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Quick and Easy Sweet Recipe | Bread Barfi | Easy Indian Sweets Recipe – My Food Project

Learn how to cook bread burfi Easy Indian Sweets recipe.

– 3 Tbsp desi ghee
– 5 slices of bread (grind into powder)
– 3/4th cup dessicated coconut
– 3/4th cup sugar
– 3/4th cup milk (cold or warm)
– 2/3rd Tsp elaichi powder

– Heat ghee in a pan and add bread and coconut. Cook on low flame till it becomes a little brown
– Add elaichi powder and sugar. Cook on low flame till it becomes dark brown band sugar melts
– Add milk and cook on low flame till milk is cooked and everything starts thickening
– It was ready to plate when it becomes like a lump and leaves the pan
– Set on a flat plate and garnish with crushed dry fruits. Set in fridge for 4-5 hours
– Cut out square pieces and enjoy 😃🔥.
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