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Ned Bakes Sourdough Bread For 14 Days

Everyone get your starters ready! It’s how to bake sourdough bread with Ned! 🍞

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Special thanks to Ran Zimon for helping me make my bread! Check him out online and on Instagram!
Bread Lounge:

Bread Lounge – The Arts District’s Favorite Bakery In Downtown Los Angeles

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Video Transcription

– Welcome to Baking with Ned.(upbeat music)We’re baking bread, YOLO!Hey, how’s it going?- Good, how you are
doing in this crazy time?- I’m good, I’m hanging in there.- I’m Ran, I’m one of the
Bread Lounge team members.- Well, I’m very excited to chat with youand a little bit of background
of what I’ve been doing.I’m trying to bake sourdough from scratch.Oo, yeah, it is,it smells a little nasty.And I’ve tried to bake it a couple timesbut it’s not working out so well.I feel really sad about
this, this is embarrassing.This is one of the worst
loaves I’ve ever baked.It came out like very flat,
it came out like this.- Flat.- [Ned] This big.- So sourdough is basically doughthat’s made with natural yeast.We have two type of
bacteria in the starter.- Mm-hmm.- One giving it the sour flavor,that’s why it’s called sourdough.And the other one acts like, is the yeastand it gives the volume to the loaf.So if you have too much
of the one bacteria,let’s say the sour one, but
not enough the yeasty bacteria,it will be very sour but
it will come out very flat.- And how do you create that balance?- If the starter is good and healthy,and nice bubbles, you gonna
get a really nice loaf.(mellow music)- All right now it’s time to
make our sourdough starter.Here I’m going to mix,this is my 50/50 wheat
flour and all-purpose flour.Gonna add 200 grams of that to the bowland now I’m gonna add 200 gramsof my warm water,so at the end you should
have a kind of a mushy,almost like a soup like porridge.And you let it sit with a covering.Here we go, covered with Saran wrap now.- You want the starter to be bubbly.- [Ned] Uh-huh.- And after let’s say 10, 12
hours from now if it’s notyou want to feed it again
with flour and water.- Now what we’ll do right now, Wes,is called feeding the sourdough.So we’re gonna take our sourdough,gonna throw away most of it, like 80%.Now to the remainder,
we’ll add more flour,which is like our fuel.The flour is a half whole
wheat and bread flour mixand then the flour water
ratio is one to one by weight.All right, so now we’re
gonna mix it all together.Oh wow, we have flour everywhere now.- Usually it takes about a
week or two of refreshing itjust to get the right flavor and balance.Bigger bubbles you have, healthier it is.- [Ned] Really, so I’m looking for like— [Ran] So in the beginning— Monster bubbles, just
like big ole, big bubbles.- Not monster, let’s say quarter inch.- [Ned] Oh wow.- You’re getting there,
the starter is not ready,nothing gonna come out even if you doall the other steps properly.- Good morning, we’re
back, it’s days seven.All right, I’m gonna check
on my sourdough starter,see how it’s doing, seven days in.I mean it should really be
getting nice and stanky.Okay, okay, I definitely feel some stank.Let’s see if it passes the float test.Oh,oh!It’s not floating at all.What am I doing wrong?There’s just no floating here.So do people ever do
half sourdough starterand half like store bought yeast?- Yeah, you can mix it.It will help it get the
volume and looks niceand you’ll still get the sourdough flavor.- Is putting in commercial yeast cheating?- No, I don’t think it’s cheating.- Okay, good.- There’s no cheating, you
wanna get a nice loaf of bread- Right.- It’s all good.- At the end of the day,
if it helps you make bread,there’s nothing cheating about it.- No.- All right, this is the
ultimate lazy boy recipe.Here’s what we’re gonna do,350 grams of water,and we’re gonna add our salt now.You wanna taste some salt?Salt is very, very good.Here you go.Then mix it all together.What are some typical like percentagesfor how much water to put in,how much flour to put in.- It can be anywhere from 50%
to 60 to 70 to 80% hydrationmeaning percentage of the waterfrom the total weight of the dough.I recommend to beginner,to people that just start
baking at home especiallynot to start with high hydration,it’s just harder to work with.Also hydration doesn’t make
the bread better necessarily,it’s just matter of preference.- More salt!- More salt?- [Ariel] More salt?(laughing)- This is yeast, this is not for babies.So if you’re mixing sourdough starterand store bought yeast,
