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Secrets revealed. How to Bake the Best Banana bread ever!

Welcome to the Caking all the Way show, here we teach all things Cake in a fun and relaxed environment.

No-fuss. “It’s just Cake after all.”

Our Special guest is my lovely friend of over 21 years Peju Ugboma, Foubde and Head Chef at @iluvdessertsng. Who is specially know for her amazing desserts all over Nigeria,

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Her Banana Bread recipe is OMGLICIOUS you’ve just got to try it.

.5 cup White Sugar or 112.5grams
.5 cup Brown sugar or 112.5grams
.5 cup Unsalted Butter {Melted}…or 225grams
2 large eggs
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
1.5 Cups Flour or 225grams
1 tsp Baking Powder
.5 cup Greek yogurt

Indeed the Nigerian Cake industry is ripe and buzzing with professional Cake Artists and it’s our job here on Caking all the Way to show all these unique talents.

Happy Caking Guys

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Happy Caking

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