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hi everyone this is Margot fromterracotta farms I hope you’re all doingawesome and you’re finding great ways tooccupy your time while you in your housetoday I’m going to teach you how to makeleave it bread this isn’t just any kindof like sandwich spread this is ourreboot dessert sweet bread that doesn’thave any sugar dairy soy corn and itactually doesn’t have any wheat in iteither so I’m gonna teach y’all how tomake two different flavors and we’regonna do them all at the same time andI’m gonna give you all the recipes sothat you can make this at home maybewhile you’re stuck in your house soright here I have this big bowl I’mgonna make two loaves of bread so myrecipe is going to be a little bitbigger than yours would be if you’remaking one loaf but I’m gonna tell youthe increments that you would use ifyou’re making one loaf so right here Ihave six cups of almond flour in my bowlso that is gonna be the flour that we’reusing so we don’t have any wheat in hereso I have six cups of almond flour so ifyou’re at home and you’re gonna make inone loaf just use three cups of almondflourI’m the almond flour we use here at thefarmis this Costco brands of almond flourit’s just um blanched almond flour thatwe useso now that I have my almond flour thenext thing I’m going to put in is bakingsoda so right here I have one and a halfteaspoons of baking soda this is gonnahelp the bread to be airy and fluffy sothat it has a nice fluffy texture to itso we’re gonna go ahead and pour that inand I just washed my hands before we didthis so you want to make sure you washyour hands when you’re cooking severaltimes especially right now so next I’mgoing to put in a tablespoon of bakingpowder baking powder makes bread rise soit’s the thing that makes bread get niceand big and puffy the next thing we’regonna put in is I have a teaspoon ofsalt and I just realized I did not tellyou all the measurements if you’re doingone look so for the baking soda ifyou’re doing just one love dothree-quarters of a teaspoon of bakingsoda if you’re doing one loaf for abaking powder you’re just gonna do ahalf a tablespoon of baking soda andthen if you’re doing one loaf you’reyou’re just getting a half a teaspoon ofsalt so now that we have all of this inhere we need something to sweeten itwell well here at the farm we don’t liketo use a ton of sugar like I told youearlier and this is gonna be rebootapproved bread so I’m gonna use steviathis is what stevia looks like I’ll comeover here so y’all can see it a littlecloser oh it looks a lot like sugar butit’s not sugarit is granular just like sugar is so weare gonna use this the brand of steviahere at the farm is your organic steviayou can get it at Walmart even and I’mgonna pour a little bit more in herebecause when I was showing y’all Iaccidentally dumped some on the tableright up there so we need to have alittle bit more so for the measurementof this I have a half a cup of steviabut if you’re gonna be making just oneleft only use a quarter cup of steviayou don’t want it to be too too sweetbecause sometimes that’s just not a goodthing so that’s all we’re gonna do forour dry ingredients so I have all my dryingredients in here I’m gonna go aheadand grab a spatula now here’s my spatulaand I’m gonna go ahead and stir all ofthis together just lightly just to getit mixed togetherand then the next thing I’m going to dois I’m going to make something called awell in the center of my bowl I’m gonnatry and show you all this but so youwant to go ahead and make a little holein the center of your bowl so that whenyou pour your wet ingredients in thatwe’re gonna use in just a little bit itgoes right in the center when you’rebaking things like bread and muffinsthat’s always what you wanted you I’llshow you what this well looks likethere’s my little well so that way allof our wet ingredients can go in therealright now I’m gonna put my dryingredients to the side and I’m gonnatell y’all what you need for your wetingredients so right here I have sixeggs that I’ve just scrambled there’ssix organic eggs and if you’re doingjust one loaf at home only just threeeggs and then what I’m gonna do is I’mgoing to add some oil in here so the oilthat we use here at the farm it’s justgrape seed oil we use grape seed oil youcan also use avocado oil safflower oiltry and stay away from olive oil whenyou’re making bread like this because alot of times it doesn’t go well with thesweetness and also stay away from canolaoil that’s just not good for you it’smade of corn sowe are going to use grapeseed oil todayand I have a half a cup of grapeseed oilif you’re at home making this bread onlyuse a quarter cup if you’re just gonnamake one loaf so just use a quarter cupof oil so we’re gonna go ahead andscramble that together and then next I’mgoing to add non-dairy milk so this isour choice of non-dairy milk here thatI’m using today we use almond milkcoconut milk we use Olivia brand toastedcoconut milk that’s a great one todayI’m using a mixture of almond milk andcoconut milk whatever your non-dairymilk you choose that’s perfect so just Ihave I believe I have a cup here I havea cup here of this milk I’m so if you’reat home making one loaf only do a half acup and pour it into the middle of thedry ingredients right into that well[Music]make sure you get all of it out and thenyou’re gonna take your spatula andyou’re gonna go around the sides of yourbowl when you’re making bread or muffinsyou don’t want to overmix them becauseit can make it feel very dense and notas light and fluffy like we want it tobe so never stir more than 50 times whenmaking bread like this or muffins soyou’re gonna go ahead and stir and I’mgonna start counting in my head 250[Music]making sure that you’re making bigstrokes so that you get all of youringredients from mineget all the dry clumpsall right you know keep in mind that youcan only go up to 50 and now I’m thereand all