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No Knead Sandwich Bread – No Knead Bread Recipe for Making Super Soft Homemade Bread

Today, I’m sharing How to Make No Knead Sandwich Bread. This is a No Knead Bread Recipe for making a Super Soft Homemade Bread. This is the perfect bread to make for transitioning from a processed foods kitchen to a Traditional Foods Kitchen. ⬇︎⬇︎Click Video Title or “Show More” for Additional Info⬇︎⬇︎

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No Knead Sandwich Bread – Super Soft!

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Video Transcription

today I want to share with you a no needsandwich bread recipe it makes adelicious super soft bread and it’s veryeasy to make and perfect for beginners[Music]hi sweet friends I’m Mary and welcome toMary’s Nest where I teach traditionalcooking skills for making nutrient-densefoods like bone broth ferments sourdoughand more so if you enjoy learning aboutthose things consider subscribing to mychannel and don’t forget to click on thelittle notification bell below that’lllet you know every time I upload a newvideowell this bread couldn’t be easier tomake and it’s perfect for those of youwho are making the transition from aprocessed food kitchen to a traditionalfoods kitchen and you may still bebuying sandwich bread at your grocerystore but you want to start making it ata home yourself so this is the perfectbread for beginners especially if you’renot ready for sourdough and you’re notready to soak and sprout grains andstart making your own sprouted flour youjust want something very simple this isthe sandwich bread for you theingredients are very simple and I’m sureall of them are available at your localgrocery store what you’re gonna want tostart with is all-purpose flour itactually works better than bread flourin this recipe and what I’ve got here isan organic unbleached all-purpose flourbut use whatever you can find at yourgrocery store I don’t want to make thisdifficult for you especially if you’remaking the transition from a processedfood kitchen to a traditional foodskitchen if you can find organic andunbleached all-purpose flour great butif not don’t worry this is a goodexperiment for you to learn how to makeyour own sandwich bread so start withwhatever you have at home or whateveryou can find at your local grocery storenow so far I’ve got five cups of flourin there and I’m going to add my six cupand I want to show you that there’sreally no big deal involved you don’thave to weigh and measure anything youjust put your cup measuring cup intoyour bag of flour your container howeveryou store your flourthen just level it off with your fingerperfect it’s very forgiving you don’thave to worry about being exact anddon’t worry about writing any of thisdown in the description below they’ll bea link it’ll be a direct link that’lltake you right over to this recipe withthe instructions that you can readonline or print out now the reason whyI’ve got six cups of flour in this bowlis because we’re going to make twoloaves of sandwich bread you cancertainly cut this in half and make oneloaf but it’s just as easy to make twoat the same time and I highly recommendit because this bread is very deliciousit’s going to go very quickly and if youdo have any left over you can use it tomake french toast or croutons or breadcrumbs and these I have videos on how todo all of these things that I’ll be sureto link them link to them in the I cardsand if I run out of space I’lldefinitely put the links in thedescription below the other ingredientsthat you’re going to need are onetablespoon of salt and this is just afine ground sea salt would use whateveryou have and then you’re also going toneed one tablespoon of sugar and I’mjust using a plain white sugar it isorganic but use what you have if you’reyou’re already stocking alternativesugars in your kitchen and you have asous can add the dried cane juice youcan certainly use that as well and nextyou’re going to need some melted butterand this is just a quarter of a stick orfour tablespoons of melted butter andthen you’re going to need three cups ofwarm water and this can be filteredwater that you have that you’ve justwarmed gently on the stove I knowsometimes people worry about using tapwater so certainly if you have filteredwater that’s great but if all you haveavailable to you is tap water that’sfine too and by warm water all I mean iswater that if you took your clean fingerand dipped it in there it felt warm toyou basically what you’re looking for isif you have a thermometer a foodthermometer is a hundred and ten degreesFahrenheit but that basically is justwater that feels warm you don’t want touse hot water because at a hundred andtwenty degrees Fahrenheit it can startto hurt your yeastand then at 140 degrees Fahrenheit it’llstart to kill your yeast but I don’twant you to get very worried about thisbecause basically anything that justfeels warm very comfortable to the touchis going to be perfect now you can addsome milk to this if you want if youwant to do half water and half milk tomake the bread a little richer you candefinitely do that I don’t recommendthree cups of milk because that alsoalmost makes the sandwich bread a littletoo rich but you can certainly