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Step 5 Baking the bread

Preheat to 500F, then hold at 500 for 20minutes. Bake covered at 450F for 20minutes then uncovered for 25 minutes

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Video Transcription

good morning it’s time to now they thebread so the brush has been in thefridge for about 12 hours in the secondrice which are caused the second rise toslow down and develop this beautifultexture so we set the oven on 500 andthen needs to be reached 500 and thenstay a85 at 500 for 20 minutesonce that happens we are ready now Igrab that dough like this it’s stickingslightly and then I score it you canscored in many different ways thesimplest score is just to go then Icover itI’ve put in the second it does need tobe cast-iron pot then I’m lowering thetemperature to 450 and set a timer for20 minutes for 20 minutes is gonna bakea cupboard and then after 20 minutes I’mgoing to take the the lid off and let itbake for that additional 25 minutesthank you

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