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Making Bread in lockdown

My latest lock down skills, Baking and making videos 😉

Thanks to Jack

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Video Transcription

well following on for my success frombakery skills 101 lockdown style Ithought I’d give a guy a little videobecause some of you don’t think I canmake my own bread let’s give it a gofirst of all so it’s girls mixing Bobany greed years now but it’s written ina thousand grams of 40 grams of yeast 16grams of salt okay wonderfulthat’s all you need what so zero is cowsI’ve said that’s all you need but let’shave a bit of water shall we yeah nicebit what would my up laundry know isanyway all you do 640 grams of also thiswater it’s the same temperature as theroom so if your room is twin the degreesthe waters 20 degrees similar though I’mso many like that yes tell paint whichat work snowbank which a is my legend heis a youtuber young lad professionalchef turned Baker from Essex CoulombEssex in Kenner a bit funny but he’sreally funny on 640 grams of water whenI mix that with some yeast now bear withme while I cut across the camera andgrab my scissors know what all thislittle into that all 14 grams into that640 grams allI did not the weight because I knowthat’s two sachets of seven crimesfourteen grams and one leave now is aspoon back in a momentwell there is nothing not being preparedand that was nothingI’ll be repaired but so this yeast andthis water need to mix together lot ofpeople give you a quick look you seeDania coming so very nicely so let’sleave that for a secondhere we have all Eastern war all mixedin now what some people would do theyleave that yeast in the water half anhour an hour and come back to it and thereason they do that is because I feel awhile that will start foaming up alittle bit and that’ll tell you thatyour yeast is alive but the sport topacket of yeast open up Australian soI’m pretty sure it’s gonna work if it’snot it’s gonna be rubbish yeast so Imixed it all upmight be a few grains left doesn’tcompletely dissolve but doesn’t matterjust long as nineteen on sit downthat’s cool so reset my scales nowpractice zerodaga coke I mean bag of flour let me seeplug holes in for the one for coca-colasakeAikido we define us the meal is alreadyprepared of from bread flour whateveryou fancy doesn’t matter anyone will doI send the key that you’re 16 grams ofsalt so we’ve got a thousand and sixteengrams and then reset the scales againbecause now 130 grams for portableBoulevardyou spray that now say itnow the liquified tend to try and be asaccurate as possible because you’remissing the man with the hydration ofyour dough now depending on how hydratedor dough isn’t depending how much itwill puff up and wiseI say wise but Jack my legend says puffno like a bear puffmaybe puffs a lot it’s gotta be good nono what bonesywhat anyway oh it’s a little bit to donow it just mix that together just grabmy spatula that’s not a great positionAvenue tips which are over there but itis what it is so all the ingredients inthe bowl just mix it up what you’relooking to do is as much as you can witha spatula well I’ve got all your handsbastards me I found this one’s easy towork withmix it up in so raggedy dog or shaggydogthese quantities are enough to make twoloaves of bread in two-pound low-teenswhich will happen to buy from a place inBorough Market they were quite expensivebut they are wicked I think you say thatyou paint you you get what you pay forand I so deal with these teams I makethis with now I’m against that we’regonna mix it up I get all that flourcombined with the fluids so I can getwith the scraper probably tell me moreno I just got my engine I have washed myhands by the way baby right put a bitcostly right boy Oh before I watch boyplay tree tech used to also made amistake sucking down low so flour ontothe sides when you leave it it didn’tstick to the side but moreoh my Jack has taught me never fair atallthat’s nice and clean so I turn our boatthat one’s aside and basically youshould come away sort of fairly cleanfrom the Bob bill in the fall in aminute I’m going to point straight backin there get off trusty farmer out sowe’re going to set a timer for eightminutes so what I’m gonna do he laughsI’m gonna push down pull over push downpull overdown pull over it’s not shake it out amoment you see it come together now whatwe’re gonna do set a time for eightminutes and here we got eight minutesI’m just gonna just keep on doing thatneeded it five minutes now this wouldget really boring for eight minutes sojust provides it no fur on the side justneed it okay so they’ll be sticky don’tget too heavy anyway bit heel of yourpalm or hand push it down Banco I guessit’ll be sticking up I see just rollingaround you know plates all up againanyway I’ll see you in a few minutesno wider than that miss that miss now that for last five minutes that’s alittle bit tiring but hopefully you’vebeen so oh it’s no longer a shaggy dogor a regular dog it’s now formallyhanging into a more of a elastic balland that’s what you want the elasticitybecause that’s the gluten for me I’mSimon this into my own page but I’m alsogonna share it on somewhat Facebookgroup are followed for making pizza anice