do a halfa half you know one and a half cups ofmilk and one and a half cups of waterthe bottom line is you want to have atotal of three cups of liquid and I justwant to make a mention about the meltedbutter if you’re trying to keep thisrecipe dairy-free and you’re just goingto use all water like I’m using here youcan substitute the butter with an oiland you could use a coconut oil or anavocado oil or an olive oil I try to usean oil that is less processed than someof your more highly processed vegetableoils but just keep in mind whatever oilyou decide to use that it may impartsome flavor if it’s a strongly flavoredoil so you may want to steer clear ofyour very lovely extra virgin olive oilsthat have a wonderful rich taste becauseif you like that taste which I do inyour bread that’ll be fine but if youare using an oil you may want to go withsomething that it’s that might have alittle bit more of a mild flavor now thefinal ingredient that you’re going toneed is yeast so let’s go over thedifferent types of yeast that areavailable to you at your local grocerystore basically you’re going to haveyour active dry yeast which is verycommon and also your instant yeast whichnow has become a lot more common atgrocery stores because this is the yeastthat is required if you’re using a breadmachine but you can also use instantyeast in baking anything you want whenyou’re baking in the oven it’s not justreserved for using in a breadnow what’s the difference basically withan active dry yeast you’re going to haveto allow more time for your bread torise than if you use an instant yeast sowhen you use active dry yeast you’reusually going to need to add 15 to 20minutes extra onto your rise time andthe other difference is that sometimesin instant yeast there are additionalingredients added to help with the riseof bread and also to help extend itsshelf life and the reason for that isthat this was when this was beingdeveloped and being suggested for use ina bread machine you had to put thisright into your bread machine with allthe other ingredients without what’scalled proofing it or blooming it nowoften with active dry yeast it’srecommended that you proof or bloom youryeast and that means that you add it towarm water with a little bit of sugarand see if it starts to foam up and thenyou know that it’s active and ready tobe used to make bread I don’t reallyworry about that I know some peoplereally believe in proofing and bloomingtheir yeast they feel that’s veryimportant and now what I do is if it’snot expired and it’s an or or old orclose to its expiration date if it’spretty fresh I don’t worry about itand I’ll just go ahead and throw itright in with my flour but if it’s closeto the expiration date or maybe a littlepast the expiration date then yes Ithink that it’s a good idea to add atfirst to your water with a little bit ofsugar and see if it foams see if it’sactive and ready to help rise your breadnow with instant yeast you can go aheadand you can throw it right in it’sguaranteed to work you know right up toits expiration date and it’s notrecommended that you need to proof it orbloom it and so you can just throw thisright in with your flour and not worryabout itnow I don’t like amend using instantyeast that has been expiredand one other thing I want to mentionabout the difference between instantyeast and active dry yeastis that often when you open thesepackages and look at them the instantyeast will look like it has a slightlyfiner grain I kind of find it almost alittle hard to tell but it technicallyit does have a slightly finer grain toit and that’s also why you can add itright into your bread it mixes with thewater a little easier than the act ofdry yeast but as I said I’ve never had aproblem throwing the act of dry yeast inand as well but there’s one other thingI want to mention instant yeast is alittle more forgiving when it comes tothe temperature of your water active dryyeast really likes the water to bearound 110 degrees and instant yeast cantake it a little hotter so if you’reworried oh is my water too hard orwhatever the case may be instant yeastcan be a good yeast to use because itcan pretty much tolerate without anydamage to it a temperature up to 130degrees Fahrenheit and I also just wantto mention that in addition to theselittle packets if you think you’re goingto be baking a lot and on a regularbasis you can find yeast in a big blocklike this I like this is instant yeastand this is by SAP this is a very niceinstant yeast and sometimes you might beable to find this at your grocery storeif not you can always find it online andI’ll be sure to put a link in thedescription below and this is an act ofdry yeast this is in a jar so dependingif you want to go and they also sell theinstant dry yeast at my grocery store ina jar as well so you can get the activeor the instant so it’s nice to know thatyou can buy it in larger sizes it’llkind of lowers the price a bit and ifyou’re going to be using it regularlyand you know that it’s going to still befresh not sitting on your shelf foryears is worth it to buy it in a largerquantity well today we’ll cut one ofthese packets they usually come you knowlike in three packets and sometimesthey’re just sold in one packet theyeast but this was in three