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No Bake Cake using loaf bread


12 slices of bread
whipped cream beat until stiff peak

1cup mango juice-cook it until it becomes thick (add tbsp of cornflour)
2tbsp sugar

Decorate it like a pro.
Enjoy every bite.


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Video Transcription

[Music]hello everyone its Tita Barbie hereagain I’m gonna show you how to do a nobake cake I’m gonna use a bread 12 breadI’m gonna use 12 slice of bread and I’mjust gonna remove the sides of the breadand then I’m just gonna cover it with adouble cream and then I have in here isa mango puree which I cook a little bitand then add a little bit of sugar and alittle bit of cornstarch to make it alittle bit sticky so that’s it and we’regonna start nowI’m just gonna remove the sides of thebread to make it nice and then justrepeat the whole process so 12 breadsalright or you can just cut the breadliterally Buddha is this the hardestpart there you go[Music]so I’m gonna start piping now our doublecream is too runny at the minute thatit’s not stable but you can if you wantto be stable you can put a double creamI know you can put a what you call thatone cream cheese so we’re gonna put nowour base and then we’re just gonnasprinkle this this is the mango pureethat I told you add too muchbefore we put the with the whipped cream[Music]so that there will be a little bit offlavor this is really us to coveranother excess cream I’m going to usethat for my MV tomorrow so you can fitany face up so you need to put this ontop againand the same process until you covereverything[Music]so we’re gonna do now we’re gonna coverwith no big cakeput some morethis is very nice you know on a weekendif you are not in the mood to bake acake just find a very nice bread justcoat it and whatever plate where youwant for me I just put some from themango juice so and then whateverdecoration but if you want a littlestable because this is not stable withcream then you can add the cream cheeseto make your cake more stable so just tocover that that’s a nice thing and Ijust gonna be in the areamake it nice so make sure you have yourpaper towel handy and then you candecorate if it’s you know if you areicing this table that we can decoratebut at the minute it’s not really stablebut this is really good you know forlike a quick cake that you want to doand then you can just add a littledecoration and then whatever flavor youwant if you want an orange or if youjust want to have vanilla tight I meanthis is itso there you go ladies and gentlemen sowe’re gonna slice and we’ll have a lookand this is just a no big cake so I’mgonna slice itit’s like if it turned out to be likelike a little chiffon tinsel or a spongecake so hope you like and subscribeand god bless everyone and please don’tforget to keep coming back on my channelPeeta Barbies channel thank you everyoneI by the way before I go shout out toall my friends in northern are liningwake up in hospital hello guys miss youall bye[Music]you[Music]

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