bread but the flowers I use isCaputo blue Pizza eraand from out of the lockdown we’ve hadno other flower pot from a 25 kilo bagof it which I ordered a few months backbecause I’ve meant to our pizzas butwith the flour been making breadsourdough sourdough pizza base normalpiece of base and then it’s Amelie a bitof plain flour my go-to and so far it’sworked well we’ve pretty much everythingcolored minutes leftbig shout-out to Harry Webb he’s mystepson ten weeks ago he went down toPlymouth lights world making place hetrained it and he passes out on Fridaybecause it locked out no one can go andsee him so if you do want to see youkeep us up about what we’re getting atvideo or DVD IBM will send you a copywe’ll call it up the YouTube or bookcopy up but yeah their plates inBoystown well bit of a rollercoasterride with all the things that go wrongand go right quite Janice Levin Michaelof I’m in the Royal Navy dad’s group andlike my sonthey let me turn us up their voicebecause they all want to become maybesoldiers again in fact a lot more in theeffort that’s all Friday right about twoo’clock they’ll be marching around thesquare in fear of being videoed life andwill get a cup of youtubers hurricaneyeah does that sit with you boy and pickup the weak bits but you don’t want tobe Japanese you know I only saw us Imean so so I just wallow just push outand for yoga class this is he going nowthis is Jack’s principle five minutes soyou need this for eight minutesno many more noyes good yes basically said there’sloads of ways of working outhe’s your dough ready proven is itwhat he lost his and thing is that thisisn’t recent in Obama’s he just needs iteight minutes and they’re gonna leavetheir line for three minutes becausewhat’s happening now is dog was reallytight it’s even difficult to work withI tell them really come up into a nicesmooth ball somewhat we got to dohe’s now stop need it clearly lot nowset a timer for three minutes just likea speed picks around the back because awife making fudge white chocolate andcranberry white chocolate in most menaloneI thought my first yes get more spatula[Music]wife three minutes to kill yeah you getmy man gone youtube search bakery Jacksitting in a very fat clothes away andthese are we have a growing legend onYouTube especially since lockdownI could claim your fingers off injurebut I don’t bother I just get stuff offme fingers because those dry bits ofdough going back into the main ball buthe said oh I thought a waste it readonly two grams on frying the white thesacrilege meant to grams away whatthat’s my second reference to ignore mejokes the first one was the birds kneesbut you don’t say the pick I mean TaylorMickey sorry I’m swearing what got meenough what we need a so what we’regonna do is you see rag into AB or BCit’s all raggedy on top almost not verysmooth so we’re gonna let that rest foranother minute then the for me into abowl and then we’re gonna put itstraight back into a mixing bowl andleave it for an hour at room temperatureout of the draft because it with thisrecipe so easyI’m gonna ask the hardest part done comeon the second hardest part is washing upso 40 seconds with you oh we can have toput it in there at that time you couldhave mixed it all up first then put wealready laugh there was apparentlydoesn’t make a difference but on butlazy so I stick it on at the same timetastings talk about the rubbish ballTottenham we taught them that rubbishand one second right without let’s justdismiss that alright that’s my electricBen it’s put you down over Tommy goesright so this ball is now ready to makeup now with spatula she’s never been aballerhi can we go this is just kind ofstretch it out so just get in the habitjust pick it up so what we’re gonna dois see whether we didn’t have any flourdown now gonna put a little bit of flourover the top just stop it from stickingon the side this time we want to be ananswer smooth so they’ve been spatulaunder lengthening so nova sticky side upI’m gonna do throw these into a nicestretch of also so cold over if don’tfold over on that way around look whatwe’re doing we’re shaping the dough intoa ball and by putting it over where ifyou stretch in the other side so you cankeep on doing this as many times as youlikeapparently because what we do see that’sa nice smooth ball now back into thebowl it’ll be a flower on top keepsupping the moisture in in a reverse wayso basically makes a sort of seal on theoutside I’ll keep some of the moisturein I haven’t got a matching bait withdough proving Clough but I have got atea towel over the top keep it soft offprince hamad shop we’re going to leavethat now for an hourI know you can’t see me but I’ll see youback there now yes you go okay so weneed it out though stuck it into thebowl off the formula nice all covered alittle layer of dust on it up and leftit for an hourso what we hope now hope you see thatthat’s puffed up really well that’s goodnews because that tells us when we doour next prove it’s gonna be nice andpuff puff for the other one so we have anice soft loaf of bread now what we needto do now what do we need to do thatwe’ve got too much here for one Lopeswhat we’re gonna do we’re going to takeit out of Bowl split it into two loavesand then get it ready for proving yourbed