packets I’veused some of it alreadyI made a previous video where I showedyou how to make ano need bread in the round boule shapeand I’ll be sure to link to that in theI cards and in the description belowthat’s very easy to make to and so we’llgo ahead we’ll use the instant yeast andwe’ll just go and dump this right intoour flour there not much fanfare youjust need one packet and if you’re goingto use a jar or a little package likethis you’re gonna want one a 2 and 1/4teaspoons of the yeast whether you usethe active or the instant next we’ll goahead and add in our salt and we’ll addin our sugar and then we’ll take a whiskand we’ll just mix the yeast and thesugar and the salt with the flour untilwe know everything is well incorporatednext we’re gonna get ready to pour inour water but before we do that I justwant to mention the tools that you’regoing to need to mix your dough now as Isaid this is a no need so there’s reallynot much effort involved you can use aspatula either a silicone one like thisor a wooden spatula whatever you haveyou can use a wooden spoon if you’ve gotone of these cute little Danish doughwhisks you can use this but this isactually geared more for when you’redoing in kneaded bread and they workgreat if you’ve never tried one I highlyrecommend them they’re very reasonableand you would never imagine that’ssomething like this I think very funnylooking would need bread but it does agreat job pulling it all togetherespecially if you don’t have a standmixer with a dough hook and all of thator you just don’t feel like taking outall that equipment you can use one ofthese I love it but it’s really overkillfor a no need bread you don’t need toworry about it a wooden spoon worksgreat and if any of you are familiarwith Steve at artisan bread and I’ll puta link to his channel below he’s aterrific bread baker and he just usesthe handle of the spoon and it almostacts in many ways like a dough whisk andso that’s what will does show you thattoday I think it’s a wonderful trick andit posed the pose the flour in the watertogether very quickly so we’ll go aheadand make a little well hereand we’ll pour in our water and then tothat we’ve got our three cups of waterand then to that we’ll pour in ourbutter our melted butterall righty we got that all in there andnow we just take the handle of the spoonand we just start moving all aroundworking that water and that butter intoour flour and it’s going to cometogether very quickly I’ll take a littlevideo overhead so that you can seeexactly what I’m doing and as you’ll seejust stir you know with the handle ofyour wooden spoon just keepincorporating the flour and or yourspatula whatever you’re using just keepgoing around bringing up any dough thattow any flour you may see on the bottomand it comes together very quickly nowyes it’s gonna be a wet sticky doughdon’t worry about that that’s exactlywhat you want for a no need bread andthen if you have a bench scrape you canjust remove what’s ever on your spoonthis is just a little plastic pencilbench scrape they’re very reasonable I’msure you can find one in the kitchenstore at your grocery storeif not I’ll put a link in thedescription below but there they’reusually very readily available maybe 2-3dollars at most and then take your benchcrepe or your spatula or whatever you’reusing and just pull down any dough thatmay have gotten up to the sides and youjust want to incorporate every littlekind of last bit of dough and flour andkeep working that just until youincorporate it all and that’s basicallyit now that we got that a little mixedup literally took like 30 seconds allwe’re gonna do now is cover it now I’mjust going to use some plastic wrap youcan also use a tea towel or like a dishtowel if you have that you may just wantto put a little flour just flour it alittle bit so that as the dough Risesdepending on what size bowl you’re usingyou don’t want it to stick to your toweland this is itnow we’re going to put it in a warplace if you have an oven that has abread proofing option you can put itinto that if you just have an oventhat’s turned off but you have anelectric light on you can turn the ovenlight on and you can put it in your oventhe of with the oven turned off but theelectric light on if you have an oventurned off but with a pilot light youcan put it there or you can just put itin a warm place maybe near your oven asyour oven is maybe preheating or on topof your refrigerator or you can justcover it a little more as I said if youhave the plastic wrap or a towel on topjust to you know keeping the the heat asyou’re letting it rise you could putsome towels on the bottom and sometowels on the top to try to keep somewarmth in another trick that you can doas I shared when we made the pool the noneed pool you can warm your bowl evenbefore you even start this process washit in real hot water dry it well andthen put in your flower and that willusually help retain some of the heat andthen you can wrap it in a towel and letit rise now if you’re using the instantyeast you’re going to want to let thisrise about an hour and a half if you’reusing the active yeast you’re going towant to add 15 to 20 minutes to yourrise time now basically what you’relooking for is for it to double in sizenow I know that can