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how are you – okay so we’re just goingto wait for – couple of seconds until wehit 9:00 a.m. on the dot is it 9:00’s all right now so we’re gonna waitwhich is gonna pin a comment on youInstagram and then we’re gonna startwe’re doing some bread this morning goodlet’s do it go live like coffee I hadintensegood morning which is just gonna pin acomment everyone we are doing bread thismorning and you guys have been askingfor this since I posted that recipe ahit’s gonna be deliciousI’ve already made it I’m gonna show youlike the steps so what we need but damnit’s my kitchen smells like what does itsmell like double is just like carbs Ohlike bread good morning everyone hellohello hello okay so got 150 people inalready okay so that would have beenreally loud for my mic so everybody sowe are doing a fresh bread this morningit’s really easy ingredients that youshould have in your pantry – the yeastbecause the yeast is so hard to findright now and getting myself on livesthat I can read the comments so fingerscrossed you have the ingredients all wereally need is plain flour a bit of theyeast and some warm water then we haveour options which are like some bitterherbs and spices here in there so I’mvery excited the kind of use fresh juiceand if so how much I haven’t used freshyeast in this recipe before but quicklittle google tell you that answerbecause I haven’t actually used itbefore I just use the dried packet it’sa lot easier for me so I tried thegluten free version this morning itwasn’t amazing so I’m gonna say don’t goin and do gluten free flour just yet -let me come up with a recipe that suitsbecause it’s just that I’ll show youwhat it didn’t it literally although itlooks kind of cool it’s like Dead’s aslike it’s not bad but I wouldn’t sayit’s my favourite so I think you mightneed to put like a little bit of bakingpowder or something just to make it alittle bit lighterum I’m not 100% sure so I want to liketest that restagain all we need is a teaspoon of yeastso what we’re gonna do we’re gonna go inI’ve got a bowl first thing I have got amixer which I bought from Kmart $69 hellyeahI bought basically I bought this becauseI was like I’ve never used one beforeand I really wanted to last night when Imade the bread it was like a thousandtimes easier to do it like this and itcame up really soft so I’m not sayingyou have to go rush out and buy one ofthese but if you do want to make yourown bread and you love doing it maybeconsider investing in one at $69 it’snot too badI wouldn’t go and buy a KitchenAidthat’s like 5 million dollars but yetsee how we go so I’ve got the bowl herethat goes into this whole thing um oh mygod someone’s from Miami Mitch youjealous I am jealous ok 3 cups of plainall-purpose flour so we’ve got three forone that I’m going to use a sieve but Iput it into a sea of so I can sift it inthere so make sure it’s all soft too gotthree big cups that and then throw thatin there someone said to use fresh yearso you just triple the amount of dryyeast good thank you very much for thatall right Doug okay let’s lift it inthere sorry just a bowl with just someflour and there are young my own mixeskalamata olives in her bread mmmdeliciouslove your yeah okay then we have somewarm water now here is the little tip ifyou use boiling water you’re gonna killit and it’s not going to work and likeyeast is something that is just the mostannoying thing ever like it dies youkill it you can freeze it it’s just toohard you know me so you need likelukewarm waternot everyone has a thermometer in theirhouse so I’m not going to like to lighta thermometer at you just literally needsomething that is like when you put onyour hand you’re kind of like it’s notwarm it’s not cold that’s like the kindof tip that we want so I’m gonna open apacket this is half a teaspoon mixtureso I’ll use two of these we’re gonna putit in there so that is lukewarm isn’t ityeahOh what say I what would you a dollop sowhy don’t you even Aidid it once it’srisen and then we’re gonna knead itagainthat’s when you would add all your flatbring so once you want it’s alreadyrisen you’ve left it for four or fivehours or whatever it is that’s when youstart needing it so I’m just gonna whiskthis in here to make sure it alldissolves in okay now if you don’t havea mixer though absolutely fine you don’tneed one I this that literally lastnight was the first time I had tried andI was like super excited about it yeswhen in one teaspoon of yeast in someone-and-a-half cups of warm water soI’ve got that there one and a half cupswhich is 300 mils sorry oh no that’s notright should be 500 oh yeah one halfyeah yeah I said around three hundredand yeah 350 mils almost 400 mils ofwarm water then we’re gonna put that inhere so when you’re doing it with a likewith mixer you just pour it in whileit’s mixing and just let it go if you’redoing with your hands pour it in get aspoon kind of just like try and mix ittogether make a little well mix ittogether really easily then chuck it outon your bench and you’re gonna startkneading so I’m gonna throw it in thismachine I kind of want to do it so I canshow