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Pogača! Bake Slovenian Bread With Me

Come and bake some bread with me! This is our favorite go-to bread recipe that we’ve found this quarantine. I’m excited to share it with you!

Recipe (Slovenian):

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Video Transcription

hello everyone today I would really liketo make some Slovenian palaca with youit’s a very simple and easy bread tomake and it’s something we’ve beenreally loving these past few weeks tomake here at home and we’ve been takingit up to the cabin with us because it’svery simple very hearty very tasty and Ireally hope you enjoy it let’s getstarted all right so the first thingthat we’re gonna do is activate ouryeast I have about 15 grams of freshyeast here the whole recipe is going tobe linked down below so you can followalong if you likeI used about 15 grams instead of 20which is what it calls for because thisis fresh yeast and it’s really activebasically so we’re gonna take this andthen I have 1/2 teaspoon of sugar and1/2 a deciliter of lukewarm water and 2spoons of plain flour and then we’rejust gonna mix this up the cool thingabout fresh yeast which I didn’t knowabout before starting to work with freshyeast was that it actually melts withsugar so if you put the sugar and theyeast together alone the sugars actuallymelt the yeast and it turns into thisreally cool kind of soup so I wish I hadshown you that so we’re just gonna mixthis up and try to get it a bitdissolvedyeah it looks good and then we’re justgonna let this sit for maybe about tenminutes so it can proof the east alittle bit all rightso this is what it looks like I actuallyadded one more teaspoon of flour becauseI read my notes wrongbut as you can see the starter looksnice it’s nice and fluffy so what we’regonna do is I have 500 grams of flourhere minus the 3 teaspoons and what I’mgonna do is just add this in and then Ihave 300 milliliters of lukewarm waterand then I’ve got 2 teaspoons of saltand I’m just gonna mixso after I mix this up I’m gonna fold itout onto the table and it needs to beneeded for eight minutes so we’ve gotthat and we’re gonna dust our surfacewith flour and it always helps to haveextra flour on hand just to dust thesurface more if you need it or if thedough starts to look a little stickythen we can always add more the doughthat we’re looking for is uniform andnot sticky so if it’s at all sticking toyour hands during the kneading processjust add a little bit more flour okay soI just cleaned out the bowl that had thedough bits in itand I’m just gonna add a little touch ofoil just to coat the bottom and get itall moved around and air in the bowl Imean and then I’m just gonna take thisguy right here and put it in the bowland I’m just gonna cover this and let itsit for an hour or until it doubles insize in a warm place it’s been kind of achilly day today so I’m just gonna turnon one of the burners on the stove for asecond and then set this next to it noton top of it and then I’ll let it sitfor an hour and I’ll be back all rightyso I have this beautiful dough it’spretty much doubled in size and I’ve gotthe oven going to 220 220 Celsius sowe’re gonna dothis I’m gonna grab the oil and just putsome on the bottom there and once againjust smear it around and then we’regonna take this beautiful beast andlightly coax it out of the bowl and thenI need a touch more oil for my handsjust so they don’t stick at all it’sactually kind of a lot all right sowe’re just going to gently ease this outthe thing about this pole gotcha is thatyou want it kind of in like a dome shapeso the center is going to be a littlebit higher than the outside and you wantto do it in a pretty even circle it’s alittle high out all right that’s prettymuch good so once this is all molded outthe next step which makes it a whichgives it its signature style is we’regoing to take this spatula and we’regoing to make deep lines inside thispole gotcha and you want them to be Idon’t know maybe about an inch apartand don’t worry if the bubbles and theyeast fall just a little bit whileyou’re doing this it’s not a big dealyou don’t want to make the lines all theway out to the edge you want to give itjust a little bit of a lip so it staysin place and also you don’t want to cutall the way down to the pan you can youcan go pretty far but as long as youdon’t feel it like actually tap the panwe’re good to go it’s very simple thefirst time I did this I tried it withthe back of a knife and it did not workit was very it was a lot stickier and itwas harder to do this with so we foundthat using the spatula works really wellall right and then the other waya nice thing about this is that onceit’s finishedit is really easy to break apart so youdon’t actually have to worry aboutcutting it or anything like that it justyou can just tear slices or littlechunks off essentially when we’re donewith this I have an egg wash here and Iam going to give it a nice wash with theegg and top it with salt and that’s itthis is such an easy recipe to do it’slike basically foolproof there’s reallyno way you can mess this up if you havethe right ingredients and your yeast isactive it’s just a really super simpleso here’s my egg wash this is just abeaten egg with just a little touch ofwater[Music][Music]all right so that’s done and you justwant to give this a pinch like you knowit’s notit ain’t a science maybe two pinchesjust want to make sure I get all thelittle spots this is actually this isn’teven a teaspoon so okay all right andthat’s done so we’re gonna put it in the220 oven for 25 minutes and then it’llbe ready let’s do it all right here itis isn’t this a gorgeous loaf of breadit is just super nice let me set thecamera down so I can take a piece offand show you all right here it is let’sgive it a tastethis is such good bread and it’s stillwarm and oh it’s just so good it’s sosatisfying and I love that you can eatit in strips like this and you don’thave to make a mess when you pull itapart there’s no cutting there’s nocrumbs anywhere it’s just such a goodbread hmm and I love that little bit ofoil on the bottom makes for a nicecrispy bottom on the top has the nicelittle salty bits and the nice likeshiny egg wash top this is such a dipbread I am so happy with this I reallyhope that you try this out too becauseit’s such an easy bread to work with andit it doesn’t take very long likethere’s not like a long multiplekneading process it’s just really simpleand really delicious we’re gonna takethis up to the cabin tomorrow and thenext day if it lasts that long and yeahwe’re gonna eat it all of it probablyhalf of it tonight for dinner I reallyhope that you enjoyed this video if youdid give it a thumbs up down below ormaybe leave a comment to tell me whatyou think of this and if you want me todo more videos where I’m cooking we willbe putting up garden videos and variouscabin videos as well also I’ve beendoing a couple little video clips on tictoc I’ll put my username in thedescription down below as well and yeahI’ll see you in the next video and Ihope that you’re having a as good a timeas you can during these times I knowthat things are starting to open upSlovenia is opening up this week as wellso I hope that you’re doing as well asyou can and take care of yourselves andI’ll see you in the next video

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