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Stay at home making bread

Simple easy making bread at home with simple tools 200 gr strong flour makes about 4 baguette .

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Video Transcription

stay-at-home project making bread athome to make bread you just need someflour some yeast some water salt yogurtand honey what we’re gonna do is firstof all we’re gonna mixed up the yogurtand the honey together and then we’regonna add the yeast one the years hasbecome homogeneous mass slowly we’regonna add the flour and the water onceit’s all nice and mixed up we’re gonnawet our fingers with water and add thesalt with a wet finger on the muscle andfinally we’re gonna leave it rest soonce the yogurt and the honey has beenmixed up in a good homogeneous mass wecan add the yeast the yeast is a liefist we make it with water and flour andwhat we’re gonna do is just add bigspoon of taste you can see how is thickit isum nicely we’re gonna put it in so nowthat we have it in we just wanna nicelystill to make it an illusion yearsemotion usually one just like this we’regonna add the flour and a little bit ofwater and little by little mixed up nowwe add a bit of flour and we’re sittinga little bitstealing is stealing and stealing untilthe flower gets up self in the town whenthe tout has a texture like this we’regonna let it rest for 40 minutes readyfor restingso here you got the consistency that youshould get once you have put all theflour and all the water you can see thatit’s very very sticky but it’s veryspongy at the same time to add the saltis very easy we have the salt here andwe have the water here just with yourfingers a little bit put salt on it andthen touch the dough and spread it likethis touch the salt and put it like thatin that way the doubt get the saltalready melted and it doesn’t give himany shock remember yeast and salt are mygood friends therefore if we added likethis the years will still alive and itdraw the bread after three hours ofliving that’s the way it looks I justput some flour on the top so we canstart working a little bit of flour whatI’m gonna do now it just give it alittle bit of shapeyou can choose really elastic so whatI’m doing is just giving them a bit ofshape putting it in like this and thenI’m just gonna make longlike a lumber head later running thoughwhen it gets larger so don’t worry muchwhich is one a shape similar to this andthen put it on the paper this and hereyou got your bucket so we just wanna doif I get to do if I get you need more orless a rectangular shape and then we’rejust gonna do one and two and the topone we just want to pinch it in this wayand then you put it upside on one sidewe roll the other one on the top and wejust pinch that flower this wayand then just turn it over honey whatabout that here you gothe 5i gets ready to go and rest another40 minutes before they go to the ovenyou

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