you guys how these machines workbecause I thought it was like so coollast night so I was like I don’t havewhat it’s revolutionary oh no it cameout a little bit more okay all right youonly gonna be able to see this much it’slike it’s good sure thingokay this is what showbiz is guys allright it’s not actually that loud whichI was like super worried about becausethe bait is a super loudalright so that’s all dissolved in therethat’s perfect you kind of want to seesome bubbles at the top does anyone needany helpfingers crossed how much water hammerokay so right now three cups of siftedplain all-purpose flourwe’ve got one and a half cups of waterwith one teaspoon of yeastI used a recipe the other day that Ihappened in half a teaspoon and that’swhat’s on my website but I’ve done whata teaspoon and that worked fine as wellso either raw so we’re going to pourthis turn this on and pour this onwhoohow cool thisI’m so excited this is the best thingever right done they’re just going tomix itself if you were doing this you’dbe getting it with a spoon and movingand moving and moving it and then we’regoing to dump out on our bench so supercoffee mm-hmm Mitch say can you make itinto bread rolls absolutely you couldjust make smaller versions and that’sabsolutely fine removing it it’s sobeautifuloh my gosh so basically it stickstogether in a clump and then it slowlygoes out and it’s really smooth and it’slike a pillow I love using this amazingamazing well at work but I have a sisteryeah don’t worry about it you need oneI’m not the biggest likes fancy pens youdon’t need that one I’m gonna push thisout of the way let it do it saya couple one more minute today we’regonna put flour on our bench so yougotta check it on here just probablylike half a cup quarter cup whatever youlike just make sure your bench isfloured how long does this bread lastuntil it goes off I probably put it inthe freezer after two or three days justcuz it is fresh doesn’t have any ofthose preservatives in it that you doget at the shops be careful with it a[Applause]wraplet’s lift and see bring back in focuslift and see we’ve got some goodnessthis is good I’ll just get this off ohyeah oh yeah oh good for thatit’s bready you need to probably likeone more minute in this mixer thingbecause I want it to be smooth we’ll tryagainit’s so hard to find youth right now thework[Applause]yeah stop it that’s enough no we’re notwe get fresh yeast is best use yes freshyeast is definitely delish but likeeasier to find easy to store like sodepending on how if you how often youmake the bread it’s absolutely fine todo either/or okay so this machine is abit dodj I’ll pull this pull this bowlout okay yeah you should have kept it abit more yeah I know but like we ain’tgot time for that stuffso a couple of minutes last night I didabout five minutes in here and it wasperfect so but it’s totally fine too sousually yes if you’re using a mixer doit if you’re using your hands you’re notgonna be obviously mixing that for 15minutes okay so we’re gonna put it getthe flour and kind of put it all over soit doesn’t make sure should be stickylike it should be sticky and then we’regonna make it a little bit like other toit better so you gonna push it away fromyou grab it and then roll in a flourit’s like if you use one of these mixesit’s really um it’s like a pillow likeit’s really doughy like it’s the otherone like when I do it with my hand it’snot so much so if you’re doing it withyour hands you’re basically gonna groupeverything togethermake sure the flowers on it if it’s toosticky add more flour if it’s um alittle bit too runny add a little bitmore water I’m sorry if it’s true thatcan’t be add some more water but youshould be basically like like a pillowyou should be able to put your hand init and should be able to like just bringback at you so this looks really goodfoods really nice you kind of want towork it for a like a good 10 or sominutessomeone said have I put salt with it noI don’t put salt in it yeah I put saltin it once it’s risen and then we do itbecause like there’s all these thingsthat you read about if you put salt andyeast together at the start it can likekill it and blah blah blah so like Ijust want to make sure um I will addsome black olives for sure young thatbeads yes no you have a bread that’sfree of olives get lost okay so sobasically once you’ve done kneading ityou’re gonna basically knead it into acircle and do it like this can you seehow that’s like a little ball it’s likea perfect little ball it’s really smoothon the top that’s exactly what you wantto look fornow that is perfect amazing I’m gonna goget some olives because we are doingthis Mitchell no we may as well this iswhat showbiz is and I even have choppedup olives with you awesomeeven better okay so what you’ve madeonce this is done that’s perfectly finethat’s literally all you need to doyou’re going to grab and put some flourinto the bottom of the bowl you don’tneed a lot of it grab it as the bowl aball grab it like this and just sit atthe bottom of the bowl then you’re goingto cover it with some either with someglad for like some plastic wrap orwhatever it’s called I