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Making Bread With Mom’s Bread Machine

It’s our first time using our mom’s new bread machine! You can follow along too with your own bread machine and enjoy some freshly delicious, warm bread as well. Mmmmmm… warm bread. Thanks for joining us today on another cooking adventure, and be sure to check out my other cooking videos with mom, like scrumptious cabbage soup!

Bread Machine: Black + Decker All in One, Automatic Bread Maker

Video edited using mom’s Samsung Galaxy Note 9+ and the Inshot app and Intro Maker app.

Music: Another time
Musician: LiQWYD
Music: Chill
Musician: LiQWYD
Music: Feel
Musician: LiQWYD
Music: Sweet
Musician: LiQWYD
Music: Whenever
Musician: LiQWYD

Nickelodeon’s Spongbob, “3 hours later” clip

Original of the video here

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