you want to only putlike a little bit, like a half teaspoonor a teaspoon of store bought?- Even less than half.- Even less.- Less than a quarter of a teaspoon— Oh wow.- Of the yeast.’Cause too much commercial yeastwill just kill the sourdough yeast.(upbeat music)- Swirl that around.- Mm!- Then, one quarter cup— Baby!- Of the sourdough starter.You’re not gonna get much yeast from itbut you might get some flavor.- Baby, baby, baby.- And then, 450 grams of flourand 50 grams of whole wheat flour.And there you go, check this out,this is lazy boy sudo sourdough bread.(mellow music)Like how long do I wanna let it rise for,what am I looking for when it’s rising?- After you take it out of the mixer,you gonna put it in a
container with the lid,you’re gonna cover it.And you basically want
it to double its size.Another way to know if its ready or notis with your finger to
punch the dough on the top,if you press it gently and
it leaves a strong mark,it means it’s already over proofed.- [Ned] Okay.- Now if the dough springs backand there’s no sign of
your finger on the doughthat means it still has a lot of powerand needs more time to rise.I’ve been in the middle
of making this one.- Press with your finger so I can see.Yeah, this is all, that’s too,it’s been sitting for too long.- Ah man.Things have really not been going wellon the sourdough journey.But, look at this, oo yes.That’s bubbly.If this doesn’t float, I (sighing)I’m just gonna go to Panera.Hmm.Not gonna lie, I was
expecting that to float.So here is the status of the breadafter two hours of rising.Hardly anything,really not getting a ton of rising here.So. (heavily sighing)I feel like I failed.Do people ever proof
their bread in the oven,with the oven off?- If your room is very cold.- [Ned] Mm-hmm.- You can do that but you don’t
want the oven to be too hot’cause then you’ll cook
the dough when it’s raw.- So we had a little bit
if a miscommunicationon the bread front between me and Ariel.You see what had happened was,I put the bread in the ovenwhen it wasn’t hot just to proof it,give it a nice, stable environment.But then my wife didn’t know thatand she stared preheating
the oven to cook broccoliand this is the result.(drum roll)(laughing)Oh no.- Oh yeah, communication problems.That’s the biggest problem we all have.- I should of left a note.What’s supposed to be a video about meteaching everyone to bake breadand it’s actually some of my
lowest, worst bread moments.Which really just shows that
baking bread is a journeyand everyone’s on that
journey at a different stage.You can go forward, you can go backwards,you’re just, you know,
where you are, where you areand that’s okay.And right now, this is where I am.So today I’m going to take
my bread to the next leveland make it with sourdough.Ariel just wants me to make
my normal yeasted bread.- Can you please just make regular bread?I need something edible.(laughing)- Why don’t you want the
sourdough journey anymore?- I just want bread that I can eat.- It’s getting dire over
here from the people.We really have to get this right.We have to get this right.Let’s check in on Sven,
the sourdough starter.How’s he doing?Oo, he’s getting bubbly,now this is great, this is what I needto use to bake my bread.Yeah, yeah that’s floating.Yeah.(mellow music)So we got our water, we
got our sourdough starter,it’s floating pretty nicely.We’re gonna go for it.400 grams of bread flour
or all-purpose flour,50 grams of spelt,50 grams of whole wheat flour.You combine it all
together with your hands,this is the most fun part.(upbeat guitar music)Oh, ah!(blowing raspberries)- I want a cat.- Where is the cat?- So you’re gonna remove the cover,it should of solidified a little bit.And now you’re gonna add the saltand your 50 extra grams of water.Then you’re gonna combine it all together,kind of squeeze it together
with your thumbs in the doughso that the whole dough
gets the salt incorporated.Now, from this point forward,you’re not gonna wanna
work the dough as much.Now it’s time for the bulk fermentation.You’re gonna wanna watch over itand give it a turn every 30 minutesby pulling up the bottom of the doughand flipping it over itself.Doing that develops tension in the doughwhen it bakes it’s gonna
be a nice, round shape,and it’s gonna rise really well.After about three to four hoursor when it doubles in size
and passes the poke test,then it’s ready to shape.We’ll tilt it out,boom, now at this point you wanna reallynot work it as much as you can.Scoop it, flip it, scoop it, flip it.Kind of scoop it around and
