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Making Milk Bread from Rice Wine Leaven (home cultivated) | by Lapin Noir – the Japanese bakery

About rice wine leaven (酒種:Sakadane)

Rice wine leaven (Sakadane) is a natural leaven cultivated from rice, rice malt, and water. It was born in Japan during the Meiji era (1868-1912), by applying the techniques of making sake (Japanese traditional alcohol) for bread making. Due to its lack of stability, it is rarely used today, and even in bread that claims to use Sakadane, it is almost used in combination with yeast or with sake flavoring, and its tradition is dying out.
One of the characteristics of Sakadane is to give the baked bread a unique moist texture and a slightly sweet smell of Sakadane. Since it can ferment even dough with high sugar content, it is suitable for sweetbreads. Anpan is the most famous type of bread made from Sakadane, but at Lapin Noir we also use it to make gugelhupf, sweet dough, butter folded dough, etc., expanding the possibilities of Sakadane without being bound by tradition.

About Lapin Noir KUROUSAGI(ラパンノワール くろうさぎ)

Lapin Noir KUROUSAGI is a long-established bakery that has been around for over 20 years. They cultivate all their own leaven and bake 60 different kinds of bread daily with five different starters. All the nuts are organic, and the vegetables and other ingredients are chosen to be as healthy as possible.
Lapin Noir was the first to develop the technique of home-cultured leaven and to produce croissants and pastries in Japan. Therefore, Dozens of artisans have come to train at Lapin Noir to learn their craft.
The owner, Takao, still bakes 20 hours a day even though he is over 60 years old. He makes all the custards, Danish fillings, and jams by hand without any compromise. He comes up with new bread one after another, and despite his busy schedule, he never forgets the joy of baking. However, he dreams of one day seeing the real baking of France and Germany with his own eyes.

Name of Bakery: Lapin Noir KUROUSAGI(ラパンノワール くろうさぎ)
Bakers: Takao Arai, Naomi Yamada, Miro Iwasaki,
Location: Chichibu city Saitama prefecture JAPAN(埼玉県秩父市野坂町1-18-12)
Google Map:
Official website (only Japanese):

Shoot & Edit : Reiya Watanabe

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