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Pasta Grannies enjoy easy-to-make bread dumplings called canederli!

Who fancies a change from pasta this evening? Canederli are dead easy and very popular in the Sud Tirol, north eastern Italy. Just over the border in Austria and further away in Germany, they are called knödel. Here Paula shares her version in her most wonderful old fashioned kitchen.

320g white bread, several days old (usually bread rolls)
25g butter
1 onion chopped
water – start with 200 ml and add more gradually until the bread is moist
4 eggs, beaten
2 tablespoons all purpose/plain flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons chopped parsley
200g speck or prosciutto, diced fine
about 700ml stock and 2 tablespoons chopped chives for serving.
Makes 8

For more info on Paula’s ‘maso’ – and her hotel – see

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

welcome to Pastor grannies in the sutirow[Music]pastor grannies is in redeemer on theborder with Austria Paola bought this400 year old wooden farmhouse called ama so to keep it on modern eyes it isalso a space for her antique dollcollection powder is showing us how tomake canederli large bread crumbdumplings from northeastern Italy tomake them she slices then chops threewhite dinner rolls which are severaldays old Paola mixes in enough water tomoisten the bread she wants it soft butnot wet she melts 25 grams of butter onher wood-burning stove and then adds 1finely chopped onionwhilst this softens Paola adds somechopped parsley and salt to the breads[Music]she adds 200 grams of speck to theonions speck is a type of smokedprosciutto from the alto adige area shestirs the mixture into the bread Paolaadds four beaten eggs followed by twogenerous tablespoons of all-purposeflour once all the ingredients have beenthoroughly mixed with each otherPaola is ready to make the canary sheputs a pan of water onto the range tosimmer with a pinch of salt then sherolls a handful of the eggy bread toform a ball or a wall of blood shesimmers one of the canederli in thewater to make sure it doesn’t fall apartit’s fine so she continues rollingclementines sized balls Palmer says youdon’t want them too small it’s nice tobreak them open and let the softerinside soak up the broth powderincreases the hot temperature by addingmore woodshe gently drops the canederli into thewater and leaves them to simmer foraround 15 minutes meanwhile she warmssome meat stock which has been made witha mixture of beef and chicken pluscelery onion and carrot she places thecooked canederli into soup bowlsfollowed by a ladle full of the stock[Music]Pollard chops up a handful of chives andsprinkle some over each serving todaythe satiric canederli are an excellentdish for a snowy day buon appetito clickon the subscribe button for regularhelpings of pasta grannies[Music]

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