Tufts on the side not literally alittle bit take our scrape up by the wayended up with squeaking earlier on thatwas buddy now buddy was stuck in thefront room he couldn’t go out at thegarden so always do eat ye but then oncehe’s probably saw it out now so run myscraper around the outside of the bowlto get its loosened up as much aspossible and then we’re gonna turn thison to the side floured side down stickyside up I’ll move the bowl went out theways time because I keep knocking itearlieralright so this is moving around alittle bit lovely push it down just alittle bit and there’s two it’s a lot ofdough and we could spend a bit of timesplit your names to of scales but I’mnot gonna but it’s gonna be just nevercut put it apart cut put it pop topthey’re roughly the same size so onthere do is we’re gonna form these intosome lovely nice balls and thenmaybe stick it underneath a bit more abit more dust and then we’re gonna putit over this time maybe yeah littlesqueaks you can he’s actually littlepockets of air coming outoh boy which is a Kris sign because itmeans that it’s rich rising nicely andthen over and then as Jack says someother classic classic cup into Cup andso nice pockets building out my squeezethem must bore it we’re gonna form anice Oh somebody did it oh yeah look atthat they’re coming loads of this that’sa good signget over inside pretty much the niceboss over there forget over and then theclassic puffs and turns his checkup inturn classic when watch this video fakebitch at YouTube won 2-0 making a youspray will show you what about theclassic Cup and turn and you put itaside and you see ya give it a luckydouble tap now these are looking good solittle bit of dustso then because we’ve worked that intoballs again this might be a necessityquite tired so we’re going to cover itplug it before but this time 15 minutesto let that go settle down again becomemore elastic and so we get one into ourfinal proof and I’ll see you in 15minutes I’ve come back a minute earlynow what do you need PT olive oil just alittle just a little dab of olive oilhere I think oh wait what you need to do12 porn Ivy gets hitshe’s doing always that but putting outbut then it sticks to your bloody team Idon’t know what it’s quickly the flushnever died he was talking oh the parentswere talking they said the f-wordaccidentally and then unknow somethinghe said the f-wordapparently Louie’s team gets that alittle coat yeah well just to help itdon’t not stick into it when it’s cookedoh yes they puffed up lovelyokey dokey I’ve done myself any favorslike my major any spice there to workwith something out away spatula how Isaid before need to keep up a stickyside and that’s rightpush that over there and then bear dustnot see much again don’t want to changethe hydration right at the dough let mework it that’s great over sticky side upthis is all sticky inside why aren’tthere now and push down on it becausewe’ve left it for 15 minutes it’s madeit nice and durable we’re doing asprinter you know like wrinkles orstretch marks when you do it if you trystress all you got to do is push it downand yell naturally or answer silicone asyou push down and see Hilda poppies upthere and get what’s qualities on a goodsignleave so it’s not gonna stick on theside so this time what we’re gonna doput out straight like that and then foldover and push it down it seems a bitChan to burn up see if I’m not gonna airI spent their time trying to get in andthen fold over we have a side roughlythis then should be the weight for thetin and then oh boyyeah look a bit of a roll and see I hopeyou can see that in the camera and thenwe’re gonna push them out there’s somewrong yeah coming anywhere this is gonnapop up I’ll be this one now we need todo now it’s cut that a bit fastall right for the seams push time myselfI saw a knife but someone I’m gonna makea little splice in there it’s makingthese little slices on top squeeze thatlovely pattern when it cooks see thatit’s lovelydon’t want my dog to stick okay beforespatula around turn it overjust stick you saw it up push it downget over here and just push him downand natural surfboard temptation frompigs are making what number one it’sthey’re not pushing down at the edgesbecause only the pizza you push it downthere you leave the edge in there tomake a nice crust but I want to keep anice crosses I’m on get around obviouslywanna make a nice you’re gonna pay soyou wanna pick it up and give it a spinbut was it that one nicely bit bit dustin the wind was definitely the stick alittle tiny bit yeahphony over that’s been of course they dofingertipsbeside okay Bob was coming over therethat’s a good slide because the lastWi-Fi Mike wasn’t as good didn’t everwheeze Bob would come up my babe nowit’s pretty heavy too heavywouldn’t that bad it was just too heavybut this one looks nice and there bevery good suspend before like a roll andseal it push it inside pushing soundpushing the time no well not mysourdough I’m gonna be a lot gentlerthan this but this should be quite firmaround then see dustthis is before we go what getting readyfor our final proof it’s a squeaky soundjust like bunny does when he’s whingingso you don’t want loads of flour on thetop because soon as you put it in theoven it’ll burn so two