sort of um topping um afterwardsso i’m just gonna popthose on and just as so and this thenneeds to go straight into the oven 190degreesfor 20 to 25 minutes and what willhappen as soon as it hits the heatthat bicarbonate of soda will start toproduce that carbon dioxidewhich will help it to rise and then itshould go nice and crusty on topand i promise you this is absolutelydeliciousso this is stage number two i’ll see youonce yours is in the ovenand mine has come out and we can have alook at what it looks likewell hello and welcome back i hope yourbread is now in the ovenand your kitchen area just like mine isstarting to smellblast this young super tasty i’m i’m notgoing to eat this straight away you canseethat mine has gone a nice um goldenbrown and in colori’m just going to transfer that onto mylittle cooling wirejust like that because i’m going to haveit um cold todaywith a nice salad and if i hold that upyou can see that you’ve got your fullwhat we call our little files our littletriangularshapes of our bread just there and ipromise you it smellsabsolutely delicious now as i said i’mgonna have thiswith a salad today but you could equallyhave it witha nice stew or you could have it with asoupyou could even if you don’t eat it allstraight away and i promise you it’sreally difficult not to eat at allum straight away you can freeze it downas wellum and like normal yeast face breadbecause there’s noextra fat in there it won’t last morethan a day so it either has to be eatenstraight awayor popped into the freezer and to keepnice and freshwell i hope that you have enjoyedcooking along with me today and you’regoing to enjoyeating your soda bread and once it’s outof the ovendon’t forget that all the recipes areavailable on our facebook page and ourwebsitewhich is cooking together dot co dot uki look forward to cooking with you againin the future but in the meantimecook in your happiest

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