make a little ball out of it.Put out a little blankie,and let it rest for some time.Oh yes, so my bread has
been proofing all afternoon,let’s check it out.Ah, look at that, I gotta say,I really like how this has turned out.There’s a sweet smell
that’s coming off of itso I got some sourdough
flavor but not too much.Now let’s talk about like shaping.- When you shape it, sometimes the doughhas a lot of air in itso when you shape, you wanna
get rid of the big bubbles.- Hmm.- The big bubbles are just gonna be holesin the middle of the loaf.- All right, so the last
step is to shape the loaf.Take it up, flip it over,then perform a series of folds.Just like that,the the last fold like so.I just kinda like button it into a little,oh yes, it’s so smooth,so round, so pure!Ah!Is this a thumbnail?What a perfect little nugget.Okay, I’ve got my bread basket
here with plenty of flour.Scoop!So I’ve shaped my loaves, now
I’ve put them in the basketand then it goes for like
another couple of hours.- So here again, you want
it to double in size.- Really, huh.- And this is where you
can control the process.So let’s say it’s nine at night now.- Yeah.- Nine in the evening,
you’re already tired,you just shaped your loaf,you’re like, okay, now I
have to wait until about 11to put it in the oven,and then I have to bake, I’m too tired,I don’t wanna deal with
it today, no problem.You put it in the refrigerator,you go to sleep.- Huh.- The, you know the cold,
coldness in the refrigeratorwon’t let the yeast keep on workingso it will stay the way it is.- So basically putting it in the fridgeis like hitting pause.- Yeah, and then instead of being readyafter two hours because it
came out from the refrigerator,it will take it three or four hours.Again depends how cold
is your refrigeratorand how cold is the room.- Wow, now I’m gonna let
this proof in the basketfor an additional three hours,the put it in the refrigerator over nightand then tomorrow morning
we’ll bake delicious,fresh sourdough that I made myself,on the counter here
almost two weeks later.Good morning, this is my sourdoughready to go into the oven,it has been sitting in the
refrigerator all night.So for baking it, I have been
using a big cast iron potand I read somewhere that your
supposed to keep the lid onto like help develop
like steam or something.Like what are some tips youhave for actually baking the bread?- So the cast iron,it’s better for dough
with a lot of hydration.- Hmm, okay.- But also keep the shape.- Mm-hmm.- ‘Cause if it’s too
wet it’s gonna be flatand as you put it on open surface.But if your dough is not as wet,you don’t necessarily need the cast ironso you wanna put it in the ovenbefore you start heating it.- Put the cast iron in ahead of time,preheat the whole thing,
then put the bread in.- Yeah.- I’ve been preheating my cast iron pot,it’s all nice and toasty.Oh yeah, it came right out.All right I give myself
a nice box cut hereto help the steam expand properly.Oo, and you can see on the inside,check it out, you can see there’s
like a good amount of likerising and bubbling there.Let’s do this.Ned time bread time!I don’t thing you’re breadyfor this bread.All right,and I’ll take that down
to 450, set timers.(upbeat bass guitar)And then what should I look forwhen it comes out of the oven,like when is it done?- The best way to look is at the color,if it has a nice color, brown color,some people like it darker than others.- Mm-hmm.- But the color is a good sign.- So it can be anywhere
from like golden brownto like kind of nutty, nutty brown.- Yeah.- All right, it’s done,
let’s check it out.Oh my goodness,what!(exuberant music) What!That is bread!Here it is, my final sourdough loaf.I feel very accomplished,this is very pretty.It’s beautiful.All right, here we go.- Mm.- Mm.Mm-hmm- Perfect.- Thank you.Yeah it has a nice brown crust,that was very crunchy, it’s a
little sour but not too sour.I’m pretty please with how it turned out.- Very nice.You are officially a professional baker.- Well thank you. (laughing)Oh my goodness, wow, like I can’t waitto continue this journeyand thank you so much
for all of your help.- Your welcome and come to our bakeryand get a loaf of bread.- I will, I will, thank you so much.- Mm.- Mm there’s like a rich,sourdough flavor.It’s very good.- Good bread.- [Ariel] Good bread.- Good bread, good bread(upbeat music)We’re baking bread but Wes
has commandeered my bowl.(laughing)Bowl!

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