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Make Bread With Me: First Attempt At Sourdough

Using the book “Bread Baking for Beginners” by Bonnie O’Hara:

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Video Transcription

okay so today I’m gonna be making somesourdough bread it’s my first time evermaking this recipe I’ve been workingthrough the bread baking for beginnersbook by Bonnie O’Hara who loved it solet’s go over ingredients postedeverything on the screen here you’reprobably wondering what polish isfoolish is basically like a starter forthis our dough so you have to make itthe night before it takes about 12 to 16hours to set and it is 200 grams offlour 200 grams of water and a quarterteaspoon of yeast you’re going tocombine that all in a large containerwith the lid loosely on and let that setovernight for about 12 to 16 hours andwhen you come back in the morning itshould be doubled in size okay so thisis your temperature calculation it’svery important that you have the correctcalculation so that your dough turns outnicely and this is found on page 21 ofthe book[Music]so now in a large mixing bowl and addingwater this is the poolish that’s goingin here so now the book does say thatyou should also add your yeast I’m usinginstant yeast which has to be mixed withdry ingredients believe me I’m chargedto mix it with the water don’t wasteyour time goes in with the dry it looksa little bit different than what therecipe calls for I think it’s okay itstill turned out good so now I’mcombining the flour and the yeasttogether and then this is going to go ontop of the water so I’m adding the flourand the least on top of the water beforewe mix that together I’m gonna add mysalt well it doesn’t say any specifictype that you have to use this is theone I have on hand using my hands to mixI’m gonna mix it up I never know if Imix the dough well enough I don’t knowit always works though so we’re gonnaleave it for about 30 minutes then oncethat’s up we’re gonna flour ourworkspaceand put the dough onto the counter I’musing a scraper to help get it out ofthe bowland we’re gonna need this so you want topress into it with your the heels ofyour palms and pull backwards so we’reneeding our dough this is going to takeabout five to ten minutes you want it tobe tight and really smooth by the end ofthis it took me about seven minutes itshould look like this when it’s done I’mputting it back into the bowl and it’sgoing to rise for three hours total soyou want to put some flour on a kitchentowel and this is going to cover thedough so we’re gonna take off thefloured towel at about an hour andthirty minutes because we want to do acouple of letter folds so you want topull it back and on top of itself[Music]so keep doing this until it becomesdifficult to pull the dough[Music]putting it back into the bowl and we’regoing to wait another hour and 30minutes when you take the towel off nowit should be a lot larger show resinquite a bit we’re taking it out of thebowlso now we’re dividing the dough into twothis recipe makes two loaves and we’regoing to be doing what’s called seamfolding so similar to the letter foldsthat we were doing you’re going to pullthe dough backwards and instead ofpulling it all the way around you’rejust pulling it into the center so thatwhen you pull the next side around itmeets in the middle kind of like a seamwe’re gonna rest this for twenty tothirty minutes we come back they’ll be alittle bit larger as you can see andwe’re gonna do that again and we’restarting to see some really fluffy doughyou’ll see a lot of air bubbles likethat huge air mole right thereair bubbles are good you want yoursourdough to have a lot of air bubblesat least that’s what the book says I amNOT an expert and I’m still learningokay I got this from Amazon it’s a woodimproving basket and it came with alinen cover as well so you want to putflour in there and then you are going toput your dough into the proofing basketand it’s going to proof for an hour in30 minutes since there’s two loaves Idon’t have to proofing basket so I justuse a salad bowl and a floured kitchentowel for the second one my loaves lookfunny I’m not sure why I do they’venever looked like this beforebut I mean it turned out great so maybeit’s just what the this new recipe callsfor but they look hilarious I don’t knowokay so it’s been an hour and thirtyminutes I took it out of the proofingbasket flipped it over and now I amcarving an X into it this just gives ita nice shape while the dough is proofingearlier I preheated the oven to 475degrees with the Dutch oven inside so itwould heat up with the oven and get thatnice steam I bake this with the lid onfor 25 minutes then I took the lid offfor another 10 and this is the finishedproduct I know I need a better breadknife it was awful but here’s the insideyou’ll see some air bubbles[Music]okay both loaves are out of the ovenI’ve already started eating it but itturned out really nicely I hope you tryit and definitely get the book it’s alot of fun to work[Music]

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