always call itglad wrap but it’s not a cobbler upthat’s the bread clean feel just do alittle bit on there there so gonna coverit like that and then cover it with thetea towel and then put it somewhere warmso if you if your oven has thereproofing um setting use that and it willtake longer but if you don’t it’s we canput it in there I usually let it risefor about 4-5 hours best thing I didlast night was put it on last nightliterally took two seconds with that andthen chucked it on the bench and it roseor overnight and you can make it freshin the morning no you don’t need to overthis bowl at all it’s at least so fineyou just need to flour it a little bitum so something I prepared a little bitearlierthis is really shy bees yeah I do thisis really real okay now someone said I’mmessy my nonno oil it your no no oilseverything my oils everything eventhings he doesn t know you don’t need tobut you can if you want to I don’t and Ididn’t mean to okay so this is havingrisen overnight this is exactly what wekind of want to look for look at thatstick look so I’m not even gonna bothergetting rid of that so just gonna throwthat in there but how good is that soit’s like Airy it’s um it looks reallygood it’s sticky it’s actually a reallyreally good mix you kind of want to seeholes everywhere you want to see it puffupif it’s not puffed up at this pointthat’s probably about 3000 things thatyou could have done wrong which is thewater and the yeast is the biggest onethat I’ve noticed when I put hot waterin that did not work at all so just yeahjust be careful with that someone yeahby the way guys if you make bread allthe time and you’ve got tips foreveryonetuck them in the comments and I readthem out so someone said with a colderweather trick is to put the bowl in anoven that’s heated at 40 degrees toproof for an hour that’s perfect so ifyour oven has a proofing setting or justChuck on 40 degrees for an hour and itwill rise perfectly but yeah right nowwe’re in a bit of winter so it’s a bitcold my house was warm last night so Ihave to write about four ish hours twoto three to four hours depending on howwarm your house is like if it’s a reallywarm wherever you are is really warmright now it’ll rise in an hour if it’scold three four hours yeah or overnightovernight easy like you just literallyput it together you can chuck it could Ialso put on a crock pot on live for 30minutes amazing okay so this is what I’mdoing I’m just getting one of theselittle spatulas putting them getting itoff the bowl and it doesn’t stick to theball you think it would it reallydoesn’t um we’re going to then flip itout onto the bench it’s already flouredthey wrote in chalk that cuz we did thatthing before um pop it out onto the bedso you have like doughy and like lightand fluffy it is so yeah this is thebest I love it all right hehe so this isthe part where we can do fun stuff thisis where you bring the bread to lifehonestly you bring this to life so justgonna check a little bit of flour on topso when I say you need you need threecups of flour you probably need aboutfour four and a half just for dustingand all that kind of stuff so make sureyou have a little bit more okay I’mgonna put it all over the top then we’rejust gonna knead it a little bit I don’tneed this a lot because I don’t think itneeds it because doesn’t need it doesn’tneed to be needed but it’s always goodjust tell you just to need a little bitmore um what I say is this sourdoughbread so this is not a sourdough bread Iam gonna make sourdough starter it’slike if you don’t if you know I so youknow it makes our dough solder are youreally in I so so I was gonna make someeither today or tomorrow you just need abio certain flourI’m gonna research the out of itand then hopefully I’ll give you guys agood recipeit does take seven days though likereally yeah it’s ages yeah it’sridiculous okay so now we add all thatflavoring so you can add salt you canadd Oregon oh I’ve got salt Oregon ohand olives I’m gonna add all of them Ilove that my mom used to bake breadevery morning that is amazing you are solucky so we’re gonna add big pinch ofsalt this bread actually needs salt soif you’re not gonna do any other flavorsput salt into it anyway just because itdoesn’t taste it just tastes likenothingif you don’t obviously to set it pullout okay so I’m gonna do itsomeone said leave the bread in yourbowl in your car to rise good one okay alittle bit of Oregon I’m not gonna puttoo much because Kayla bloody complainedlast night I last time I made it showsit okay so then a little bit of olivesI’m just gonna rip them up so don’t havelike big chunks of olives although thechunky olives is delish I made abeautiful starter with all-purpose flouramazing so that’s good I’m gonnaresearch research and have a look Ireally really want to do it so this isolive we’re gonna do olive an Oregon nobread you can even put some feta in hereyou could do any of that stuffyes Mitch should we put some feta in doyou guys want fetayes I’ll have a feta Bret how youserious have you been living do you knowwhat guys Mitch didn’t even know thatMeghan Marshall and Harry slash of theroyal familyI probably I’d if I