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making basic bitch banana bread

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Video Transcription

so we’re watching 90-day fiance and mygirls are here there’s mom and yeaheither decorating my house with mydildos thank you oh yeah don’t want tosighs but guys the breadcheck out my tick-tock I did it I wasvery excited I mean I didn’t have helpbut um what any thought any real letteroh reallyokay serve them all right so I’m gonnago finish my tick-tock I finally did itI’m so glad why do you make this it wasa group effort cause Kelly found theflower for me so thanks Kelly how’s agood background okay all right now Igotta go beam we’re gonna do a littlebit of a taste test but I need to pressit tick tock first you’ve got I gotpaint a tick tock it’s still one of mypriorities these days so I don’t knowwhat’s more valuable the loaf of breador my 400 our Tiffany’s please find usan ugly mommy might need to get a littlecloser a taste that’s my key frame andmukbanglucky how we gonna block himI will you sure so don’t you try it -okay okay all rightso you pull the book over a little bitmore okay okay it is my room all rightguys you ready to try my banana yeah[Music]what piece do you guys want the middleoh I don’t know when you actually justserved me yeah I can you want a middlepiece which one you want that oneno but one that I tell ya I made it lookpretty but I didn’t uh I kind of all theway through okay almost there it’salmost there[Music][Laughter]all right let me see you want maya32what did you take yourswhat’s one month’s the best key limethey all they’re three that look good tome what you know you get that one do youthink what’s the best I think you shouldtake that one I think you should takewhy I think I’m gonna take a certainease okay your mom whoa I’ll take thisone this one what’s nice and gooeyactually I like a gooey one so you guyshere go for it okay mom will block himoh no man what do you love um I’m realbutter the margarine margarine me – Idon’t know I’m Marthayou want the butter mm-hmm my buddy itsmells good oh that’s good no thank youokay so you don’t some margarine runnersoh yeah the first night I got trainingso it’s what’swhite powder something illegal stuff soI was trying to soak up the greasebaking soda are we ready um you tryyourselfhi miss Rogers movie yeah I was justwaiting for you guys to get Oh should wedo the first play on tick-tock Ohprobably all right let me just do thefirst bite and tick-tock and then we’llcome back okaywait an hour first one you love itmm-hmm cuz I remember when you makethings yourself you’re like maybe bananabread for the far gone bananas arecotton I see one web host its cuisine higuys we’re gonna finish watching Mondayme on same mm-hmmyou’re all like it yeah we need thatthird bring up

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