hours breath in atent same before then covered him upsaid it’s on the for one hour well inactual fact what I do I set a timer forthirty minutes they’ll come in like theoven so I preheat the oven for half anhour so half an hour timer preheat theoven another hopper that’s Alma see youin an hourno I’ve come back a minute early becauseI got to prepare the dough now all youneed to eat eat eat olive oil just alittle just a lit what type of olive oilhe rides in and wait what you need to dotwelve-point idea teeth he’s doingalways that but putting out but then itsticks to your bloody teamanother with children watching thislittle Noahthere’s quickly the flash the other dayhe was talking oh the parents but theysaid the f-word accidentally and then uhknows I mean he said the f-wordaccidentally apparently it’s done soloser team gets that a little coat yeahwell just that help you don’t not stickinto it when it’s cooked two secondswash my hands yourself for singing rightlet’s have a look at these bad boys ohyes they puffed up lovely okey dokeyI haven’t got myself any favors like mymajor any spice there to work with someout-of-the-way spot to the house I saidbefore we need to keep up a sticky sideand the dry side pushed over there andthen bared us not too much again don’tto change the hydration right at thedough let me work it that’s very goingover sticky side up this is all stickyinside one out there now and push downon it because we’ve left it for 15minutes it’s made it nice and durableMadonna Springer you did not likewrinkles or stretch marks when you do itif you try and stress all you got to dois push it down and yell naturally foranswer silicone as you push down and seeHilda poppies up there and littlesquirrel she’s all a good sign leave soit’s not gonna stick on the sidein thereso this time what we’re gonna do give usput out straight like thatand then fold it over and push it downseems a bit can’t open up see if I’m notgonna air I spend their time trying toget in it and then fold over the otherside roughly this then should be theweight for the tin yeah okay bit of arock and see how I hope you can see thatin the camera and then we go push themroll them roll them upyeah come anywhere is it gonna pop I’mnot be this one no what we need to donow it’s cut that a bit dust all rightfor the seams pushed white myself I sawa knife okie-dokie right someone I’mgonna make a little splice in there it’smaking these little spices on sockslovely pattern when it cooks see that Idon’t want my dog to stick I can’t saybefore suspension around so many howeversticky so it up push it down get overhere out of it and just by pushing downform and natural sir cordtemptation from Pink’s of making whatnumber one it’s a not pushing down atthe edges because only the piece a youpush it down then you leave the edge inthere to make a nice crust but I want tokeep a nice crosses I’m on get all theair out I wanna make you wear the paceyou want to pick it up and give it aspin but was it that one I said but itdust in the wind was definitely thestick a little tiny bit for yaphony over there and of course they dofingertips okay Bob was coming overthere mr. grits why because the lastWi-Fi mic wasn’t as goodI didn’t ever wheeze Bob would come onmy vibe now pretty heavy too heavywouldn’t that bad it was just too heavybut this one looks nice in the beachvery good so same for like a roll andseal itpush it inside pushing it sound pushingthe time no well that makes our time I’mgonna be living this but this should beoh there we gowhat getting ready for our final proofit’s a squeaky sound just like bunnydoes where he’s wind you so you don’twant loads of flour on the top becausesoon as you put it in the oven it’llburn so two hours breath in the tentsaying before I’m covered him up set atimer for one hourwell in actual fact why do I set a timerfor 30 minutes they’ll come in like theoven so I preheat the oven for half anhour so half an hour timer preheat theoven another hopper that’s all see youin an hourokay so now bill to the banking side I’mhalfway through my last hour improvingI’ll switch to have enough to get spotnumber six and here we go it’s popped upreally really well into the oven Banglawriting all the air out same way thatone popped up check it out nice andsymmetrical grab the kilt thisinterrupts it’s ending a bombnice big stain and I’m gonna leave thatto cook for 40 minutes I guess no sexokay so we’re back the timer’s about togo off in less than a minute it’s beencooking in the oven cast among six let’ssee what these babies come out I can’twait the last minute it’s gonna clear itthat’s it what let’s get these oh lookit’s lovely stunning turn the cows offyou can see them although the camerapicks up beautiful no for bread Austinon the bottle I made a mistake one day Iturned on that one-city worried wreckand then just picked up the tinsforgetting even just come out the ovenI’m doing an airy November fast but notreally much effort just timings ready tolobster breadoh by the way don’t mention itI learnt this from bakery jack on paperJack on YouTube you can pick up on thatbut I oh it just feels good it justfeels good listenthat’s all what sighs thank you verymuch see you next time

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