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Making Bread For The First Time To Stay Busy 🥖

I made bread because I thought it would be fun and I also I have a lot of flour that I need to use.

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Video Transcription

I’m going to a grocery store Hey I’dlike a little anxious about it becausethey don’t want to see empty shelvesbecause I feel like it’s gonna make memore anxious but I wanted to go out on awalk and also very soon I’m going tohave a different size kitchen that’sgonna be much smaller so I’m trying touse of course as much food as possibleright you know that is not perishableand I really I swear that was my spamI’m sorry I really want to make somebread because I have heard that all ofthe bread aisles are empty at grocerystores so I have a lot of flour I don’tknow what else you need for Brad Iquickly looked over what you needed forbreath and I don’t have yeast and Ithought hmm maybe not everybody isthinking about buying nice right now soI’m going on a little walk right now youknow to just be outside for a little bitit felt so good to be outside becausewhen I’m not working indoors I am in myapartment indoors so I got to be fun togo in and walk and just look for yeast Iam gonna go to Whole Foods and trying todo you have yeast because I don’t thinkeverybody has been buying yeast becausenot everybody thinks about making theirown food or at least bread because it isa little bit more hard and because Ihave so much flourI want to make banana bread maybe likecupcakes or something I’m gonna makebread for the first time we’re just soexcited about hopefully it turns outgood because if it doeswaste of food and I really don’t want todo that right now but I’m just so happyto be outdoors and also I had coffeetoday but I just goofy make me so happylike I’m not to say McAndrew javac butit legit makes me happy I drink it andI’m like it’s gonna be okay[Music]Wow it is legit I’m fine like there’s alot of food so I am so happy cuz I’mdefinitely going to find some yeast andbe able to make some bread so a guy justtold me that that’s where they activeyeast is so he’s gonna go look for itfor me because they don’t have any whatis making me nervous is the amount ofpeople that are here and I’m trying tostay away from people but we keeping inthe same aisles he’s gonna go look forme and it’s gonna take a few minutes Ithink I’m just gonna buy some stuff Iknow it’s hopefully it’s gonna be moreexpensive than if I went anywhere elsebut I’m already here might as well buysomewhere pretty but look at all thisthese dreams it makes me so happy to seeis definitely gonna get some sparklingwater cuz I love sparkling water and Ifeel like I should treat myself I’mgonna get a basket remember mind Ididn’t end up grabbing the basketbecause they didn’t have ease so I’mjust gonna try and go to another WholeFoods it’smy apartment grocery stores aren’t asbad as I thought they were gonna be andI’m not as anxious as I thought I wasgonna be which makes you so happyit is much later in the day and I knowdifferent Whole Foods and they reallyreally hope that they have some yesbecause I am starving and I have somedip at home that I would love to spreadon this bread it’s really right for thatorder why I thought that was so good[Music]in back home and I changed intosomething a little bit more cozy when Ifirst looked at the nutritional yeastsection I saw empty boxes and I was likeoh man and I just went down and it’sbeen buried back in the second one downthey had some they had a bunch actuallythey had two unopened boxes and so I gotto because I hear that making bread canbe like a touch-and-go kind of thingbecause the water supposed to be acertain temperature so I got six andalso if it’s really good I can continuemaking bread they didn’t have butter cuzI also want to make some kind of cookiemaybe oatmeal cookies or so I got veganbutter I already have been using thisfor a really long time I already like itand because I am starving and I know thebreads not gonna be done for Hitler thehours I bought some salmon it wascoconut mango coconut marinated salmonthat sounds so goodthis baby was $16 for just over a poundbut when you’re hungry you make stupiddecisions but I’m gonna get this startedit is to dissolve this and a quarter cupwith warm liquid this is 110 to 115degrees I don’t have any way to measurethat but I do like to go to the hot tuba lot and I know that’s about 104degrees yeah204 degrees so maybe if I just touch itto hot temperatures one day this is notbig enough but I might have to empty outmy fruit bowl in order to fit it and Ineed to look up a recipe for breadbecause this only tells you what to doin order to make this right I think thishas to like bubble up a little bit oh mygosh I don’t think I’ve ever even heardof how to make a loaf of bread and thenI’m going to add a tablespoon a teaspoonof sugar and wait for for the foam todouble in volume that seems easy enoughthat is all that it says so that’s whatI’m gonna do right now cuz I’m reallyhungry so I’m gonna do this and then getstarted on making actual dinner cuz it’sgonna be a snack for later I am sohungry you know what this reminds meyou’re making kombucha custom kombuchayou have to feed your Scobie sugar inorder for it to continue to grow andhere you’re feeding some kind of yeastsome sugars so that it can grow andliterally just stuff my finger in it Ifeel like when I go in the hot tub if Itouch the water with my hand I don’tburn it why is this measuring cup soadvanced 800 it says avoid liquidtemperatures above 140 degrees as thiswill harm the yeast oh no this is gonnabe hard I feel like it’s there it’s notburning my hand anymore okay I’m gonnatry it either as I hope this worksbecauseI really wanted some bread okay mixed itup kind of looks like rotten milk okay Ithink it’s working the yeast looked niceand fluffy so I mixed in some flour andsalt printed some instructions I foundonline and so now I’m gonna let it restfor 15 minutes it looks so tiny I thinkit’s gonna be one loaf of bread justenough for today but that’s okay cuz ifit comes up really yummy and then I canjust make some every day for six daysbecause I have six yeast packages aslong as I don’t mess up the watertemperature this looks really small Idon’t know if it actually got any biggerit’s been an hour so it’s working it gotbigger yay okay I have to knead it againfor a couple minutes and then I have tolet it rest for another hour I thinkI’ll be how they run around midnighttodayone last time of needing this and I’mgoing to put it on a baking sheet waitan hour and then I can finally finallybake it and it’s currently 10 to 40 p.m.okay wait 45 more minutes and I can putit on the oven I think I’m gonna getready for bedbecause usually I gonna put it like 2a.m. but today I’m just exhausted butthey are so cute know what I justrealized this is what I use to measurethe water but this is a dry measuringcup I should have done this this is awet measuring cup this is now full see Iwould dripping and there’s the waterleft over it means I didn’t use enoughwater I’m just gonna try and heat it andcut into it oh no a little hard to cutinto I’m also afraid that I didn’t putenough salt in it because I don’t thinkI put a whole teaspoon of salt ortablespoons I hear what they asked forbut I have some dip right here I’m gonnatry my breath you know what let me turnthe rod by itself firstso it’s not good but it’s simple not badit doesn’t taste like French breadthey’re just a little too hard I thinkit’s because it was such little doughand I left it in the oven for the full25 minutes we’re in the recipe they madea huge huge batch this was probably thiswas a quarter batch of what I saw onlineand so I definitely overcooked it thistook me way too long but honestly itkept me really busy after work inbetween waiting I did a shower and Ileft out a little bit I watched somevideos so at least this kept me someonehappy and active and now I know that allyou need to make bread is flour sugarsalt and yeast and I’m like 5 hoursanyways I’m gonna continue to makevideos not just because there’s you knowa quarantine or self shelter or whateverbut because I need to do more thingsafter work and I do have my otherchannel that’s about acting this channelwill be about acting this channel it’sjust about me doing things and makingbread no probably not gonna make breadagain on this channel I’m the kind ofperson that’s like oh this is OK andthen I eat everything you know what Ireally want no oatmeal cookies

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