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Pulla | Finnish coffee bread | My family’s recipe and Christmas tradition

Northern Ontario with its rugged Canadian landscape, predominantly coniferous forest and cold snowy winters, has often been compared to Finland. It is not surprising then that there are many Finnish speaking Canadians, including my grandparents, that love this part of Canada. Being served warm Pulla bread with a slather of butter and a hot cup of coffee was a common welcoming treat when visiting neighbours in my hometown. So, at a young age, Pulla was the first bread I learnt to make. Golden brown with a light sugar topping and scented with a generous amount of cardamom, this bread always reminds me of home and making it around Christmas time keeps my hometown close to my heart.

It isn’t the holiday season until I have made this bread. Watch this video to get tips on how to make this bread like my Finnish ancestors. I have made this bread all my life, and so when I was a student in university, I had very little in terms of baking equipment. Even though, my kitchen equipment has grown, I still make this dough by hand with just one bowl, two pans and some parchment paper.

When making bread there are a lot of variables that can effect how your bread turns out. I find that I have the best results when I make this bread after having already used my oven. That way the kitchen is nice and toasty warm and the yeast is happy and grows well. I make it with instant yeast or traditional yeast – whatever I have on hand. In the video, I talk about both types of yeast and how to use them and explain some of the other factors that can effect the way your bread turns out.

Pulla bread is a dense, sweet coffee bread. Watch and see how to form the dough and to braid it so that you get the right texture and shape. This bread bakes beautifully, and I hope you get a chance to make it this holiday season!

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