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making bread while quarantined!!

if you watched the whole video here’s a piece of bread 🍞 also if your reading this during the quarantine stay safe and wash your hands!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

welcome back to my cooking show todayfeature in my basement um I’m makingbread so enjoy this step by step okay sothe first step is that you’re going towant to clean off the counter space thatyou’re working at okay so the next stepis this is one that I got online and nowwe’re going to get our materials so I’mnot going to make you watch that so hereis the ingredientsso here’s where I decided to taste someof the dough and you can see that ittasted kind of weird and not what Iexpectedbut it was kind of interesting they soupdate there’s go in my hand but Ididn’t film this parka like there’slittle rocky things in there and I wasjust like trying to squish them to likeget them stuck because I think the rockythings are like the yeast or whateverbut no I can’t get the dough off my handit’s not like slime or something whereit comes together so I don’t know if Ishould I don’t know I’ll come back whenthe dough is ready for the next stepokay here is my bread dough um I playedwith slime in sixth grade when that wasa thing this kind of reminds me of thatlike poke poke um oh wait it actuallylooks like bread wait do you guys seethis oh my gosh it’s like actually breadtexture oh there’s more flour and breaddough in here I gotta incorporate thisinvolves a lot of flour oh my gosh[Music]because that’s what they did just likeso it doesn’t stick to the sides yeahoil in the bowl so fun yeah okay mybread my beautiful bread how’s that madea loud noiseumm so now we said put a damp cloth onit I’m going to use this towel so let mejust dampen it[Music]if you’re talking in the backgroundthere’s just my mom on the phone aboutsome food drive um we’re gonna let thissit for the amount of time necessary soI’ll be back my phone fell before let’scheck on the bread it’s risen I didn’tthink it would actually do that I don’twash my hands as I went outside but okayso I just washed my hands now it’s timeto get the dough out of the bowl I’m sobig please I don’t think you guys haveyet oh my gosh my dog was so big it’slike so huge Annette oh my gosh stupidgrill thing in the way so you can’t seemy dog clearly but whoa okay now my goshit’s like warm now also royally punchdown the dough let it rest a few minutesokay[Music]I’ve never made bread before this is sofun I made banana bread but that’s morelike cakey than ready okay let it rest afew – to divide the dough into equalparts okay let me get the knife oh mygoshoh wait that’s the wrong you guys see meI’m so excited I did not expect this towork the work as well as it did I can’tspeak divide the dough into three equalpartsno I’m too[Music][Music][Music]the holiday oneswe’re like they’ll be like a pumpkinyou’re like a chick or a reindeer asnowman I love the smell of this okay soyou know I think I’m gonna combine twowith them to make this yeahI feel like I did this wrong whatever isgoing in thereokay like I should sit longer so youknow we’ll put it here to fluff outpaint it to the sideI’ll give it likejust like firehey now make little rolls with this oneokayI think four is good like you know I’llcut it more okay and they’ll cut you tothese little ones into let me just get aclose-up view[Music]okay next we are going to put this breadinto this little ready holder basketcontainer also has snowflakesit’s April but it’s the one we’re usingyou’re ready sit up oh my gosh mycamera’s gonna fall for 102 time thisvideo fun that’s great stuff also I washmy hands beckoning now the bread it saidlike you know deep love it I don’t knowI’m not a bread maker professionallylet’s lock it in there I’m gonna let itsit for like a minute so it gets intothe conditioning properly okay so in theend these are my breads and they’regoing to go in the oven now yeah I putthat little rolls in here hopefully theydon’t absorb into each other but um wewill find out soon so we over now therolls are ready so let’s see them oh mygosh that one then the white pin is likeexploded the rolls they’re done they’rehard and they’re bred texture okay I’mgonna take out the smallest one it’sburning hot I’ll taste test it in aminute for the taste test here’s half ofthe bread that I cut Haley get out ofthe way that tastes like bread but likegood rug like touches roadhouse breadwhich is the best friend it’s the bigloaf turned out very wella little lopsided on the side it is whatit is this one the tiny loaf I didn’tknow that the bread rose once it goes inthe oven but it kind of looks like megaminebut so very nice so 10 out of 10end of the video bye

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