was gonna go tomusic I was gonna row grave with him hewas like hey like Brit I am thedigestion in the office she was liketelling me a chimichurri like as if Leeyou would know that and rang me and Iwas like who theI wouldn’t you mean like of course theywork so yeah anyway he listens tonothing no you just don’t listen to lifebut the earsbring on the Feder okay so let’s getsome feta in here one second if we havethat I hope we do I like I don’t know ifwe actually not oh my goodness guys Idon’t have Feder what is this fake Greekhouse onbetter that’s a really depressing getsome feta on that list plus because thatis not okay okay literally was all legitI know he doesn’t listen like youliterally okay this dough is perfect soold olives I like worked in there let’sjust put some more we can’t see them ontop they’re not in there okay so workingin there I almost a agree you know whatI think mum throw it out the other waycuz its melt which is I also being fatGreek why would you not use your tenkilo feather thing I can’t believe itunbelievable but do you go okay you knowwhat I’m gonna show you my Greek nasawyou wait one second thank you very muchthis is what I have from Bethelhomegrown olives homemade I lose thankyou very much so give me my greatnesstitle back thank you okay all right Kobiso that you’ve done olivesoregano and salt in there so olivesobviously give it a bit of salt too ifyou want you can add anything so you canadd rosemary you can do like curry breadyou can add curry powder in it oh yeahthat was a great one sun-dried tomatoesanything anything anything anything huhno you can add garlic in here cheese noton Angie but so many things okay sobasically that is done that is ready togo in the oven and cook cuz you’vealready let it rise it’s ready to goyou’ve got all your flavorings in thereso what I will do is I’ll show yousomething in a moment but you get a potout I’m just seeing if it’s too hot okaythis is just a pot that I have its ovensafe can go in the oven and if you don’thave a pot you can use a like acasserole dish sort of thing as long asit’s all a bit deep put it in there andthen chuck some our foil over the top ofsome aluminium foil or whatever it’scalledum spray oil in there so I spray thebottom just purely because you don’twant to stickum check it on there oh oh and then grabthis bread like the ball you kind ofwant to keep it in that sort of shapeput it in the bottom and then close thelid then that will go in the oven for 30minutes on while you’re gettinFahrenheit for me 220 degrees Celsius isI reckon it’s 425what are we racist um so yeah to 20Celsius for 30 minutes for 25 for themso to 2030 is 425 Fahrenheit you’regonna put this into the into the ovencovered with a lid and then for theneckline that’s ofonce it goes in there for 30 minutes onthat degrees pull it out take the lidoff have a look at it put it back in forabout 10-15 minutes until it gets a reallight brown crispness on the top andthen you take it out and you wait forabout 15 minutes everyone gonna say waitan hour but like you can’t when it’sfresh bread con so um then you can eatit straight away because it’s like superdelish so someone said is it fairenforced or conventional fan-forced fan4th to 20 degrees Celsius fed in heatthat is the biggest lie I’ve ever heardin my life I know it’s not it’s not getlostum fan force for sure yes yes yes okayso that is oh damn look at it it’ll stopspreading out still ish okay I’m in forthat in the oven let’s go to 20 degreesthis was on like a minute ago so it’sgonna be hotso regardless I’m chuck it in oh hell nowe don’t have a thing I need a thestress of life swear the stress of lifegets me every timepull out is we need to get rid of thatwe never use it okayso Chuck that in there that is super hotobviously pre-heat your oven that is hothot hot because I just turned it offthen what am i doingI’ll show you the gluten-free breadagain didn’t like it didn’t love itthis is what it looked like not that badactuallyyeah it doesn’t it’s like it’s not oh Idon’t know I don’t love it it’s not myfavorite it’s not that bad it’s just notas like light and fluffy as I would likebut I’m not sure if that’s what normalyes I don’t know do you have to cook itwith a lid on yescook that with a lid on for 30 minutesand then take the lid off well the lasttime the last 10 okay okay okaywhat are people saying do you heat upthe pot first nah I don’t you can but Idon’t no big deal I’m very like it’s avery easy recipe like you’re at kneesover complicated because if you’re overcomplicate it that’s kind of when thingsget hard but showbiz I wasn’t so farforward the crowd went whoa check outthat that is what it looks like afterit’s done so it’s perfectly deliciouslycooked on the bottom crispy on the topand if you can hear this right oh ohjust make a noise would you like somebread and butter okay my moment I needto get butter um there we go all rightlet’s try this I get a bread knife notone of those this bread knife has myname on it my lip break will foil on topwork yes absolutely foil on top worksjust like you know you can either use apot and some foil or something like acasserole dish and all that kind