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Making bread with date🥖🥖🥖

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Video Transcription

okay so I’m ready welcome back to mychannel hang on to me winking thatanother kind of so first I’m going togive you the ingredients in thedescription below on how much they arethe multi-tool how much they’re so herewe have three spoons and a half of sugar[Music]with one sport of hist now we are goingto be mixing when I’m done mixing I’llbe back okay so now after I’m donemixing it on and as you can see it’s alittle bit like your mom now I’m goingto do it for 15 minutes for the yeast tolike finish and then I’m going to comeback okay so now turn is 2 3 5 minutesit seems now so now we’re gonna beadding four and a half cups of floorit’s kind of work with any kind of houseokay some baking powder 1 big spoon ofbaking powder and 1 small spoon of nowI’m going to be mixing after I’m donemixing on with the spoon I’m going tocome back so see one of them ok so nowI’m going toof course it won’t make starts well sonow we’re going to have to mix it withthe spoon it’s going to be a little bitstick at first but here I have some somewell to make it not to be so muchsticking you rabbit on your hands andyou continue to mix it when I’m donemixing with my hand I’m going to comeback okay so now after I’m done it’smight be a little bit hard for others onits own milk and I’m accepted even andnow it turned out to be soft now I haveto leave it in a clean one but first Ihave to add a little bit of oil and someoil on hereand then we add the ribs so now we’regoing to be leaving it for 30 minutesand then we’re going to come back sosome of our deerit’s datesit’s take that is already like you biteready but[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]so now we’re going to be mixing in a bitof the two verbs before like seeing howmuch we need so I so now we take alittle bit this song dough make smallpieces so now we take a little bit weroll it it depends on how much times youwant it to be so now we roll it and weput it down on our plate or on a tablefor a half an hourI mean for five minutes I am done I’mgonna be back okay so as you can see wedon’t really come for five minutes sonow we are going to be doing the secondstep which we are going to need someolive oil we’re going to need the daythat we made I’m going to need the breadnot real so now we are going to begetting piece by piece of sideyou can see here now I’ll get the firstpiece and roll rollers not so much tinyand not so much thick to be able to putanother dishnow we’ll be taking some of the date Iforgot to assume to iron my hands on onestick but added so the date won’t stickto have gotta stop sticking so now wewill be also rolling the date putting itoutside the door and then so I’ll seeyou here as you can see I made some foamthis which have which are used for it toeggs for this amount and I also used forit a half a pinch of escapade and JIRAhas already waited for them like an houror half like from half an hour to onenow we are going to be mixing themixture so when i’m done mixing it I’llshow you what’s the second step issupposed to be and it’s gonna be so easyso see you when I’m okay so now here Ihave at ready it’s mixed oh never mindabout this because this is like alltotally alright because like it doesn’tmix it needs a long time to melt so nowwe take the brush for food and we brushit over the bread down matedon’t forget to hit them give a bigthumbs up I’m like coming down belowhandle notification to CH we did have Ipost so I know the didn’t post a videoon Tuesday because um I was so busy youknow study so I didn’t have time tovideos I might be able to post a videotoday I hope that it’s work by postingvideos is from Champaign and alsodiscover it it’s so fun making videowith you guys but please don’t forget togive a big thumbs up wat which is alsolikes subscribe it about education tosecretly post give a like if thecomments doesn’t work so I’ll know ifshould I make the comments work or nowand so I’m working like that so nowafter on you can see is this one on theheart-shaped one which is thisit’s a hardship tool so that’s why Ilike it the most now gonna be makingwith the last week sized one which Iused for it so off the balls that wemade and it’s why the way I made onthird with me but company that I wasthat I copied was wrong so one way Ithink that you guys have to use one eggbecause here it was so much extra butthis is all okay in my next video Imight be showing you something that’s sosweet it’s for dessert it’s called afire how to make it it’s a little bithard but um it’s so tastyso here I did it now we’re going to putthem in the oven for 20 minutes whenthey’re out also how they’re being andI’m sure that this whole day so good I’msure that also tastes way more yummy aredown the shop one and you will nevereven think about buying that one but foryou to know and information that we’regonna have to be adding remember it’sman okay so here we’re gonna be needingand needing some susan bridge so i makeyour spine knit and then I’m gonna beputting it on the bread in front of youso see you and I thought okay so now myadded the Simpson all of them I addedthe white one but you can also add theblack one but I like to watch them morethan the black phone so that’s our outof the white so now as I told you we’regonna be inserting them into the ovenfor 20 minutesand when they are done I’m gonna showI’m for the tourists tourists astronomyand all this is also so much such that’sthe point that you want in your mindwith some happen so see you when it’sdone from the oven okay so now as youcan see it’s all baked it’s so yummycharge you taste it that’s huh and makeit out tomplease don’t forget to comment downbelow head to the location and subscribeto see a video that I post and alsodon’t forget to like give a big thumbsup and don’t give it a spike I’ll killyouokay so either consider are already sothanks for watching my video see you inmy next video

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