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Speaking For Group Activity Assignment || How to make bread

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Video Transcription

our discussion okay I agree[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]okay I agree with Alcina but excuse me Iwant to give my opinion about it butfirst um I’m so sorryI think only I get error connection Iwant to Italiaokay waiting for a momentokay Allah has been enjoying again Iwant to give my opinion if in my opinionI think the the best way of making breadis as to the Baker because they is themore experienced it and then we can askhow to make bread detail and then howthe process door and then we can ask theingredients also how to make the goodbread and then later we can get the goodresult of bread like thatif we are how about your[Music]okay I think I agree with hourly alsobut I think if we try if we try to makebread by ourselves I think it will beless and then I think it will be lessbecause we have experience by ourselfthat is can what is that can get notperfect result I think how about youropinion about it[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]what can we make our creativity we cantry the taste like that okay but I thinkif we if we making bread by ourselves Ithink it lies and then because mmm itwill be get more result if we are askedto the baker and then we will get thedose of making bread details[Applause][Music]okay that is will be improve ourcreativity all right I think is not memercury but we are making breadnow that all of that and then decide wecan improve our creativity we can haveinnovative skills from our southall right because we can try and try andflatter we can make the bread with goodresult do you thing making bread byasking to your friend is effective[Music][Applause]or we can also invert in with I’m sorryinvite our friend to our house and thenwe can make read together we can makeexperience new experience I think allright if we can but all yeah my questionis what do you think about if you ask toyour friend is that effective to makingbread I think making bread I think Imean the result of making bread is basedon our creativity and our innovative allright we can improve that with good careTCP and then we can get the good resultok I think that’s the agreement allrightI think that’s the agreement of ourdiscussion okay thank you and then seeyou in the next discussion

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