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Quick & Easy Bread Recipe | Beginner Bread Baking #breadbaking #beginnerbreadbaking

This is my go-to bread recipe. It’s so simple to make and is ready in just one hour! It’s also totally delicious and only has five simple and natural ingredients!

If you’ve always wanted to bake bread but find yourself intimidated by the science of it or the incredible looking artisan loaves—this is your game changer!

If you’re a bread baker, tell me what your favorite kind to make is. If you’re not a bread baker yet, do try this recipe and come back to tell me how it turned out.

Note: You do not need the basket I use in this video. It certainly helps with the proofing and appearance but you can easily let it rise in a regular bowl and just score the top while baking, as the recipe directs.

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Happy bread baking, friends!


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