my stuff is mixed in this iswhat it looks like you don’t have anydry ingredients in there anymore it’sall combined together so it’s all readynow I told y’all that today I’m going tobe making two different looks and I’mgonna teach y’all two different flavorsthat you can make with this bread thegreat thing is the base which is what wejust made is the same so you can makeway way more different flavors of breadthan what I’m gonna make today if youwanted to and you can get creative towith whatever you have in your pantrytoday I’m gonna make pumpkin chocolatechip bread and then I’m also going tomake a loaf of cinnamon apple breadthese are our two favorites here at thefarm so I’m gonna grab our loaf pansthese are two love pants that I’m goingto be using they’re just aluminum foilof pants and inside of them they are oilso I put a little tiny bit of thatgrapeseed oil in each of them and I tooka paper towel and I rubbed it around ifyou have grapeseed oil spray you haveolive oil avocado oil spray or saffloweroil spray use not to that’s great to useI just used a paper towel and oil youcan do that toonext I’m gonna grab a bowl if you’reonly making one loaf just go ahead andskip this step but I’m going to go aheadand cut my batter in half so that I cansplit in half and make two differentflavors[Music]smells good[Music]okay now I’ve got my batter split so wecan start putting in our atoms so I’mgonna do the pumpkin chocolate chip onein here and the cinnamon apple one inhere so what I’m going to go ahead anddoit’s making my pumpkin chocolate chip sofor the pumpkin chocolate chip I have aheaping fourth a cup of pumpkin so I’mgoing to go ahead and cut in and then Ialso have 1/3 a cup of chocolate chipsnow what I use for the chocolate chipsif you can see them I usedlilius chocolate chips these are Lily’sdark baking chocolate chips and they aresugar-free so they’re made with steviaand they’re great for this bread we lovethese chocolate chips so I’m going to goahead and add both of my ashes in thereand then I’m gonna go ahead and stir itnow again you don’t want to stir toomuch since we’ve already stirred severaltimes but you just want to mix in youringredientsjust until they’re all combinedall right so our pumpkin chocolate chipwe’ve got all of the ingredients stir itin there just like that perfect so forthe cinnamon apple one I’m gonna goahead and switch my bowls here we’regonna add some cinnamon apples that Isaute so I we had three apples that werein our fruit basket that we’re about togo bad and I didn’t want them to bewasted so I cut off the bad parts andthen I chopped the good parts up intolittle pieces and I put them in a sautepan and I sauteed them with a tiny bitof our little grapeseed oil somecinnamon and some stevia and then I’mjust gonna use this in our Bowl righthereand since we have two different flavorsI’m going to grab another spatula[Music]all right now we have our other spatulaI’m gonna go ahead and stir that upagain not too much just enough to get itall mixed in okey-dokey so now we haveour pans that we’re gonna add this stuffinto so here’s one of our pans I’m goingto go ahead and put the pumpkinchocolate chip in there so you want togo ahead you want to make sure youscrape down all the sides get it niceand cleaned off thereand go ahead and drop it into your pan[Music]perfect and then I’m gonna go ahead andspread it around I’m not pushing toohard on itI’m just flattening it a little bit youdon’t want to press too hard becausethat gets all the air out of it we wantit to be nice and fluffyokay there we go so we’ve got ourpumpkin chocolate chip now I’m going tograb this pan and we’re gonna add in ourcinnamongoand again I’m scraping my bowl so we getall of that red batter out and it’s okayif you make a little bit of a mess we’llclean up afterwardsall right perfect so for the pumpkinchocolate chip once you’ve done all thatyou’re finished but for the cinnamonapple I like to add a little bit on topso I have in here just a tiny little bitof some cinnamon and some stevia there’sprobably about a quarter teaspoon ofcinnamon and maybe a half a teaspoon ofstevia in here so I’m just gonnasprinkle this on top this gets nice andgolden brown and it gives it a littlecrunch too and a little extra sweetnessso we’re just gonna go ahead and addthat on top just like that okay now wehave our loaves of bread and they’reready to go in the ovenbefore I put them in the oven a couplemore ideas that you can make for thisbread you could add in just chocolatechips if you just want chocolate chipbread you can add in blueberrieswe love to add in blueberries with alittle bit of lemon juice and um usethat and make blueberry lemon breadthat’s delicious strawberry chocolatechip is also another favorite that wehave here you can add in nuts you canadd in nuts you can add in chocolatechips with the nuts you can add inalmond butter there are so manydifferent things that you can do just Ididn’t however much you want if you’reusing a liquid um use a quarter cup likeI did with the pumpkin so if you’regonna use almond butter just use aquarter of a cup because you don’t wantto be too runny okay so we’re gonna goahead and add these into the oven we aregonna bake them on 350 for 30 minutesand then we’re gonna check them and whenI check them I’ll go aheadshow y’all these breads take a littlebit longer just because they’re thickand um so we’ll see we’ll get them firmand then I’ll check back in with y’allall right here we gookay our bread is out of the oven nowand it took about an hour and 15 minutesfor both of these to get fully firm whenthey’re finished you can press on themand they don’t go they don’t sink I meanthey are kind of firm touch to them andthey’re golden brown on the outside sonow it’s just time to enjoy you can keepthese in the fridge for up to a week andthey’ll be deliciousso thank you all for watching have agreat rest of your day

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