be very intimidatingto people that terminology when you’re anew Baker because of new bread baker youmay be looking at it and saying is adouble is it not double should I let itgo longer and then you worry oh my goshis it gonna over rise and what about thefinger poke Tech’s test and you know allthese different things I don’t want youto worry about any of that a littleunder or over rise in the bottom and thebottom line is in the end it’s gonnamake about a 10% difference in yourbread and if you’re not a professionalBaker I don’t think you’re going toreally notice and I don’t think anybodyin your in your family or your friendsis going to notice all they’re gonnanotice as we made fresh bread homemadeso just plan on an hour and a half anda little longer 15 to 20 minutes and anhour and 45 minutes or an hour and 50minutes if you use the active yeast andit’s gonna be fine at that point wellthis rose beautifully after about anhour and a half and I’ll take anoverhead picture and I’ll also take apicture from the side so that you cansee exactly what this looks like andthen you’ll notice that when you takeyour bowl and bring it over to yourcounter to get ready to put into yourloaf pans if you give the bowl of shakeand I’ll put a little video so you cansee this it’s gonna shake like a bowl ofjell-o that’s exactly what it’s going tolook like and that’s exactly what you’relooking for now what you’re gonna needare two loaf pans and these are justplain old regular loaf pans they’reapproximately maybe eight and a half byabout four and a half or so and you canuse metal loaf pans you can use glassloaf pans whatever you have is finewhat’s most important though is that youwant to grease them very well so ifyou’re using butter grease them verywell with butter if you’re using sometype of oil that you’ve maybe used inyour recipe because you want to keepthings dairy free grease it very wellwith oil this is a very important stepbecause by greasing your pan very wellis what’s going to keep the exteriorcrust soft and then I’ll show youanother little trick when we take thebread out of the oven after we’ve bakedit to how to keep the top real soft -but we’ll we’ll get to that after weafter we bake them now the next thingthat we need to do is deflate this doughand divide it into two equal portionsnow it is wet and sticky and we’re notgoing to be using any additional flourso you can do this with your hands ifyou do you may want to give them a goodgreasing we’re gonna have to grease themas it is to get them into their pans orif you’ve got your bench scrape you cando that if you’ve got a wooden spoon orI’ve got like a wooden spatula thisworks real well to get it down off thesides but basically what we’re going todo is just start to deflate it and we’regoing to pushinto the center and get it to form intoa ball and as you’re deflating this andjust pulling it away from the sidesyou’re going to just pull it and kind ofpull it over itself and I’ll take avideo overhead so you can see what I’mdoing but I’m basically just kind ofpulling it over itself just as we pullit away from the sides and getting it tokind of form into a bowl this we canit’s not really gonna be a bowl per sebut you just kind of want to get as muchas you can away from the sides and getthe bread basically down deflated and inthe middle of your bowl now once you’vegot it pretty much deflated and you’veturned it over on itself a few timestake a little butter or whatever oilthat you may have used and give yourhands just rub the butter right in yourhands and cover your hands really wellso that they’re nice and greasy this isfun now with your greased hands you’rejust gonna get in here and you’rebasically going to separate this evenlybest you can into two pieces and as youwork to separate these into basicallytwo of they’re to individual loaves theywill kind of fall back into one anotherhowever even after you do this and I’mgonna overlay a video so that you cansee when you stop doing it they willthey there will be a line down themiddle and so you’ll know exactly nowthat you’ve divided it into two loavesto just get in there and lift out theone half now if you have a bench scrapedlike this it’s a great time to use itif not you can certainly use your woodenspoon but what’s going to come in mosthandy and this job is going to be yourhands so you’ll see so just try to scoopout about half don’t worry you’re gonnabe adding to this just do the best youcan oh my goodness look at that and thenwe’re just gonna dump that right intoour pan nothing special nothing fancywe’re just going to get in thereand get the rest of what we left behindfor that half and again just dump itright into your pan then once you gethalf the dough in your pan just give ita good little shake to kind of fill allthe nooks and crannies and it’s going tobe perfect so after you give it a shaketo kind of get everything to level outif you find that there’s still maybe alittle nook or cranny that you don’tfeel the dough’s expanded enough intoyou can get in there with your greasehands and you can just Pat it down a bitand move it around a bit to fill anyarea or to flatten it a little even itout whatever you want to do and that’sit and now we’ll get ready to fill ournext bread pan all righty well now we’vegot