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Ever want to make Domino’s stuffed cheesy bread at home? I LOVE Domino’s Pizza, so I take this very seriously. I wanted to find out how to match as closely to the real thing as possible. I searched through copycat recipes, as well as using my own ideas to come up with what I think is a close recreation of Domino’s amazing stuff cheesy garlic bread.

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2 ½ Cups / 300 gms All Purpose Flour
1 packet Instant Yeast
3 teaspoon brown Sugar
3/4 cup / 177 ml Warm Water
5 tsp Milk Powder
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive Oil
1 tsp Salt

cornmeal for rolling
chopped parsley
mozzarella and cheddar cheese – shredded (as much as you want)

1⁄2 cup of canned tomatoes
1 cup of tomato puree
1⁄4 teaspoon of salt
A pinch of garlic powder
A pinch of oregano
A pinch of black pepper
A pinch of cayenne pepper
A pinch of dried basil

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Video Transcription

[Music]it’s no secret that I love Domino’sPizza I’m not ashamed it’s like to meit’s one of the best of the best it isI tried recreating their cheese pizza athome last year and I got it pretty closebut you know ultimately not the samethere’s something different about it Ijust couldn’t figure it out and as muchas I loved their pizza I equally lovedtheir cheesy bread it’s just one ofthose things you know you’re browsingthrough the app and you’re like couplepizzas yeah cheesy bread yeah I’ll justtack it on to that orderwhy not worry about it later and I do sowhat if I could just make it at home tryrecreating it getting it as close to thereal thing as possible you know maybeI’ll add my own little personal touch toitwe’ll see Domino’s cheese eat bread sothis is essentially pizza dough andmelty cheese combinedit sounds easy but it’s just tough toreplicate these things I’m looking atphotos of the real thing Eulaliemelted cheese on the inside oh so let’sstart with the pizza dough and we’ll gofrom there[Music]two and a half cups of all-purpose flourlike roughly a teaspoon of salt 3 TBS ofbrown sugar packet of instant yeast 5teaspoons of dry milk powder 2 tepees ofolive oil177 milliliters of warm water I’m gonnaadd all the dry ingredients into my bowlflour brown sugar milk powder salt IIsalt salt salt whoo it’s a bright onetoday and some olive oil whisk it addinghalf the warm water save the other halfget it in there mixie mix now with theyeast add it to the remaining warm wateryou need to activate thatten minutes activation is now completelet’s add this to the bowl we’re gonnado an initial mixin get this all happytogether get your stand mixer hand mixerwhitey Ford he’s got the dough hookattachments on need this together untilit turns into my do it’s a bit dry inthere just gonna add a little bit morewaterI love your full olive oil on your handsyes yes yes in the bowl I’m going to putthis aside for 90 minutes it needs todouble in size we’re just hanging outanyway we have nothing really to do for90 minutes we might as well make ourpizza sauce or marinara sauce that isgonna be what we dunk our what are wemaking cheese cheesy bread take a can ofwhole tomatoes in a pot I’m gonna add acup of tomato puree half a cup of tomatopaste once it starts simmering add somesalt pepper basil garlic powder cayennepepper oregano yes yes yes a little bitof corn oil a little bit of this alittle bit of that boom but mix itaround whoa Jesus Murph make a huge messmaybe I’ll put a friggin lid on itbecause it’s going everywhere went onthe wall oK we’ve waited long enough ourdough has doubled doubled in size Ican’t show you that because Iaccidentally punched it over there I gotsome cornmeal I’m going to sprinkle iton top of my dough all over actually onthe other side as well you want to getthat cornmeal all up in that doughflatten this dough with my hands tryingto make the shape of a rectangle I’vebeen told in the past not to use arolling pin on this dough as tempting asit might be strictly your hands you’regonna get a puffier dough that wayapparently according to the one guy thattold me that which I believe them butI’m just saying just don’t use a rollingpin I know what you want to patch up allthe little holes that you’ve made in thedough that’s important baking pan[Music]baking pan I’m good doesn’t need to besuper thin it just needs to look hurtthen you fold that yes okay I thinkthat’s betterover here quarter cup of butter what youneed to melt in the melted butter addyour pepper this is garlic powder saltwhisk it all together just quicklytrying to make this into a morepresentable rectangular shape it waspretty embarrassing before I’m gonnabrush the melted butter mixture onto toppart of my dough cover it completelyflip the dough over tear a hole Oh teara hole in the dough that’s important andthen just kind of patch it up quick fixbutter up the other side as well as faras I’m concerned this dough is gonna becompletely covered in cheese so I havesome parsley in the fridge why not cutsome of it up into little itty bittypieces something like that kind ofsprinkle just a little bit of it justtrying it out right this is my ownlittle flair to this dish okay shut upshut up now I’ve made a Domino’s Pizza Imade a Pizza Hut pizza and in thecomments with each video people tell meto use the cheap cheese they recommendthe cheap cheese over anything elsethat’s what I did today I found thecheapest I can find shredded mozzarellaand cheddar cheddar add on one side ofthis rectangle now the question is howmuch I don’t know the answer to thatsomething like that is that cool maybe abit more like fold it over put thecheese on top as wellI’m gonna add just a little bit moreparsley on top I think that oughta do ittypically when I eat this it comes likepre-cut like there’s like theseconvenient little slices already madeinto my cheesy bread so all I have to dois tear it off right and I have a littlelittle slice I’m just gonna cut I guessbut not too deep I think I made it aboutdouble the size that I should have likeI feel like it should be like that I’mgonna cut it in halfI’d rather bake the thing on this thanthat so I think I’m just gonna butterthis up grab it very gently just bringit over it’s no big dealit’s like 350 degrees Fahrenheit 176degrees Celsius I’m just gonna wing it Ihave my backup cheesy bread if this onefails but I’m gonna go for 25 minutes Idon’t know we’ll keep an eye on it goodluck it was kind of following people’srecipes at the beginning but then Ididn’t really find them helpful so Ijust kind of making a[Music]if you’re worried you added too muchcheese you didn’t I enjoyed all of thatif only there were more hey your Dominus[Music]thank you nothing beats Domino’s cheesybread unless of course it’s my cheesybread and I just had the box okay myfriends that’s all I got today I hopeyou enjoyed today’s show you’re gonnamake your own Domino’s cheesy bread youdefinitely should thank you so much forsticking around all the way to the endthat is sweet stuff a huge huge shadowto my patreon supporters up on thescreen right now they’re helping me makethis happen and if you’re interested indoing the same there’s a link in thedescription that will take you topatreon and you can check that out ofcourse you don’t need to if you don’twant to the show is for free I’ll seeyou guys very soon

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