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Sourdough Bread baking tutorial from a novice just like you!

In this video I show you how I bake my sourdough bread. I am borrowing a lot from Joshua Weissman who taught me everything I know about sourdough in his videos this past year during quarantine. I am linking two of his videos below and sharing the baking schedule from his video below as well.

How to make a Sourdough Starter – Joshua Weissman

Easy Beginners Sourdough Bread recipe – Joshua Weissman

Bread Making Schedule – Joshua Weissman
45g mature starter
45g unbleached all purpose flour
45 g stone ground whole wheat flour
90g filtered water at room temperature
273g unbleached bread flour
500g unbleached all purpose flour
175g stone ground whole wheat
660g filtered water @ 90-95 degrees F
180g mature levain (just use all of your levain splinter that you made seperately)
18g fine sea salt

Sample Schedule (just to give you an idea:)
9am Start Levain
2:25 P.M. Begin Autolyse
3:00 P.M. Mix your dough, optionally use rhubaud method. Thank you to Trevor Jay Wilson who taught me that.
3:15​ Bulk fermentation begins, peforming 2 folds spaced 15 minutes apart, and then one last fold spaced by 30 minuters after the 2nd fold. Totaling at 3 folds. Allow dough to rest for remainder of bulk fermentation.
7:00P.M. Preshape your loaves.
7:25 P.M. Shape your loaves and place them in their proofing baskets. Place them in plastic bags to prevent drying out, and proof them overnight in the fridge for 14-15 hours.
(the next day)9:00 A.M. Preheat oven with your dutch ovens in their from cold, to get them super hot, for one hour.
10:00 A.M. Optionally score, and bake your loaves.
Cool them on wire racks.

Original of the video here

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