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Photographer Learns To Bake – Banana Bread.(Sony a7iii, A6000, A6400) ft. MichelleTriesTheInternet

Had some fun baking with Michelle as a test run for her channel. Her channel is up and please go like and subscribe. I will be filming most of it for her.

Link to Michelles channel:

Gear used in this video
Sony a7 iii with Sony 35mm f1.8
Sony A6400 with kit lens
Sony A6000 with 20mm f2.8

Godox SL60 for lighting.

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

okay so tell everybody so today isthere’s gonna be a little differentwe’re gonna have to find the kitchenthis is my kitchen if it’s untidy I tryto clean it but I don’t know and we aregoing to film awaking episode so I’mgonna learn how to do banana breadapparently and try not to stuff it upand we’re gonna use this as a test runthere’s a lot of gear in this kitchenand as a test drive for Michelle’schannel she just put up right nowwhich is called Michelle tries theInternet so she’s gonna try and fun withthat and try do all the things she findsonline either be baking stuff orexperiment stuff for odd stuff so wehave set up a whole bunch of crap inhere so that I can try and film episodefor my show and taste on her show soshe’s gonna teach me what to do andhopefully do some of the stuff so I canbe raw or she’ll film Bureau and then tokeep it camera related we are going tojust talk about camera gear what you’reusing in all the shots so if you want toknow what we’re using a PR is sony a6000with time run 20 model 2.8 here’s sonya7 335 more 1.8 this will be all theb-roll stuff so i was going to leave itaround for in-between shots and then thelighting is go rocks SL 60 which is fullpower right now with a pop-up softboxthing and then this camera over here infront is Sony a 6400 with just the kitlens on it that’s just so I can see whatI’m doing and because the monitors onyeah and yeah it’s a lot of cameras butwe’re gonna try so let’s get right intoit and let’s get all the ingredients andhave some funif you guys are enjoying the contentplease comment below and then do thelike subscribe then click the bell thingand I still get into it hathis is Michelle if you haven’t yetplease subscribe to channel there’sprobably either no videos up yet orthere’s one intro video and then if youguys have fun things and weird thingsyou find in turn you want to do send itto us we’ll have a look and then we’lldo the fun ones okay sir we’re not doingthis recipe exact because well we’reusing what we haven’t hired likeresponsible people so we’re using youhave to have cake flour ground cinnamonbaking powder butter brown sugar bananaswhich we will mash up just now and thenmark okay so how do we do this firstokay so first things first is you wouldpreheat the oven which I’ve already doneI’ve put it on so it’s getting nice andtoasty and am I supposed to just betelling you what to do and then you doit yeah yeah I used to blue one blue isbetter okay I’m doing what okay soyou’re sifting the flour cinnamon andbaking powder into the bowl so firstthing we’re gonna Sasuke flour so youneed to put it’s three of these and whydon’t we just check it inwhat is the sifting D it stops it frombeing Trumpy so that your batter is[Music]don’t love her so now we need to addcinnamon and baking so it’s cinnamon ifthere’s a generous pinch you can just dothat – is that a pinch yeah yeah so no Ithink now we need six teaspoons ofbaking powder which sounds a bit highbut the reason is so highest becausewe’re not using self-raising flour likethe recipe once we’re using cake flourso we need to add the extra bakingpowder in a zero-zero[Music]okay now whatnow we’ve sifted together all thoseingredients now if we need to do is weneed to rub it in the butter and tallyou have the consistency of finebreadcrumbscome on how much butter okay so you need125 grams so what we’re gonna do we dohave other butter in the fridge but thisone’s in a wrap oh we’ve just got thesereally cool markings on it I’ll takebiro of it will show you wearing hundredgrams off so we’re gonna use that as aguide to help us cut the correct amountshall know the Bureau is now that mishthis so now we’ve got 125 grams butterso now what you’re gonna do is you’regonna shove that in a then you’re gonnaput your hands in that would have myCoopie roll do it again you’re gonnasquish it good take the do not tell meto take b-roll on busy explaining to youit’s do so unless squish it right yes soyou’re gonna put it in that and thenyou’re gonna shove your hands in whichis your put your hands in there and yourgreat basic you’re just gonna squish itthe butter and mix it in with flour[Music]how do I know when this is done cuz it’sall mixed incan you feel any big clumps of butter itshould have like the consistency of finebreadcrumbs which if you look at it likeyou see how it’s not smooth like oh yesso that’s what we’re gonna do is we aregoing to now need to add the sugar andbanana to the flour but the bananas needto be matched so we’re gonna start offby mashing up Nonna’s you need nice andnasty bananas apparently yeah you neverused bananasNestea when we say nasty we don’t meanlike I’ve got fungus and a whole entirefungal civilization living on me we meanlike it’s a bit black and maybe a bitgooey I heard the sound that I made andI was surprised[Music][Music]now we need sugar and all we’re gonna dois we’re gonna take our sugar and ourbananas and we’re gonna shove it allinto the flour and mix it together thisis once again I was converting things sothe whole recipes and grams and brownsugar from well we can working grams wejust don’t have kitchens you guysworking then we’re working because Idon’t have a kitchen scale if you feellike donating a kitchen scales so that Ican measure stuff in grams peas aboutWhoopi’s we shall do interview yes unboxit and everything I will be forevergrateful for my new kitchen scale anywayso I have to convert everything tomilliliters and the ratio from grams tomilita’s it’s like 1 comma 1/2 middleyears programs brown sugar so I’m justdone with one it’s about a cup of brownsugar my family is also merchants so wedon’t really measure everythingas such we kind of just[Music]yep that’s how people who bake all thetime I’m really really tired I’m chickenyour work I want good not a bread to eatburn people in the comments need to bekinda sorry if you guys have questionsabout any of the shots or sittings ofcomment because then at least it’s aphotography channel stop now okay sowhat you do is you’re gonna basicallyalmost pull back with milkalthough still needs a hundred andtwenty five moles and that’s one tofifty so almost and then you’re gonnagradually hate usyeah that’s fine so you’re gonna pour alittle bit in and then mix it and thenonce it’s mixed in you’re gonna add alittle bit more just check it becauseyou don’t want it to get too sticky[Music]that’s Hertzberg holding mix food youever got it is this okay no okay sowould you wanted it urban already wantsto have but they call droppingconsistency so you should be able topick some take like a spoonful of thatand then it should drop off that’s okayso now what you’re gonna do is you aregoing to grease your pan and then you’regoing to put one of that in here thenshove it in thereall right so I greased the pan panoh he’s supposed to do it about whatyou’re supposed to do this with oil orreally runny butter and a brush but welive in the 21st century and I don’tfeel like doing that so we’re usingspring cookis that okayand then slice we does that so that youcould see it and can’t do that outsideall of that sign of fittingly biro bro[Music]so now that we’ve evened it out and putit in the pan now you’re gonna shove itin the oven for about an hour and a half[Music]guys let’s my baking shirt right nowhopefully it doesn’t so it went prettywell I thinkthanks for watching I hope you guysenjoyed it if you are more of this kindof stuff follow Michelle if you wannaknow about cameras and the lights andstuff comment below and I’ll let youknowotherwise it’s coming ok like subscribeget the bat sponsored by sponsored bysnowflake hey hey[Applause]

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