yt 186809 making vegan banana bread bake with cat - making vegan banana bread | bake with cat!
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making vegan banana bread | bake with cat!

Helllooo YouTube! For my vlogging debut I made vegan banana bread. Hope you enjoy; check out my blog ( for more fun posts. See ya soon!
peace n luv, luv n peace

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hey guys what’s up today we are going tomake vegan banana bread I need is forthis looks simple weird because Ialready ripped the tops off but um formedium ripe bananas these boys areperfect so I enjoy being with myself andtalking to myself so it’s not reallythat big of a deal to just pop a cameraand record me doing what I normally doso yeah alright so once your bananas arein their bowl I’m gonna get a fork youknow how to angle this camera either andyou literally just mash it just mash itmaking cooking look really elegant andfun out here huh how’s your quarantinegoing guys yeah then we are going to addbrown sugar its photo that I tookearlier half a cup lightly packed orlight brown sugar packed yeah boom thenwe need to add our oil and we’re doing afourth of a cup of vegetable oil so I’mdoing avocado oilI don’t our avocados a bunch well Ishould know this maybe I don’t know I Iuse avocado oil a lot whenever I’mbaking and stuff I don’t even rememberwhy we got this but I’m glad we didn’tbecause I mean I’ve used it I haven’tnoticed any difference I don’t reallyknow the difference between oils but Ifeel like it’s weird to use olive oilwhen you’re bigokay so fourth of a cup but a littleokay and then we need vanilla okay andwe’re gonna do two teaspoons of vanilla[Music]and then we’re gonna do all my milk okay[Music]baking soda salt and cinnamon[Music]in case you’re wondering yes I amsweating then it’s gonna be all nice andbeautifully blended like so let me justmix it up a little bit of flour okaytake two and you always get to eat somethis doesn’t even have egg in it so it’snot even like I’m damaging myself okay[Music]plop this bad boy in the oven which isat 350 I don’t know if I already toldyou that for 45 minutes and they leavethe cover with foil on top more so staytuned[Music]chabela Tao now we waitoopsie to be honest this isn’t thatexciting it’s just I’m just supposed totake her out yes she and cover her withfoil oh my god alright well that endedshorter than expected I’ll let you knowif it’s um undercooked because I didn’tcook it for the extra ten minutes at theend but basically yeah thanks for tuningin and watching cooking with Kat I guessit’s baking but whatever and yeah thankyou guys so much if you made it to theend of this videoum the whole recipe is on my blog I’lllink it below but it’s WWF mutiny withsome pretty cool posts along with it notjust this recipe so it would mean theworld if you and checked it out thankyou so much for any support you’ve givenme I love you guys appreciate you guyspeace and love love and peace[Music]

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