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PGN Network, Episode 1: Making Bread

I’m looking for encouraging stories to help people in need of good news.

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Video Transcription

good morning Paso Robles did you see didyou see the John Krasinski video goodnews network on Monday well that thingwas really beautiful a lot of good newsstories and I’m a teacher and some of mystudents have good news stories too so Iwant to hear from some of them and Ialso want to show you my town pasoroblesand how co vid can’t take away thebeauty of spring and paso roblesnot at all[Music]okay everybody I’m gonna talk a littlebit about how to make a very simpleflatbread and here’s how you do it soI’ve got a couple of bowls here one I’mgonna put some oil in to make the mediaa little bit better and then one I’mgonna have some dry ingredients so 1 cupflour and then these spoons are here atthe little ones the teaspoon and thebigger ones 2 tablespoon so we’re goingto need a tablespoon of salt supposed tobe kosher salt but I don’t think it isthat muchand then you’ve got baking powder righthere that’s gonna be so I’ve got 2 ballsand my ingredients here I’m gonna have 2cups of flour and I’m gonna have a cupand a quarter of lukewarm watertablespoon of baking soda a teaspoon ofsalt and a tablespoon of butter or soI’ve got my dry ingredients here mix ittogether pretty much mix then I’m gonnapour in a cup and a quarter water somepeople do it gradually and I like this[Music]well then it starts to look like tackyand pizza dough and then I’m gonna needit which is very handsomewe might usually bring in a little bitextra flour and looking for any box likepizza dough at this point so then I justkind of took this Pizza billable wholething that I need I’m gonna put it inthis greased pan except easier to workwith and I’m supposed to let it sit for30 to 60 minutes which I actually havenever done that patient yeah so we’reall set up herewe’re all set up here we got somepuffins the big hit down[Music]griddle right here and like eats out of325 we’ve got a vegan option here fortopping we’re going to fish right hereTrevor Jones is open for business thenyou make little balls out of them andthen you get them pretty flat I alwaysend up making it a little bit too thickI try to get it as thin as you can fromthose little balls 325 you can makewhatever thickness you want I try tomake this a little bit thinner[Music]let’s eat and that’s how to make Navajobread Thank You norm cone for inspiringme to make this we were camping and BigSur those years ago hope your newbeautiful family are well hi therewelcome back now let’s take a look at Jand our beats who I’ve been champ duringthis Co virus boots I think that oneunsung hero through all this is Ryan andjnr meets there they’re open forbusiness they do a really good job soI’m gonna up um I just go see him theydon’t know he’s one of the he’s aBearcat wrestlerRyan’s a Bearcat wrestler so you mightsay who knowsone okay rabbis tri-tips the orcs devilfewer fingers like a little barbecueappetizerscome on bythis has been the Cantrell’s and we arepassive good news networkthanks for joining us virtually like ahummingbird setup that our son Josephmade[Music]I’m looking at some hummingbirds rightnow that’s pretty fun and pretty goodnews so three hummingbirds right by mywindow so hold on just saw somethingshiny go ahead alright so edit that outand so good news about the ovals

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  4. uuuhhhhhhhmmmmmmm.. looks delicious. You can also add some pineapple tidbits to make it sweet and sour at the same time.

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