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Mommy & Me | Let’s Bake | Using Chiquita Banana Bread Mix | Boricua Mom Life

Mommy & Me | Let’s Bake | Using Chiquita Banana Bread Mix | Boricua Mom Life

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Video Transcription

yeah so guys today Jimmy is gonna betaking over the cooking block right yeahalright so I just let me show you sothis box right here is from Costco andBJ’s what membership be injured so thison box is from BJ’s and we bought it ona corona walk which I’m glad the processpick it up because we can actually useitso it’s banana bread made by Chiquitabanana and I do have some bananas theywere going I’m kind of right there readyso I said you know what we’re not anyanyways especially at a time like thisso I got done cooking dinner and Ididn’t want to make banana bread so Iwill be making okay so the first thingshe’s going to do is she’s going tosmash up yes[Music]we have a pen yeah so we got a potatoSmasher okay she’s opening it up I’mgonna let you guys know what we need sowe’re going to be needing you want cupof mashed bananas a pot – me – wellwe’re gonna use three so we’re gonnaskip down here to use three bananas andthen it says a 1 egg lightly beatenVenice’s 1/3 cup of waterwill she already got from the filter andI’m gonna get the egg so that she canmix it up but she is going to start offby smashing that bunit reminds the way that it feels itreminds me of[Music][Music]yeahokay[Music][Music][Music][Music]all right so now she smashed up thebanana and we’re going to go over andmix what is that in 20 we’re gonna mixaway oh I’ll take that off your here andgive it a matchyou want to find you like your mamastandard scrambled eggsso our oven is already preheated at 350of these guys all right mommy so in thepackage and as you can see this isbanana bread mix okay so you can takethis[Music][Music][Music]yeah you mean it looks like a cake goyeahif thou mixer some work that you mightwant to use a spoon or oh your yes goaheadyeah tell them why nice bashing I gotthis for yes she did she got me a lot ofnice stuff so that I could make cookingvideos with just the taste and also I’min the kitchen with you all the time sheknow what you need and she expect meright about that she knows what I needwhat I have and what I don’t havelooks good it smells good smells likebanana me is that a word oh you have abanana make sure you get all of theyoung flower for the edges when you doit okay it feels so good not to be ableto cook quite for someone else to do thecooking it’s like I’m go put back I shedoes cook but it’s mostly but you knowwhat a lot of Wolfe most of my kids I’mgonna say enjoy cooking in the kitchen Iguess cuz II yeah because they grew upwith me always cooking and entertainingand loving to be in the kitchen so yesso now what we’re gonna do is we’regonna get our baby pad and he is goingto spray up and show them with whaton sticks and what is this a ham or okayand show that boy you’re gonna be usingall rightyand now spread the hook inside[Music]make sure you coat all the walls and thebottom is the coffeepot there’s no partof cookies eyes it gets messy at timesawait and it’s crazy I’ll wash it it’snot a big dealnext we’re going to pour this the pourthe banana bread do you want me to holdthe book no wait you got a pig give meyoursokay so you want to hold the bowlwell you just wanna you can just learnexactly I think it’s easier that way ifI hold it to the poorguys this most like a banana milkshake Iknow it doesn’t look like a bananamilkshake Wow make sure you scrape theball clean you don’t leave any of thatgoodness in there you want to pour itall outoh my god like so yummy right this isgreat exact especially like before badbut a couple melt this guy what do yougive it 110 I’d give it what do you getitI should have got more these packetsyeah all right so now we’re gonna putthis in the oven at 350 degrees waitJudy did you check how many minutes okaywaitso stir batter into grease oh I saidhere pour batter into greased andfloured pan which we did do I hopethat’s not a problemthen it says bake at 350 degrees for 45to 50 minutes oh I’m doing something inthe living room so no okay so wecouldn’t do that an extra set a timerfor 45 minand I’m gonna use things this I gotthese for Mountain all right so JT and 9will be back in 45 minutesand we’ll let you know how the bananabread elegant oh it’s gonna be awesomehello really like second-guess yourselfguys this is my floor right now and thisis what my daughter’s doing see whatJojo and the hair friar so what is thisyou’re building a contraptioncontrastingcontraction contraction I know I alwayssay the wrong things talk to all aboutthat so this this is everything listenso I okay let me start from here so thisis she took all these cups and this iswhat his sister and brother who areusing for beer pong they washed outthey’re clean she took it from themthere will be upset when they when theywant to play again they have no moreSolo cups then here is wine corks yesbecause I saved them and then I put theminto a picture frame so yeahso now she has playing cards and theyare from dynasty duck and if you guysdon’t know that show yes we love thatshow it’s so freakin funny yes we are weput a weekend with country bumpkin soyeah and that cuz we put a weekend wejust a country bumpkins us who we areso then she took these magazines hereand her books and then she took the boxof this marble playing said that she hasshe loves to play with marbles yeah soshe has to sing setup and how long sheloves marbles and she loves Lego so thisis what her grandmother no trips tellher and is the American Girl Lego isJulia loves American girls I’ve beensort of picture her birthday putAmerican girls in my hand and[Music][Music]chanting cut that it was a solo cup shehad me cut the bottom of this oh yeahso this is our carbon situation guys momlife for equal my life as I call itright some days just peaceful and somedays just I you me are you the maybe onand she has an apron on because she justfilm the video making[Music]so good oh my gosh most amazing oh mygoodness nice and just kind of now we’regonna let this sit for a while until sowe can let it cool down and that’s thebest part right Mickey yes okay soallowed us to cool down a for about fiveminutes and then I wish you because youwant to taste ityou gotta cut a little smalleryeah no no no no parity right here likeright there like this yeah cuz it’sbreast so you don’t want to cut intosquares all right let’s just do this onefor nowall right got it more because I think ithas some sometimes about a masa crust Idon’t want to mess up your yeahsometimes you know how the bottom thecrust oh my God look at that inside sogood look guys it’s so moistI think cuz you know it’s fresh bananasyeah I’m gonna try it oh my god guys letme just take a quick Petethat’s a big piece mommy you’re gonnayou all elation took half yeah cut itwith a knifenope fun yeahand then cut it and then put the pieceyou want on you it’s cuz that’s like alot you just had dinner it’s not rightmake sure it’s not too bad is it allright I’m gonna taste it I’m sorry youcan take me tasting itall right so let’s see how good she Gdid I want some of the crust I’m a crossperson guys I don’tI like crust and crunch and I’m a Dipperhmm it’s so good mmm it’s hot though youknow we disobeyed saying that we weregonna let it sit yeah so good mmm allright fine you did a good job I’m soproud of you guys this banana breadtastes so moist and rich it tastes justlike bananasit’s and there’s warm right now maybehuh oh my guys so freakin goodI never made banana bread no you knowwhat this will go good with some icecream you know you that has had icecream every night before bed right yeahcause he likes to enjoy his ice creamyeah that’s his downtime right afterworking so hardit’s delicious I’m so proud of you youdid a good job man you have to come andpay me a visithmm all right over my kitchen crackedand cooking is a song because you’reawesomethat is delicious guys the box mix wasfrom BJ’s with the right bananas and wecould actually put it in probablyanother banana is it deliciousthat’s dotty my daughter over therethe weight room so make sure you givethis video a thumbs up like andsubscribe if you haven’t already show mygirl here GG some love to the next videobye bye guys

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