ofstuff so okay all right don’t forget toput the timer on the bread Thank YouCharlottequickly timer what is the time 9:23 okaythat’s okay 9:50 we’ll open it back upall right so cut it opencan you guys hear that that sounds likeah drop it right oh wait cutting breadalways makes me look badready guys you ready everyoneoh my gosh Mitch you need to try some ofthis it’s so long no actually it’s myendhow good does that look can you guys seethe same you can’t see the same no ohthat looks incredible that actuallyincredible and sound yeah it sounds sogood I’m so glad at that are y’allquarantine why do they were making breadcause we are yeah I can’t wait for thatolive bread I’m gonna make that and I’mgonna post down my story today becausedamn that is good alright mitch isfinally gonna try one of our recipes andI set ours because y’all are here tooy’all well yeah I wish okayoh no okay I’m gonna put a shitload ofbutter on here because he literallyMitchell put like butter with his breador bread with his butter is that not allright I’m very excited it’s so good yeshow good is that how easy is thathonestly it’s so simple you don’t needto like worry about having like you needto let it rise second rise sardos likebow like this is easy simple breadobviously if you want sourdough yougonna try those things but this is justeasy easy bread so I’m gonna say aplastic wrap over the dough rise can yougo over that again real quick yes Ican’t okay ready so once we put thedough into this machine it whipped itaround a little bit we needed it on thebench just with some flour we put itinto a bowl with some cling film overthe top so you can actually see it’salready kind of like gotten there sowe’re gonna put clean ferry over the topand then I just put a tea towel over thetop just to kind of keep that warmth inthere umchuckle it in there like that and thenyou just put it on a bench or somewherethat’s warm sometimes I throw it outsidein the Sun but either or you can kind ofdo whatever just throw it on the benchand just leave it and if you want tooveror for like 3-4 hours you kind of wantit to rise quite a bit so you can see alot of bubbles and it’s basically likeit’s almost at the top of your bowl mybread is – where do I need to add moreflour or cook longer at what point is ittoo wet like once you’ve taken it outthe oven cooked or in their actual mixhow long do you need it before leavingit – right five minutes like I’m not I’mnot the biggest eyelid should put itthat machine for a couple of minutes alot of people saying put it in there forlike 15 minutes 5-10 minutes kneadinglike again I’m not like fancy fancypants bread this is just easy simplebread so five minutes will do what is itwould this be the kind of bread you canfill up with stroganoff yes youdefinitely could you mean like a hole inthe middle and like filth in here damndelicious after it’s cooked it’s too wetokay so if it’s true dense in the middleput it back in the oven for aboutanother 10 open it up if it’s stillagain cut it up put it on a tray and putit into the oven you may need to addmore flour when you’re kneading just tomake sure it’s not gonna be that wet didit rise much in the oven not really thisone didn’t rise as much I have one thatis quite big one that’s smaller just ifit honestly depends on the time thatyou’re doing it it’s really really likeit’s so what’s called not tedious it’sjust annoying like like these aresmallest thing you can do the yeast willdie and you’re like why thanks manCheers I don’t have a machine can youmix with hands absolutely you can mixwith your hands so you can basicallyjust mix it with a spoon when you putthe water in and try and kind of get ittogether once that’s kind of like acrumbly sort of look sort of thing causeyou’re never going to make it look likeproper chuck it out into a bench that’sfloured and just knead it with yourhands absolutely fine so easytemperamental is the word that I’m usingyes you guys get it temperamental isthat word a teacher nope that’s thelaser-light there all right well I amsuper glad we did that I’m gonna try thegluten-free bread again because thatjust didn’t work the way I thought itwouldn’t way I thought although I wouldhave liked it to it’s just bad admit youcan you can’t swap good bread flour forplaylike just as easy as it yes it could beas it should be but yeah how many loavesof bread are floating around the kitchenso we’ve got one Toru that’s waitingthree that’s in there and then we have agluten-free one four loaves of breadgets it we’re gonna be eating for thenext seven daysfabulous eggs on toast that’s exactlyright I think I’m gonna make somedelicious delicious bruschetta right nowwith this thank you for coming andwatching everyone tomorrow we have theamazing Joe Sebastian and we’re doingsome bread cups I will post the recipe Iwill send jaws the recipe because I havedone it I mean she’s probably watchingme on that layer I’m waiting but yeahI’m super excited so come tomorrow jokeSebastian will be here we’re gonna cookon alive we’re doing a little breakfastsuper excited so both say bye to YouTubefirst later YouTube


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