both loaves of dough in our loafpans and we want to let this rise foranother 40 to 45 minutes if you’re usingthe act of dry yeast you may need alittle more time but you want to leavethem uncovered but in a nice warm cozyplace and what you’re going to belooking for is a rise that is more orless going to be close you know theremay be some doming but it will berelatively close to the edge of the panand then we’ll be ready to bake them andas you’re getting closer to that 40 to45 minute rise go ahead and pre-heatyour oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit andhave your oven rack in the middlebecause these are gonna go on the middlerack in that 375 degree fahrenheit ovenwell I kept these in a nice warm cozyspot and if you notice they’re justcrowning like the rim of the pan I tooka photograph from the sides and I’lloverlay it so that you can see theydon’t have like a big dome like thatyou’re not looking for thatit’s just when they just start toslightly dome up over the side of thepan I don’t I did my best dividing thedough up I think there was a little morein thisbut this one is perfect this is whatyou’re looking for just a slight domeright at the rim and you know dependingon what time of year it is and what thetemperature in your kitchen is you knowas I said it can be about 40 minutes butit can also be less so you knowespecially if say you’re doing this inthe summer just keep an eye on itbecause you just don’t want them to gettoo puffed up now we’re gonna go aheadand pop them into our 375 degree ovenmiddle rack and we’re gonna let thembake about 40 to 45 minutes untilthey’re golden brown on top well thesewere in the oven about 40 minutes andthey look wonderful and what you’relooking for is to get this nice goldenbrown on top and you want them to soundhear that they sound too hard on tophowever what we’re gonna do to make themnice and soft is we’re gonna take somebutter and we’re just going to put it ina little bit of a paper towel here tohold it and then work while they’re niceand hot right out of the oven we’re justgonna start rubbing butter on top andthis is gonna help really make this topnice and softwell I’ve rubbed butter over both ofthem and that’ll sink in and then as itcools it’ll help soften up that crustmaking it a little more similar to thesandwich bread that you buy at thegrocery store but look at how beautifulthese look all shiny with that meltedthat butter melting on top of themwell now what we’re gonna do is we’regonna take them out I take them out oftheir pans and we’re gonna put them on acooling rack and let them cool for a bitwell what I’m gonna do is they’recooling off a little bit is just flipthese right out ah look at this ohthey’re gloriousah look at this beautiful bottom Ohlooks so nice oh it’s quite hot and I’mjust gonna put it over here on thecooling rack and then I’ll do the samething with this one well these are stillquite warm but I think we’re just goingto have thisI send to them and see how they came solet’s give a nice slice here I’ve got aserrated knife oh gosh cuts like butteroh my goodness look at thisglorious piece of bread look at thatI’ll take a close-up shot so that youcan see it it’s gorgeouswell this came beautiful and it’s sosoft I cut it nice and thick almost likea Texas toast but let’s give it a tasteand see how it is okay it’s a littlewarm and weighted but look at that andthe crust is nice and soft now mm-hmmmmm delicious you’re gonna love thisbread it’s the perfect homemade sandwichbread it’s so soft and it just melts inyour mouthand now that you know how to makehomemade sandwich bread you can try yourhand that’s our down so be sure to clickon this video over here I’ll show youhow to make a sourdough starter fromstart to finish and I’ll see you overthere in my Texas Hill Country kitchenplum and God bless

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  1. I have been thinking about making bread from scratch again..this is the perfect recipe to get going on it. Sorry I just missed your premiere. Sorry It’s been a while. Hope you have been well. Love and blessings sweet friend.

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  3. Oh Mary I’m so glad you did this video. I’ve mastered the round bread and I’m excited to try this bread. Thank you so much. Sorry I missed the premiere but I’m glad I got to see it at least. God bless Mary.

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  6. In the winter time, I turn the electric blanket on my bed on a low temp, set the bowl on the bed and cover it with a towel

  7. Mary, I discovered you 3 days ago and for the last 3 days – I’ve been watching your lovely videos (Playing Ketchup (pun intended)! Learning A LOT from you. Today I’m making your yogurt and sourdough starter – so far I’m have much success! Thank you. — I’ve shared your videos and have a friend now watching you – he’s really enjoying your show as I am. Cheers! – Edit: BTW I will be trying your sandwich bread – looks FAB!!

  8. Love your recipes Mary and you explain them so thoroughly and I also love your aprons thank you Mary

  9. They are looking great Mary! Thank you for the lesson and for sharing your recipe! I can’t wait to try them out!

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