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Making Bread Makes You Remember 🥖(w/ Lauren Lapkus!)

#LaurenLapkus and I will not be making bread during the quarantine. It brings up too many emotions! Latest #LetsGoAtsuko episode out now to listen to wherever you get your podcasts!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

have you made bread in this time Ihaven’t made bread i I’m not you knowI’m I’m not a kitchen person and soquarantine hasn’t changed me yeah yeahyeah it would be really extreme for meto suddenly make bread I never wanted todo that and I really I just have nointerest and but but I do think peoplewere doing it like instantly and therewas something interesting about thatlike this second you have to stay homeeveryone’s like I gotta make my ownbread yeah I’m like that’s not truehahahaif you tap it it sounds Hollow you knowit’s baked that’s what it is like makingbread doesn’t make me forget because ittakes something that makes me rememberlike yes yes I have to make this becausewe’re going to olden timesyeah just like generational trauma willrun through me I don’t think and I don’tthink even it ran in my people it’s notyou know it’s not in my blood but forsome reason I’ll get stories of like youknow Bertha from Ukraine you know and ohmy god women back in the oh justkneading that dough it’s it takes solong it will not help me it’s not anescapism thing I don’t think I know whenI’m seeing a lot of bread turn outpoorly like the people will be like oh Iburned the bottom I’m like well thatsucks like now you don’t eat it yeahyeah yeahfor a whole week because that’s how longbread lasts

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