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Bread Roll in 5 minutes

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Video Transcription

what’s up guys welcome back to me andMoe but the YouTube channel so todaywe’re gonna be making bread rollsaka chicken rolls so without furtherdelays let’s get straight into it soguys as you can see we have the simpleingredients all you have to do is getsome slices of bread like as much as youwant as much redwood you wanna make andthen you have you need ketchup you needsome chicken boy or chicken with pepperon top and you need some cheese and thenyou need some egg to fry the bread rollswith and you just need a little bit ofwater to make the shape of the breadroll so yeah my brothers now when Idemonstrate how to do itso guys as you can see now you get apiece of bread you dip it all to alittle bit slightly the only honey theypull the water out of it then you getsome ketchupnow guys you get some ketchup mybrother’s gonna now just a little bityou have to do it like thatjust pour it on and then we have thegroom and then you spread it with thespoon and spread the ketchup with thespoon and then yeah and then you takethe grilled chicken and cheese and thenyou pour it onto the thing now pieces ofbread piece of bread and as much aschicka-chicka – put on it you can put onthe birds and I can then you roll it upto actually make the shape close thesides so it doesn’t fold out and thenthere’s a shape there’s your shape madeguys so let’s just put that on the sideso now you put in the egg and as youguys can see to actually make it rightdo you like make it ready to fryI go into the play and then you fry butthen we’re going to do it with all ofthese things you just do the same thingwith all of the bread brands slices ofbread and guys you can go as muchketchup or – as you can see now you gotthe bread rolls ready so now we alreadygot the pan and stove ready the storiesand the pan is ready guys you don’t justthrow it in you slowly slowly gentlypour it on to the stove and then on tothe pan yeah so now guys as you can seethat is now bubbling so that means thisthat means is getting fried and putanother one inand goes to each other keep distancebetween all the roads otherwise you’llget no so good so the first one now youflip the first one so guys after 45 to50 seconds you flip it it might looklike a bad but is ready like to go so ithas been about 45 to 60 seconds so nowmy vote is facing them guys make sureyou do it carefully and don’t hurtyourselfso guys now their own flip yes now youwait saying 30 to 45 seconds for them toget fried they’re very soft but likewhen you want their coat they’ll be yeahso guys after 2 1 or 2 minutes they arenow ready to take to be taken off thepan so now go then gently guys you justslowly slowly pour it onto the thingonto the plate slowly very slowly gladyou have to be careful because you cangetas you saw we cook them now ourdelicious bread rolls made cooked by orlike it’s so good that it’s cooked byyour own self like your own self yeahyou know how to read water or chickenroads so yeah now ready to eat deliciousbreads

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